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ReConnect to Humanity with Full Sturgeon Moon’s “Soul Tribe” Love Vibe!

Aquarius Full “Soul Tribe” Moon at 22 degrees on August 15, 2019 at 5:29 AM PDT/8:29 AM EST/1:29 PM UK


Welcome to power of shifting timelines and changing your future! This power does not come from taking bold steps forward; this power emanates from deep inside your Core Soul Self. The Future itself is creating through you. This is the future of Humankind:  reconnected, resilient and restored. The Cosmos are reporting that this is the “Age of Namaste” ~ where the God in me bows to the God in you. The Aquarius Full Moon shines bright on a 8 Wizard day repeating the frequency of the New Moon at 8 degrees Leo. What comes around goes around and this “8” vibration marks the presence of Infinity higher consciousness.

Humanity is now embarking on a journey of reconnecting to Spirit which is the radio station for attracting your Soul Tribe love vibe into your life. In each of our personal journeys as you reconnect to the Spirit of Love in yourself and all things great and small, you begin the process of “Reorienting” towards living in alignment with Service to Spirit. You are being called to be in service to Spirit which lives and emanates in everyone and everything, including, most of all – You! The “Age of Namasete” becomes the practice you do everyday, bowing to the mirror in reverence to the GodSelf within so that you can walk the path of unconditional love and compassion.

This way of living is elevated to a high frequency and clears the way for Hieros Gamos or “Sacred Marriage”. The Leo Sun and the Aquarius Full Moon are marrying you to a new way of being soul-centered, higher minded, and heart-based. The Sun and Moon, representing your external and internal existence, are bringing all parts of you together in the “Sacred Marriage”. Venus, your inner Feminine, receives the blessings from the expanded Mirror of the Full Moon. Juno, Goddess of Marriage, links the Sun-infused Venus with Mars, Her beloved, to dance with the Music of the Spheres.

Can you handle that?!!


Play Sturgeon Moon Animal Power!

The Aquarius Full Moon is known as “Sturgeon’s Moon” and comes to make you super strong. Sturgeon spirit medicine blesses you with vitality and power through adversity. Beloved Sturgeon reminds you to gracefully move through your emotions and remain strong when waters get rough. Sturgeon teaches you that changes in life are part of being alive. The harder you resist change from fear, the harder your daily life becomes. Listen to your natural instincts instead and find the path of least resistance to find your flow.

Pallas Athena brings Warrior Wisdom to the Full Moon. The Goddess appears through the galactic veil as “A black leopard beneath a Full Moon.” Emanating at this degree, Pallas Athena has an intense awareness of your emotional needs. Her harmonic alignment is helping you get your needs fulfilled. Stay true to how you really feel. Ask yourself, “What do I truly need that serves my highest good?”  Pallas Athena’s wisdom is powerful and she will not allow you to ask for unnecessary things that are part of an unconscious, dysfunctional agenda. Clear your emotional body with the power of the Soul Tribe’s Moon!

The Full Moon in Aquarius is known as Lunar Lammas and has been traditionally celebrated as the “First Harvest”. This is a time our ancient ancestors gathered together to cut the wheat and give thanks for all the abundance and future abundance that the Harvest brings. It’s the time of the year when fertility energy waxes the highest. Beloved Goddess Demeter and Goddess Corn Woman appear to give promise of future harvest by delivering the seeds for net years crops. Give thanks during this Full Moon, sacred time of the year for all that is growing in your life and all that promises to come.


Three Fixed Star alignments are in play:  Full Moon with Nashira “The Fortunate One” who is a Star in the tail of the Capricorn Sea Goat ~ remember Proteus from the Royal New Moon! Nashira carries more royal vibrations of Saturn and Jupiter. Both Saturn and Jupiter sit at 14 degrees coming into alignment next year over Nashira. Jupiter is exact the Great Attractor of the Galactic Center! Notice what you feel with the Moon and Nashira and call out to this place in the Galaxy for a blessing. For this energy will be magnified when Jupiter and Saturn align at 22 degrees Aquarius in 2022.

