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Rays of Divine Love ~ Full Moon in Cancer

Full Cancer “Sea Mother’s Moon” at 8 degrees on December 29, 2020, at 7:28 PM PST/8:28 PM MST/9:28 PM CST/10:28 PM EST

The Sea Mother’s Full Moon brings to fruition the Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse from June 20, 2020. The energy of this Full Moon is blessed by so much Divine energy! Returning to the same Lunar Mansion, the Mother’s Daughter embraces the Sea Mother. What a joyous occasion! The Mother’s Daughter appears as a Water Nymph in the Sabian Symbol story below.

The Capricorn Sun shines a light on the Goddess of the oceans. The Sun’s Winter Solstice energy feels inspiring and guides you to take the last few days of 2020 to really see what you have accomplished this year. Coming into an Earth trine with Uranus in retrograde and Black Moon Lilith, the Sun is strengthened by being honest with yourself to realize your full potential. In 2021, you are invited to become a “creative optimist” who can make lemonade out of lemons.

“2, 4, 6, 8 – who do we appreciate?!”

The Full Moon and Sun beat to the drum of the 8th degree this week. Keeping alignment with the previous Full Moons, this week continues the theme of your Infinite Self. Really take the Sun’s advice now to appreciate all that you are and have done in 2020. This sets you up for success in 2021!

Jupiter and Saturn, our shining Christmas Star, begin their “Fixed square dance” with Uranus and the Black Moon. Uranus harmonically synergizes with the Full Moon and trines the Sun to generate a higher frequency of awakening to Love. Learn how to utilize the Fixed square energy to root you deeper into your nourishing relationship to Mother Earth. Her support will help you create, manifest, and destroy what no longer works for you in the coming year.

Chiron Cardinal squares the Sun and Moon generating more energy to rebirth your divine “I AM”. Chiron bestows upon you the importance of knowledge. To make your life more meaningful, you ought to discover the meaning in your life on a daily basis. Develop a practice of recapitulation – mindfully going through what happened in your day, reviewing all your experiences. I like to do this at sunset when the day is done. I return other people’s energy back to them and call my own energy home to my heart before I go to sleep and enter into the Dreamtime.

Venus conjuncts the South Node to intensify the unwinding of the past. At 18 degrees Sagittarius, Venus finds a safe haven to see your past and recuperate. She takes you on a journey to learn that personal integrity cannot be realized by accepting the unacceptable. Continue searching and seeking for Truth and take a leap of faith to stand tall in your center. The South Node encourages Venus to continue doing your shadow work to harvest your Soul’s abundance on your spiritual path.

Mars leaves the arms of his Twin Eris to complete his Shadow Zone journey in Aries. On January 8th, Mars finally leaves fiery Aries and moves into the realm of earthly Taurus. Eris, the Goddess of Discordia, reminds Mars that the abundance he seeks in Taurus comes through spiritual attainment first. Remember as you receive the rich rewards of life, your next step is to share graciously with others. Mars responds to Eris that he promises to use his imagination to recreate his life in the most joyful ways. Follow Eris and Mars dance as you move into the frequency of 2021!


FULL MOON: The energy of: Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped

During the Full Moon Phase, your New Moon in Sagittarius intentions become signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your goals expand into fruition with your intentional Soul power. The Universe loves to manifest with you for your highest good. On June 20 2020, there was the Cancer New Moon on Summer Solstice at 0 degrees ~ where you set into motion many layers and meanings coming from your Highest Good. Take yourself back to this time and reconnect to what your intentions were. What can you remember and reconnect to?

“Sea Mother’s Moon” – Cancer Full Moon

Sea Mother’s Moon is the Full Moon that ends old ways of rejecting the Great Mother Matrix. The immense magnetic power of the Full Moon expands your awareness that the Great Mother Matrix is the one who comes to calm you during difficult times. Find yourself in the center of any storm in your life. That is where calm and peace reside. Being too far out in the external fringes leaves you susceptible to the turbulence of collective unconsciousness. The Cancer Full Moon is singing to you, her great-great-great x 1000 grandchild. She creates an electro-magnetic moment in the Universal fabric that shines a light on the need for a social revolution in our world – especially from the tyranny of old Patriarchal Capricorn institutions. It’s time to demand that old, outdated values be raised to the frequency of Love. The Capricorn Sun assists in your ascent in consciousness to the highest realizations of your spiritual values. Take full ownership and power of your emotional energy that can dissolve like tsunami waves. Be like water and follow the path of resistance when you choose to go with the flow.

