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Ready, Set, Go! Taking Action with 1st Quarter Gemini Moon

What’s one of the most common things you hear when sharing your dreams with others? Be careful who you tell! Other’s responses can act like weights dragging your dreams down before they even had a chance to grow.

Here comes the First Quarter Moon at 15 degrees Gemini appearing at 3:32 AM PST on March 5, 2017. This Moon is called the “Liar’s Moon” for good reason. The Moon experienced so much hope and possibility with last week’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces. Your seeds were planted to begin anew with a clean slate ready to thrive in 2017.

In order to break free of the nurturing dark womb of Mother Earth, your seedling goals have to build resistance to push through limitations. Quarter Moons bring forth limitations and that resistance is now showing up with the energy of the darker side of the Gemini — gossip, lies and half-truths.

Emotional Gemini in this vibration represents the youthful twins who have learned the power of persuasion and the ways of manipulation by understanding they get can anything they want with words. Watch for trickery, flim-flam and too much of a good thing this week.

Here’s where this lunar phase gets personal. The Twins that learned about lying and making up stories to suit their purposes begin to lie to one another. The proverbial “Evil Twin” rears her head. Watch for ways that you lie to yourself and slant your words to fit getting what you want. Gemini helps you get to the bottom of those personal habits that are keeping you stuck in negative programming and behaviors.

Lunar Ladies, it’s time to get out your Natal charts and look to see what House this First Quarter Moon is sailing through. This is the area this week to work through your personal habits and ways that you lie to yourself that are keeping you from realizing your Piscean dreams from the New Moon. These lies we learn to tell can be as innocent as not wanting to tell the truth so as not to hurt someone’s feelings. Just remind yourself, that engaging in these half-truths limits your energy to push through and realize your dreams.

For example, if your New Moon in Pisces intentions occurred in your 5th House of Fun, Pleasure and Creative self-expression, your First Quarter Gemini Moon is now in your 8th House of secrets, hidden truths and trust. In order to propel your Piscean intentions forward, you have to reconcile what secrets and truths do your keep hidden from the outside world. Are you hiding your true self, desires and intimacy from others? Or do you share yourself unafraid of being vulnerable? In order for your Pisces seeds to keep growing, you have to face your darker secrets and not create facades to hide behind — those would be the “lies” that you tell others, as well as yourself.

Whew! Big stuff, huh? The Moon is your power tool as you accelerate the creation and manifestations of your dreams. When  you do the emotional work that is required to excel to your greatest heights, looking back you will never be sorry. And the work is really becoming conscious and emotionally alive. The Moon does all the rest by reflecting back your inner, divine truths.

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Here’s to powering through your limitations and pushing through blocks to achieve the life of your dreams!


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