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REcreate your Divine Character: Saturn RX 2023

Saturn goes Retrograde at 7 degrees Pisces on June 17, 2023, at 10:27 AM PDT. Retrograde ends on November 4, 2023.

Saturn makes his annual sojourn to review what needs to change in your life. Saturn is the master of strategy and success. Saturn’s power lies in his stealthy ability to contract and move very slowly. The power of contraction is to help you create and build structures in your life built on time-honored wisdom that will last the length (or more) of your lifetime. The structures you build with the wisdom of Saturn are designed to become contributions to humanity to continue to add their gifts, skills, and talents. The greatest structure you can build is your Divine Character.

At the time of moving into retrograde, Saturn makes a 90-degree square to Mercury at 10 degrees Gemini. Mercury will play a key role in your experience of Saturn’s retrograde in 2023. Look to the time when Mercury moves into Virgo. At this time, Mercury will be in opposition to Saturn as well as retrograde to add to the power of reflection and release in your life. The next Mercury Retrograde in Virgo will be happening from August 23rd to September 16, 2023. The degrees of reflection are 21 to 8 degrees of Virgo. Where is that happening in your Natal chart?

The South Node in Scorpio lends harmonic past life review power to help Saturn transform your soul’s old karma. This is a great time to look at what karmic debts have to be repaid. This is an excellent time to close, complete, and clear old karmic contracts, too. Also, it is a powerful time to allow yourself to receive the good karma that has been held in abeyance. Welcome that energy into your life by being authentic to your true desires. This aspect of your soul can more greatly be contacted by giving yourself the best gift — the gift of self-worth and feeling deserving of having more love, safety, protection, and comfort.

The 2023 Journey of Saturn

The retrograde journey of Saturn flows from 7 to 0 degrees of Pisces. Saturn invites you to start this journey by setting an intention to reconnect to the emergent joy that is the essence of your soul’s beauty. Saturn wants to know where you stand. Are you welcoming joy in your life or hell-bent on feeling victimized and restrained? Saturn over time, will be teaching you that when society exists in alignment with the Law of Reciprocity, life among the masses improves.

Begin your Saturn healing journey on this path. When you are focused on perfecting the Self, your work and commitment will evolve your soul. Why this is important is that you can use your personal experiences to teach others what you have learned. First, take time to focus on what is important to you. Be open to spending more time in recreation so that you can remember what really matters to you. Life is not all about work and toil. Recreation reorients your life towards more joy. Build your awareness by pondering both your inner and outer experiences. You will know that your inner balance has improved when you begin to see how your actions promote more universal harmony.

In times of trouble, you will do well to remember that angels are always watching over you. Look to those who are uncompromising in their convictions and living their truths. Finally, great self-assurance will become your reality when you bring about the fullness and greatness of your character.

Voila! Saturn Retrograde is the time to slow your roll down so you can activate and accelerate your greatest life!

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