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Recreating Your Whole Wellness: Virgo “Maiden’s Moon” Lunar Cycle

Super New Moon in Virgo “Maiden’s Moon” at 6 degrees on August 30, 2019 at 3:37 AM PDT/6:37 AM EST/11:37 AM UK


Welcome to a new lunar cycle that is the second of three Super New Moons bringing you into a renewed state of Wholeness at the mystical time of The Bardos ~ the world In-between. The New Moon and Sun align at the “Super” magical healing degree of “6” in the 6th Zodiac sign that rules the 6th House in your Natal chart ~ Virgo!! Did you notice that in this energy field is the 6th Major Arcana in the Tarot, too? The Lovers Card brings me to my next introduction! Mars and Venus accompany the New Moon and Sun, along with Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury, too! All in all, this lunar cycle is very restorative for body, mind, and the Soul. The 13th (Hello Goddess degree!) Lunar Mansion invites you to place yourself on the Altar of divinity, too. What can you do to completely restore yourself and emerge whole unto yourself this lunar cycle? If you are not sure, this Virgo lunar cycle will wash through your energy fields to clean you up and help you get it!

Lightning strikes twice in the Super New Moon’s chart this week. Two Yods light up the Heavens to get your attention. I like to call Yods “calling cards from God”. The first comes from Chiron RX at 4 degrees Aries to the Moon and Sun. The second comes from the North Nodal wave of Destiny in Cancer at the Sirian Star system Point to Jupiter in Sagittarius at the Great Attractor Degree of the Galactic Center. Basically, this is a phone call from GOD to heal your Soul wounds so you can expand and awaken to your Galactic destiny! Read on below to find out more!

Fixed Star Revelations:

The Super New Moon and Sun align with the Fixed star Thuban. Thuban was the pole star 3000 years ago and was called the “Judge of Heaven” during the reign of the first Saragon king of Akkad. The Great Pyramid of Cheops aligns its central passage with this former Pole Star. Interesting!! The Constellation Draco is like the energy of Saturn and Mars, with an emotional but somber nature, and a penetrating and analytical mind. Great Dragon beings are believed to emanate from the constellation Draco. Ancient astrologers called Draco “The Poisonous Dragon” and named the Moon’s Lunar Nodes after this constellation. The Dragon’s Head is your North Nodal wave of Soul destiny and evolution. The Dragon’s Tail is your South Nodal wave of Soul patterns that you are here to clear. Fascinating alignment with lunar cycle!! Especially since The Dragon’s Head is sending a lightning bolt to Jupiter at the Great Attractor point of our Galaxy!

In opposition to the Super New Moon and Sun is the Fixed star Sadachbia in the Aquarius constellation, also called the “The Lucky Star of Hidden Things”. The name comes from Arabic: Al Sa’as al Ahbiyah, ‘The Lucky One for Hidden Things also meaning a place of seclusion. The meaning we find in this star is as an indicator of the right time for making moves, entering upon new ventures, and a likelihood of general success.

Venus aligns exact with the Venusian star Zosma known as “The Oracle”. This Fixed Star’s energy indicates having the gift of prophesy. Venus is flowing with Zosma down the cosmic Euphrates with Coxa and the god Kua, the Oracle. As you tune up your body, mind and spiritual wellness, you clear and cleanse your whole well-Being to come into right alignment with Venus power this lunar cycle.

Venus and Mars sitting in a Tree

Mars and Venus form a “7-11” vibration helping you work on your internal fears and areas where you lack in self-love. Mars and Venus are conjunct to the New Moon and Sun to clear and cleanse your internal world. Mars appears as “People dragging a beached whale back into the ocean.” Hardships in life are often caused when you are at odds with your external world. This happens when your internal subconscious ego world has an agenda that is out of balance with your Higher Self. This internal imbalance is showing up in the masculine energy (Mars) and is rooted in fear. The key is to know this and then choose higher vibrational environments where you can thrive and be fulfilled.

Venus appears as “Testing her fears, a woman takes a walk alone at night in a graveyard.” Venus, your internal Feminine energy is ready to clear fear through love. Your Soul knows when it is time to shift, change, and grow. Where are you attracted to the dark, the negative, or discordant? These places of density and suffering are not to be feared, but to be explored. What you love and what you value has the power of light to bring harmony to heal and balance. You are protected when you walk in faith and your Higher truth. Align with your Higher Self always and you will always be divinely protected and whole.

