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Did you know that you really came with a manual when you were born? Your Natal chart is your original blueprint design for all the great and wonderful things you wish to experience during your lifetime. Shannon has the ability to read your chart from your 6th Dimensional original blueprint space. She shares with you who you are from a 5th Dimensional empathetic place of unconditional love. Shannon’s readings and coaching give you the tools to build your bridge of understanding how you create and manifest in the 3rd-4th dimensional world. Shannon’s readings incorporate past lives insights to assist you in your Soul’s optimum growth and potential for this incarnation.

Who is Shannon:

Shannon Murray practices a combination of Evolutionary and Intuitive Astrology focusing on your Soul’s Purpose and evolution for this lifetime. Her astrological knowledge and ability to read charts transcends time and is connected to the awakening of her mastery from past lives.

Testimonial ~ This was so amazing and a pinnacle moment in my life! Had my chart read by this amazing, gifted, and talented woman Shannon Murray @lunarladiesclub..who did my soul purpose reading 1:1. If you have a deep sense of knowing she clarifies and validates these feelings and it will all show up in your chart because we obviously came for a purpose and we were not born on our days by accident! Nothing happens by accident! This reading came in such perfect timing!! You will not be disappointed!” – R.N.

Readings Menu:

INTRODUCTORY:  “Hello to your Soul”

This introductory reading is a good first step. In this reading Shannon goes over who you are and your energetic design. It is a powerful “Hello to your Soul” reconnecting you to your true Self. You may choose from two options:  Recording + Natal chart & Report or Private 1:1 Session with Shannon. Coaching packages are available.

Men’s Reading:

Men play an especially vital and important role in the restoring the balance and returning the Feminine on the Earth. Shannon offers a specially-designed reading focusing on men’s journey through time as a Protector and Provider. This reading is designed to assist men into becoming Kings.


Healing Childhood trauma & Clearing Ancestral wounding. Shannon looks into your early childhood experiences to help understand the nature of these experiences from a Soul perspective.


Knowing Who you & Why you are here ~ Divine Mission. Your Soul Purpose is your divine plan of leaving your legacy upon the planet. Learn more about the Series here.


Coming into Union with Another & Healing Soul Agreements. Shannon helps you see the nature of your relationship and soul contract to understand the gifts of why two people have been brought together. Her way of understanding the Soul agreement provides indepth insights to fostering renewed connections, communications and collaborations.  Or order your Relationship chart and Report here.


Manifesting & Putting your GoddessBOSS Mojo in Action. Shannon offers invaluable insights into understand the Soul nature and path of your business. She aligns both your business and your personal chart together to show you how best to reach your goals and successes.  Learn more Business reading package here.


“What Child is This?” ~ Shannon looks at the Soul nature of your child and the Soul agreements between parents to foster your child’s greatness in the world. Shannon’s insights provide amazing insights into how to raise your child in the best ways. Besides the private readings, Shannon also creates a Natal chart, Natal Report and 20-minute recorded reading sharing with parents who their beautiful baby is on a Soul-level. This is a great baby gift to give! To learn more, go here.


The Birth of a Soul Contract ~ Shannon creates an astrological chart of your wedding day and provides an intuitive reading of the energy of your Soul contract. These readings are instrumental in creating your vows and align you with the highest dream of your lifetime together. Each year you can get a Solar Return Anniversary reading of your marriage to help you flourish and grow together!

Options:  Recording or Private 1:1 Session

45-minute Recording + Natal Chart & Report + Meditation mp3 + email support


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90-minute 1:1 Session + Natal Chart & Report + Meditation mp3 + follow-up Coaching Call


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