8th Lunar Mansion – “The Gap”

The Sea Mother’s Moon returns to the 8th Lunar Mansion. This cosmic mansion is guarded by the Moon and Pluto and opens you up to the power of your Heart’s guidance. This is the ability to connect to your intuitive feelings of reasoning and love. This energy is victorious when it is allowed to flow freely. This is the definition of “Soft Power” at its finest. The transformative energies of Pluto alchemize any situation with love and reason. Emotional freedom is the victory to be attained when you align yourself with the power of the 8th Lunar Mansion. It regifts you the frequency of the Solar Zodiac Summer Solstice which increases the vibration of the GODDESS. This energy is meant for Collective use to dismantle old, out of date oligarchy/patriarchy structures with compassionate tidal wave forces. This tidal energy frees the stolen power of the Elite and returns it to the Greater Good.

52nd Gateway – “Stillness”

The Human Design Gateway #52 of Stillness welcomes the power of the Sea Mother’s Moon. As the 8th Lunar Mansion arrives to calm stormy emotional seas, the 52nd Gateway takes you further to the bliss of a still ocean. This state of blissful stillness happens through your powers of concentration. To achieve this, practice watching and listening without moving. Open up your senses to experience life from a place of stillness. Think of a wildlife photographer waiting and watching for hours to get that perfect photo. You can concentrate on one of your goals and wait and watch for your Higher Mind to optimize how it will come into being. This is a highly creative state that you can achieve merely by focusing your attention on what you want to experience in your life, i.e. a life goal.

Cancer Full Moon & Capricorn Sun

The 8 degree Cancer Moon creates FORM:
“A young Nymph bends over a pond to catch a fish.”

The Cancer “Sea Mother’s Moon” shines full light upon a young nymph as she reaches for a fish in a pond. This lunar full moonlight transports you to the realm of the Mystical worlds. The young Nymph whispers in the twilight that what is most important to you is your engagement with the wonder of life. This is the time to not be attached to the outcome. Together the Sea Mother and tiny Nymph want you to experience your life freely in the Now unattached to the strivings of the ego, the separated self. In this realm, you tune into the innocent beauty of your Soul. This state of wonder brings excitement to everything you encounter. Why? Because the Soul is ever-present in its eternal purity of Spirit. This is how you connect to the Divine within. Enjoy this forever moment now!

The 8 degree Capricorn Sun creates LOGOS:
“An Angel Carrying a Harp.”

The Capricorn Sun shines light upon the face of the Moon appearing as an Angel carrying a harp. The Sun brings to you the gift of celestial harmony that is sung throughout the Universe. The Angel’s message is: “Worldly success follows spiritual attunement.” If you desire to leave your mark upon this world in your lifetime, how you do that is through the power of Coherence. The part you play in your life is essential to the symphony of the gift of the human race. Each person is a melody. What makes harmony is the blending of each Angelic voice attuning together singing “Gloria in excelsis Deo.” When you live your life from this place of spiritual harmony and attunement, you accelerate your goal of Self-attainment and fulfillment. In the realm of celestial harmony, unworthiness and irrelevance cease to exist. Continue your Christos transmutation into your Divine Light Body so that you entrain, attune, and come into harmony with the heavenly love of Creation forevermore!

Join Us in the Inner Circle!

To tap into your inner resources, a human being aligns with the power of Nature. Following the Moon reconnects you to Nature and your creative power at the same time. Understand your emotional nature with the Moon as she also helps you understand your Soul blueprints. Join us in the Inner Circle to understand your Natal Astrology chart, accelerate your emotional intelligence and powers to create, and reconnect to the forces of Nature to reclaim your powerful true Self in 20201!

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