Sun and Venus are with Ras Elased Borealis in the Head of the Lion. This is very powerful energy akin to Mars and Saturn and only those with a clear heart can receive this consciousness because it comes from the Mind of The Logos.

Mars aligns with Alphard, the heart of the Water Snake in the Hydra constellation. Saturn, again appears with the blessings of Venus to empower your wisdom. Mars wants to infuse your warrior heart with ancient knowledge that will benefit humanity. Meditation and asking to download for the Highest Good will be very powerful during your Full Moon experience. Remember to tune in during the 3-day window:  day before, day of, and day after.

Saturn and Jupiter at “14”:  Great Attractor. Jupiter stationed direct at the Great Attractor degree location near the Galactic Center on August 11th. Saturn joins royal Jupiter to emit frequencies to you from this powerful place of 14. When you were 14 years old, you experienced your first Saturn opposition which was a life changing moment in your life. Jupiter and Saturn are whispering that you are in a life-changing evolutionary moment along your Soul’s journey through Infinity.


: – : Multi-Dimensional Puzzle Pieces : – :

FULL Moon Dynamics: 101

The energy of a Full Moon represents the vibrations of:
Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped 

During the Full Moon Phase, your New Moon in Leo intentions become signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your dreams expand into fruition with your intentional power. Believe that your intention is “out there” in the Universe. Time is gathering the material needed to 3D print your goals and dreams. The Universe loves to manifest with you for your highest good. On Tibetan New Year in February 2019, there was an Aquarius New Moon ~ what were your intentions then? This month’s Full Moon in Aquarius is actually the expanded fruition of not only 2 weeks ago, but 6 months ago as well. Build your legacy and stand tall, as you are ending very old cycles to begin the next ascent of your human-Soul journey on Earth.

“Soul Tribes Moon”:  Full Moon in Aquarius

The Aquarius Full Moon is called “Soul Tribe’s Moon.” Soul Tribe’s Moon is the embodiment of your Soul BFFs. Aquarius energy brings you the opportunity to work with the dynamic of your hopes, dreams, and visions of the future. The Full Moon can bring out your inner drama queen/king so utilize the power of your Soul Tribe friends to keep you in check. Venus and the Sun align with Pluto RX in Capricorn to create a “lightning bolt” of spiritual insights. Pluto is the power of your Soul dismantling old patriarchal structures that no longer serve the power of the rising Feminine now being blessed by the heart of the Lion! Plan a get together. Sing and dance outside arms lifted towards the sky. This is a time of heartfelt celebration for all that you have and all that you can envision to be. Share it with your Soul Tribe friends and let this expansive energy of happiness emanate out into your community. This field of Love grows with every heart that detects its presence. Join forces with friends with conscious intent to add love and joy into the Noosphere of collective human consciousness. Dancing just might be what changes the world to match the vibration of a greater future. Fill it with it with your hopes and dreams. For what you desire from your heart is a gift to the world. Liberate your mind and feel your personal freedom sending shockwaves of awakened happiness towards others. Watch out! It feels really good!


26th Lunar Mansion:  “The Upper Spout”

The 26th Lunar Mansion opens up the primordial channels of divine love and beauty. Guarded by Mars and Mercury, the 3rd decan Aquarius Moon opens your higher mind and higher heart to receive Venus blessings from the Water Bearer. The Water Bearer wishes for you to have romantic divine love in all your relationships, starting with your “Upper Spout” ~ the one that connects you to GOD ENERGY. The 26th Lunar Mansion wants you to grow in love, wisdom, and power. Imagine this Upper Spout pouring forth heavenly waters of the Pink, Blue, and Yellow Rays of your Higher Self. Cleanse and purify your body, mind, and Soul to prepare you to re-enter the physical world from a place of renewed divine identity. Be about spirit-infused Agape Love and devote yourself to being bathed and immersed fully in these waters of Life daily. Remove all obstacles in your mind and emotions that turn this Upper Spout off or diminish your ability to receive it only as a trickle. Purify your foundations of self-love, confidence, and unique self-expressions so you can fully embody your divine birthright.


