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Recalibrate your Shadow Self – Mars RX 2020 Journey

Mars goes Retrograde: 28 to 15 degrees Aries on September 9th to November 13th, 2020

Mars goes Retrograde at 28 degrees Aries on September 9, 2020 and heads back to 15 degrees Aries on November 13, 2020. Mars originally entered the sign of Aries on June 27th, 2020, and will not be complete with his fiery journey in his home sign until January 7, 2021.

The Retrograde Path is from 28 degrees Aries to 15 degrees. As Mars goes retrograde he had just been released from the pulverizing squares with Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn. But now he is getting pulled back for Round II. After going direct on November 13th, the young Warrior meets them again for Round III.

What is Mars RX?

Mars energy likes to be in action, jumping into the fires, and being the courageous Hero. In retrograde motion, Mars has to think first before action. This is the refinement of his power. During a Mars retrograde, you are tasked to review your actions to purify your own power. Take your time and look at what consequences your actions produce. Mars is the ultimate “cause and effect” karmic energy in motion.

Mars RX Symbology:

The Sabian Symbols will help you understand the nature of this powerful retrograde path. Mars receives a blessing from the Music of Spheres as he sets out on this purification journey of his inner “I AM”. In November, post the presidential election, Mars meets with the magical realm of the Fae to dance with them at sunset.

I. THEME: Repotentalization. Mars is being bestowed with the gift of harmony from the Music of the Spheres. This cosmic music is created from the interactions of the planets moving together within a higher universal intelligence. For us on planet Earth, Mars is telling us to be in tune with how the planets in our solar system affect us. Look up in the sky to connect with the planets and stars. Know which constellations the planets are moving through. Find out what the energy or “music” of those constellations are. Then, apply that knowledge to your everyday actions, issues, and experiences.

II. The Chandra symbol for Mars at 28 degrees is “Dr. Jekyll drinks a potion.” Mars is telling you not to run away from your problems. You are asked to embrace the unknown with a willingness to see what happens. This is where Mars’ courage helps you. The image of Dr. Jekyll tells us that first you may confront your shadow side. Remember, the Black Moon Lilith is with Mars now. But your dark side is what needs to emerge to be healed. Mars in RX wants to redeem your dark side – the side that reacts and creates unconscious consequences of violence in the world. Earth is a school to learn how you as a Creator create through thoughts, emotions and behaviors. You are not a prisoner of the Earth. You are a Hero Guardian of the Earth.

III. Human Design Gateway #3: Ordering. This Gateway is about transformation and change. You are being given new genetic codes from Mars energy to reformat your mindset. Mars rules the head and blood. Transform the warring energy that resides in your “dark side” to redeem your true self which is Love. Ask yourself, what needs to change within you. What behaviors are self-destructive? Recalibrate with harmony to be in alignment with the Music of the Spheres. Learn to love what is, right now. That energy of self-acceptance redeems the shadows. Trust that you are being watched over and taken care of by your Higher Self and benevolent guides. Instead of pushing against the system, redeem your self-destructive behaviors within to understand what it is that you truly need to be fulfilled.

Shadow Zone Timeline:

The Shadow Zone timeline is from  July 26, 2020 to January 3, 2021. Look back to fiery events, especially those involving youth that exploded onto our collective scene. These events are theme songs for what is being reviewed, healed, and transformed.

Three major Mars-type event that show up first for purification are:

  • BLM Protests
  • Beirut explosion
  • Fires in the western United States

Tune into these events to discern the themes. Mars governs areas such as the folly of youth, violent masculine energy, fiery tempers, reactive vs. responsive, and war games. What is the Mars energy purifying in your at this time? Look to your Aries-ruled House plus your 1st House in your Natal Chart. In the Collective, look at the nature of these past events and critically think about how to see in hindsight. From this place of higher learning, you will be able to tell what really needs to change.

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