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ReCREATE yourSELF & Manifest a New World! Draw down the Libra Full “Artist’s Moon”!

Full Libra “Artist’s Moon” at 18 degrees Libra on April 7, 2020, at 7:34 PM PST/8:34 PM MST/9:34 PM CST/10:34 PM EST


Welcome to the week of the Full Moon in Libra ~ the “Artist’s Moon”! It feels like the royal court of the Major Arcana has arrived to take us to a divine Full Moon dance in the Cosmos. The Sun and Moon dance in Aries and Libra. Mars and Venus appear as the betrothed guest stars. The Magician and High Priestess drop a creative vision into your Third Eye, enabling you to see the whole landscape that is yourself. Free your mind of limitation and enjoy the beauty of your existence as it is. The Libra Full Moon highlights the way your emotions are connected to the physical world. What you feel is the fuel that manifests into form. Take a serious look at what you are creating in your life. Look at what humanity has created together. It can be miracles or maladies.

Ready to dance?


The Divine Dance:  Venus and Mars

Mars and Venus, rulers of the Sun and Moon signs, join together in an Air Dance of dreams. Venus sees the “bats” streaming out at dusk to remind you of the power of nature within you. Do not be afraid of what you can create. Increase your thought power to understand the world as it is now from a spiritual perspective. There is a purging and purifying wave circulating the world that is here to help, not harm. To connect with your Inner Venus, give your mind a rest from the constant inner chatter. Listen instead to the sounds of the ocean. What will emerge will be unexpected and amazing! The image of our masked faces is there to remind us that it is time to talk less and listen more. The Earth is making it possible to rise above the noise and haste. In the quiet, can you now see the destructive force of an unsettled mind? In the quiet and calm, you can find your clarity.

Call upon the ancient goddess Medusa now to be brave. It is time to leave the safety and security of the known. Confront your deepest fears. These fears have been keeping you from being able to completely embrace all of your life’s creative energy and joy!

Mars knows intimately the power of frustration and battle. Lay down your sword and let your tears fall like rain over the ocean. Let yourself be reabsorbed into the cosmic sea and allow unsuspected possibilities to arise. The golden stag appears to help you remember what is eternally beautiful and enduring. The Full Moon inspires your inner Warrior to create from your deep-seated passions. Realize the death energy of confinement and limitations. If you are feeling overly restricted, let that be your “clarion call” to seek support. Old Man Saturn counts your golden blessings to help you grow your spiritual bank account of accumulated riches. You are charged with being spiritually wealthy. Your overflow will nourish others in need.

Chaperones:  Vesta and Saturn

The Divine Dance chaperones Vesta, the High Priestess, and Saturn, the Magician, sponsor this moving grace. Vesta points her scrying bowl towards Logic. Take a look and see that Logic can be a powerful illusion. Why? It doesn’t take everything into account, especially the irrational, The Feminine. Be aware of where you are too logical. What people need now is to listen to the music of their soul and the boundless joy it evokes. The High Priestess points out that this is the guiding force of life.

Saturn, as the ancient ruler of Aquarius, appears as The Magician seeking your assistance to shift the karma of Atlantis. The modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, emanates from the Taurus constellation and knows that, to accomplish this feat, the support of Mother Nature is needed. The forces of Mother Nature are at work everywhere, including within each and every one of us. The Cosmos call out to the pure and natural energies of humanity, to work together for evolutionary change. Saturn directs you to refine, rework and revise your vibration. Free yourself. Be open to the possibility of entering new realms of reality. When your spirit is reconnected, you can let go of all, old mental baggage for good! Attune to the spirits of nature and appreciate how unique and beautiful every aspect of life is here on planet Earth.


: – : Multi-Dimensional Puzzle Pieces: – :


The energy of a Full Moon represents the vibrations of:
Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped 

During the Full Moon Phase, your Aries New Moon intentions become signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your goals expand into fruition with your Soul power of Harmony. The Universe loves to create with you for your highest good. Release all that stands in your way of experiencing divine relationships with yourself and others. Utilize the Libra Full Moon’s power to destroy old relationship dysfunctions that keep you from being your true authentic Self. Celebrate your ability to dance with the Universe instead!

“Artist’s Moon”:  Full Moon in Libra

The Full Moon in Libra is called the “Artist’s Moon” and beckons you to create! The energy of the Lovers arcana meets in Libra to quicken the ecstatic union which creates beauty in all its myriad of forms. This is the impulse to pick up your brush, move your feet, write into the early morning hours. Open the door of your heart to let The Muse in. Every child is born an artist. The voices of others can begin to diminish one’s light. It’s an old, old program to turn off our divine right to create. Turn that light back on with the Libra Full Moon.

Surround yourself with beauty. What do you find so beautiful that you are mesmerized? Don’t look to others to validate and affirm what catches your eye. For beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Truly honor what you find beautiful, pleasing, enjoyable and that “I can’t live without that” vibration. The Full Moon week is your time to dance in all that you find exquisite. Beautify your surroundings. Pick up garbage in your neighborhood. Pull some weeds and till the soil to plant wildflowers. Ask Mother Nature what would create a forest of food for your local pollinators:  honey bees, birds, and butterflies. Be a creator. Remove the phrase “shelter in place” and replace it with “artist in residence”. Grab your paints, crayons, or chalk, and let your creative inner child be free! Take note of your Aries and Libra-ruled Houses in your Natal chart to receive messages from the Full Moon. Need help? Get a reading with Shannon. Join the Lunar Ladies Club to put what you learn about yourself into action with others! 