Healing Chironic Wounds with the New Moon

Chiron is karmically reviewing your Soul’s wounds. As you give your loving and positive attention to these wounds, you become a healing balm to yourself. Stay attuned to a spiritual wavelength that harmonizes the atmosphere around you – condition your space. Chiron shares with you to just be yourself and all negativity will fall away. Your path will open easily before you. Give yourself love and drop by drop this love accumulates and grows. Your hard shell softens and your outer ego finally disappears. The fragrance of divine love is the healing balm for your Soul.

North Nodal Wave to Jupiter ~ Are you there?!

The North Nodal wave at 16 degrees Cancer is in orb to the Sirian Point (14 degrees Cancer) thus calling Sirian Starseeds to attention. The Dragon’s Head is connecting to your very active subconscious mind. (Remember the subconscious mind is similar to a Lion ~ like the Sirian Lion beings!) You are being tasked to come into alignment with what needs to come forth in your life. This comes directly from the power of your subconscious mind. In order to shift your life back into Soul drive, you need to listen carefully to what is going on inside you – your Subconscious. That is why I created the Lunar Ladies VIP Club – to understand how to access your Subconscious! The Dragon’s Head warns you, that if you ignore what deeply moves inside of you, it grows stronger and takes on a life of its own. You have to know your mind in order to evolve!

Become more self aware from observing your own emotions. This happens when you religiously follow the Moon. How? The Moon is a mirror of your subconscious Self.

Jupiter responds to the Dragon’s Head by teaching you about being ALIVE and allowing the flow of your creativity. Creativity brings good fortune as long you engage with it without expectations. True creativity is an expression of your heart’s love and devotion to self-expression. Jupiter is igniting a surge of growth within you that is coming from your Galactic Self. When you feel like you have tried everything to be happy and find your way, just know that you are at a precipice of a new beginning. You get to do “you” in a whole new unexpected way that is more in alignment with your Soul’s path. Shift your mind, but paying attention to your emotions. Your evolution is all about your attitude. Look up and increase your Altitude to soar to a more expanded view of YOU!


~ Time to Break it ALL down! ~

New Moon Dynamics:

New Beginning ~ Fresh Start ~ Blank Page

New Moon dynamics embrace the powers of New Beginnings, Fresh Starts, and being a Blank Page. This lunar stage is your invitation to set your intentions to put into conscious motion your next 28-day goals and 6-month big dreams. New Moon Time is consciously washing your Soul to free You from ego attachments.

A New Moon is created when the Sun and Moon join together at the exact same degree in the sky. The New Moon is called the Dark Moon, as no sunlight is reflecting upon Her surface. Your emotional Self is already inward (from Third Quarter) and in a place of stillness. Stillness is the energy state required to powerfully align your intentions with the greater forces of the Galaxy. Find your Virgo-ruled House in your Natal chart as well as your 6th House to see what wants to take shape in your life. Apply to join the Lunar Ladies Club to support your personal development and acceleration. Discover what the power of the Maiden’s Moon is healing in your life!

“Maiden’s Moon”:  Nurturing Wholeness

Last lunar cycle’s Sun Child’s Moon’s healing power nurtures Virgo’s divine Maiden Goddess growth. Your inner Maiden is ready to be reborn with this next new lunar cycle. The Maiden’s Moon is the Virgin Super New Moon who is helping you become ready to step into a new version of your divine Goddess Self. The Virgin Goddess, or Maiden, is the version of you that is whole unto itself. Like Venus arriving on the clamshell, you do not need to be reliant on any outside help to thrive and be alive. This is the time to dive into enjoying your own company. Look deeply at what brings you joy, lights your creative fire, and makes you want to dance through life. Look at where you have put up walls of reserve. These walls may have been built in times when life was a struggle ~ especially around intimacy. These walls that are from your past tend to keep you alone by keeping others out. Look closely at why you seek solitude and when you feel more social. The Maiden’s Moon comes to help you loosen up, tear down old walls and create healthy boundaries in which to take care of yourself and enjoy the company of others in the best ways possible.

Pull out your Natal Chart and find your Virgo-ruled House. Feel into what new cycle needs to be created. This is powerful; take hold of the wheel and be in the driver’s seat. Connect with Shannon if you need personal 1:1 Coaching. Join the Lunar Ladies Club to experience supportive and safe group coaching with other women who are growing their Souls.