Moon Octaves the Sun:  Full Moon

: ~ :  Aquarius “Soul Tribe Moon”  : ~ :

22 Aquarius Moon: “In a catacomb, a room decorated with hundreds of skulls and bones.”

The Aquarius Full “Soul Tribe” Moon* has you continuing the theme of resting and rejuvenating. The New Moon and the 1st Quarter Scorpio Moon highlighted the sleeping Buddha and the woman focusing on her breath to move the physical body into the place of Soul. Take time to feel your fellowship with all those souls who have gone before you. What have they added to the Field of Humanity that can benefit you today? The Full Moon is filling you up with the energy to reconnect with humanity. You are being asked by the Cosmos to transcend limitations –  even death. Love will always be your connector.

* PRO STARSEED TIP:  Tune into your senses and become aware of the vastness of everyone who has ever lived, as well as infinite possibilities on other planets. Deep within you is an ancient knowingness:  the separation between all timelines, dimensions, and spaces are just illusions of separation. The truth is you are one with the greater collective consciousness. Know that you, everything, and everyone IS SPECIAL. From the blade of grass, to the dirt-filled tombs to the famous celebrity personality – we all come from the same universal AUM.


: ~ : Leo Sun : ~ :

22 Leo Sun:  “A secret race of beings carrying on a hidden existence among humans.”

The Leo Sun and Venus** shine onto your true identity as a Starseed Being. You see things that others do not when you fully embrace your true external Self and walk your spiritual Soul Purpose path. You are currently breaking through old versions of yourself of where you had to fit in to survive. It is now safe to share what you know to be true as your greater reality. People, asleep in consensus reality, may not know how to react to you. How will you deal with that? If this happens, pivot your focus to the essence of your personal truth and wisdom. This week practice sharing your insights in little bits. What you are doing is helping people awaken to the possibilities that there is more to our true selves than we have been led to believe. Just remember, it takes a moment when an open door appears to realize it is there to walk through. **As you tune up your vibration, you allow the Full Moon to help you become more and more aware of how unseen forces clear stress and create harmony within yourself. Once you are fully aware, it is great cause for celebration and giving thanks for such benevolent support and blessings!


Wrap Up:

The Full Moon and Sun are acting like a FBI spotlight to show what needs to be released and what needs to be celebrated in your relationships:  self and others. Venus activates what you hold in your heart as holy ~ your values. This powerful magnetic forcefield of the Sun, Moon, and Venus began with the Super Black Royal New Moon on July 31st. Now with the growing vibratory fields of the Cosmos, you are experiencing the power of this sacred triad.

Goddess Juno steps in to marry your Inner Feminine (Venus) and Masculine (Mars) energies. She wants you to look for ways that you conform your powerful divine energy to modern day societal norms. When you do this, you create yourself as an anonymity. The stress of not feeling free to express your own uniqueness is debilitating to your Soul. In order to merge with your Higher Self, marry your own unique vibration that was created from the heart of the Creator.

Mars ignites your powerful ability to maintain your own integrity even in the midst of narrow-minded prejudices and biases of other people. Your Soul is calling to awaken your true self so that you can also awaken the true selves of others. Invite others to become more and more of their greater selves and to stand tall and be brave. This is a powerful way to create and attract your Soul Tribe!

**Need to find your Soul Tribe? Apply to become a member in the Lunar Ladies VIP Club. Soul Starseed wise women are gathering from all over the Universe to find a home and a place to be. We are thriving, growing, expanding and living our Soul Purposes in 5D. Apply today!


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