*SUPER TIP:  The shadow of Libra shows up as worry, people-pleasing, and co-dependency. Kidney imbalances carry emotional dissonance of unclear boundaries in relationships. Channel this shadow energy by owning your authenticity and beautifying your environments. Check your Libra-ruled house, your Natal Venus and your 7th house in your natal chart. Need help? Get a reading with Shannon.

16th Lunar Mansion:  “The Door”

The Artist’s Moon passes through the 16th Lunar Mansion this week. This Cosmic Mansion is known as “The Door” and is guarded by Mars and Saturn. The 16th Lunar Mansion has the magnetic attraction of Mars and the wise responsibility of Saturn. There is great wealth energy for Artists in the 16th Lunar Mansion. Artist energy is wise beyond this material world. The journey is to create from the dimensions of Soul and to channel this into the material world. Art can heal when it vibrates outside of 3D. The 16th Lunar Mansion teaches you how to have material wealth and use it for the Greater Good, just like a work of art can serve many by lifting them up. As you grow material gains, so can your community. Tune into collaborations and coming together with other people who share your same ideals. Breakthrough relationship dysfunctional dynamics with the wisdom of the 16th Lunar Mansion. As you do, more can get done, more can happen, and more Soul gifts can be contributed to the world. Support your clarity with Art. Ask your Angels and Guides for assistance as you powerfully bring more art into your life. Learn more about how to expand your lunar powers when you join the Lunar Ladies Club.

Moon Opposes the Sun:  Full Moon

: ~ : Libra Full Moon : ~ :

“An innovative dancer performing a strange ballet.”

The Libra Full “Artist’s Moon” is aware of the potentials that lie within your creativity. The Full Moon brings your “Inner Muse” to the surface. Find ways to express yourself creatively, beyond words. The structural rules that define art are falling apart. Art comes from your heart and soul. Wake up your Inner Muse to create new forms of beauty. Your being awakens to a startling, vivid, pure essence desiring to be expressed. Life is nourishing you this week. Allow the dance to release pent up energies to clear and refresh your body, mind, and Soul. The Libra Full Moon, together with Venus, creates a pure and beautiful longing to touch this energy. This inner connection unwinds the energies which have been restricting you for eons. You are being asked to reconnect with the joy of your inner child and dance like no one is watching. Free yourself, big and wide!

Venus, the ruler of Libra, feels the emergence of the “you” that is coming. Venus is dancing with your uncertainty to show you how the energy is going to move and change you. What you are being asked to do is put yourself in the place where you most need to be for your highest good. You need to find the right context in which to share your “strange ballet”. Don’t worry if everyone doesn’t understand. Those who do, are the ones who can assist you most.


  1. Using our intent to move energy opens up new and exciting possibilities of communication.
  2. When one form of fun doesn’t seem to catch on, we find other forms that people can more readily relate to.
  3. Allowing ourselves free, creative, and expressive movement, we unravel the obstructions of our pain body
  4. Staying attuned to that which is simply fun and enjoyable assists us in the rejecting of all meaningless involvements.

: ~ : Aries Sun : ~ :

“A skeleton dressed in garlands of flowers.”

The Aries Sun wants you to rejoice in the change and renewal energy that is around you. You have an immense ability to make the best of things by having a fresh approach to your experiences. Take old ideas and refresh them. Combine practicality with beauty to help you overcome the boredom and dreariness. The bones of the skull protect the brain. This protection can become too rigid and can prevent you from being able to shift and change. Open your mind to connect to a greater reality – beyond the physical. Use this metaphor to break through hardened crystallized thought forms that we have turned against you.  See that death (the skeleton) and life (the flowers) are truly one; and beautiful.

Mars, the ruler of Aries, wants you to ponder this: “In what way does life mirror art?” Mars desires for you to make art and life into one. “How can your endeavors become art during this time of change?” All human activities can become fresh and alive once you allow your Spirit to thrive in the physical world. All you need to do is invite the greater spiritual light into the here and now.


  1. Let the dematerialization reveal by its decay the beautiful and refreshing nature of change.
  2. The detritus of old cycles reemerges to fertilize new forms with the essence of the old combined with a new vibrancy. Release the pressure of the limited ways of living that are occurring around you.
  3. Learn to love death and to be thankful for its gifts. Allow yourself to be fully empowered by the breath of life.
  4. Make your mind more receptive to new possibilities. Let down your defenses and open yourself up to new things.

Wrap Up:  Let your Light be FREE!

The Full Libra “Artist’s Moon” wants you to express yourself and be free. The world has set the stage for the artists, dancers, poets, and musicians to awaken to bring forth their new forms of beauty and life. The world has stopped so you can recalibrate and find your harmony within, once again. Mars, ruler of Aries and Venus, ruler of Libra, trine in an Air dance of the hopes and dreams of what is possible – when we stop what we are doing and seek the Artist within. Accept the mysteriousness of beauty and let go of trying to logically explain everything. Accept the challenges at hand. Learn to deal with them gently, as a wise High Priestess, rather than head-on. Remember that everything in your world has a life of its own. Take this time to re-experience the world with a childlike wonder. Get excited to unravel the great mysteries of life and let what you discover nourish your body, mind, and soul.


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