Moon & Sun reside in the 13th Lunar Mansion ~
“The Altar”

The Super New Maiden’s Moon passes through the 13th Lunar Mansion. This cosmic mansion is guarded by Mercury and Mars, giving this Mansion a root energy of the Masculine. The traditional image is of a man ready to love a woman. The 13th Mansion offers you a glimpse at Goddess divine Feminine energy as an Altar and the masculine ready to love and worship there. This is a Mansion of pure pleasure. I love that this energy falls into the realm of total wellness. Love and pleasure are definitely part of total wellness! Healthy sexuality and mystical union with the Divine are yours to experience as a simple way to be of service to the Spirit within. This lunar mansion calls for you to clear out hidden, trapped, and twisted sexual dysfunctions so that you can really experience true tantric sensual sex with yourself and another. The physical body is a pleasure dome meant to be enjoyed with mutual consent and at a mature age. Some believe that because the brain doesn’t fully maturate until the age of 28 (1st Saturn Return), sexual energy in its purest form cannot yet be attained. Take this lunar cycle to clear out sexual repressions and discover what gives you joy and what you experience as desire.


Moon + Sun + Venus + Mars = REBIRTH OF WHOLENESS

“Music, fading into silence, re-emerges as color.”

The Virgo Super New Moon offers you a great lesson for life. When anything in your life loses energy or momentum, there is an innate Soul desire to give it new life by recreating it at a higher level of existence. The Virgo New Moon and Sun at 6 degrees wants you to see that you have a talent for experiencing life deeply. From this place of concentration, you understand how to recreate it with greater clarity so that it becomes more vivid for others. The key for you to know and practice this lunar cycle, is the more you let go of self-judgment, the more freely and powerfully you can express this powerful skill.

The Sun reminds you that if you take yourself too seriously, you can feel like a victim. Your power lies in keeping a light-hearted attitude. Forego being too rigid. Realize, instead, that everything that happens for a reason. Look through time, to see if what is happening to you is more a result of past-life karma, previous causes, and effects. If so, you can clean and clear past life residue by taking right action in the present moment of this lifetime. What you do today, creates “Merit”, or future good karma, that stretches beyond time and space. I love creating “Merit” now!

Mercury and Juno at 2 degrees, ruling Virgo Sun and Moon together. Mercury twins with Juno, Goddess of Partnerships, and appears as “A little girl hugs a giant quartz crystal larger than she.” Isn’t that a beautiful image?? Mercury and Juno want you to understand that no matter how wise and mature you are, there is an innocent part of you that loves to embrace simplicity. You can feel overburdened with the densities of this Earth life — from old memories, desires, and karmas — but you instinctively know how to release all this. Remember, that the Lightworker energy you bring into the world is very healing. Spend time this New Moon week, quieting your mind by being precise, focused, and filled with care. Be like the little girl and spontaneously express your feelings of joy. This is your time be gentle and restore yourself.

The Sabian Symbol:  “A Harem”

The New Moon and Sun’s Sabian message comes as the symbol of “A HAREM” symbolizing: A fateful subservience to the desires of your emotional nature.  This symbol offers an observation of a group of women experiencing life as only the emptiness of waiting. What are they waiting for? The Sultan to choose them? Or to not be attached to the outcome of external forces? Look to see how you as a woman use your beauty and charm to attract the attention. Contemplate if you are living your life on an emotional rollercoaster. Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, reminds you that your thoughts have power and they create your emotions. Purify your thoughts to get off that rollercoaster of emotional ups and downs. You are NOT at the mercy of external forces beyond your control. You create your reality via your thoughts and emotions. With this Sabian Symbol, expect more disclosure and releasing of the global human sex trafficking epidemic. The “harem energy” is reminiscent of past patriarchal sexual enslavement of women.

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Lunar Ladies ClubThe planets are aligning to help you reconnect to your Heart-chakra centered multi-dimensional Self. Over the next five months, you have the opportunity to experience a quantum jump. August alone gives you the opportunity to double your efforts with two Super New Moons! Do you want more happiness, joy, and love in your life? Do you desire to have more abundance, value, and worth to share with others? Do you yearn to be expressing your Soul gifts in the world? You get access to your divine Soul Purpose blueprint in the Lunar Ladies Club and – this is the best part – you get expert guidance, love, and support on how activate it in your everyday life! It’s time to quantum jump into the VIP Inner Circle!

**Starseed Soul Tips**:  Get more when you join the VIP Club

**Be naturally adept at working within your limits. Stretch into them in a controlled way. Realize inflexibility and rigidity must be handled with care. Reach beyond your barriers with patience and persistence.

**The ego wants to manage, control, and understand everything. Your Soul knows this is impossible. Wonderful things can happen when you let go of barriers and allow energy to come through naturally. Spontaneity rekindles aliveness in an overly constrictive world.

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