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Questioning Beliefs with Third Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon sails into the Third Quarter phase of this Aquarian lunar cycle that started on January 27th. This is the time when you began your journey inward, slowing down and becoming reflective. Follow the Moon and begin to powerfully release and reflect. Ask yourself, “Who and what can support me and my New Moon intentions now?”

The Third Quarter Moon is at 11:33 AM PST on February 18, 2017. The Moon is at 0 degrees Sagittarius as the Sun crosses over into Piscean waters, too. Using the themes of mutable Fire and Water, you will find yourself emotionally questioning your beliefs and what you feel is “right”.

The waning Third Quarter Moon in the vibration of Sagittarius turns the Philosopher into the Hunter. A crisis of significance (around your New Moon intentions) happens when the Sun squares the Moon and loses its emotional strength and energy. Sagittarius Moon wants to be right but may lose her stance with the newly born Pisces Sun having the power to dissolve attachments. This triggers you to question your beliefs of what you are attached to for right or wrong.

The emotional key now is to move into acceptance of what is this week. This is how you will know if you are in or out of sync with the lunar rhythm. The crisis comes when the Hunter hunts those with a differing opinion contrary to her emotional need to be right. Pisces oceanic cosmic waters will prove to be too much and inundates confusion for the emotional Archer. Practice letting go of your need to be right this week. 

Now, we have one more amazing relationship happening this week with the Third Quarter Moon. Lilith, an asteroid whose face of the Goddess is the “Wild Feminine”, is exact the Third Quarter Moon at 0 degrees Sagittarius. She has now moved out of the Scorpion Underworld and lights her fire to be free and uncommitted in Sagittarius.

When you tune into your desire to be free, untethered and alive spiritually in your bigger meaning of life, you transcend this need to be right. Allow Lilith to light your fire this week and give you permission to move into surrender and acceptance. As you do, you set yourself up for awesome success in two ways.

First, you align yourself with the rhythm of the Third Quarter Moon phase that is calling you to reflect and surrender. Second, you graciously lay down your sword and move into forgiveness and unconditional Love that Pisces is offering you. As you do both of these, you set yourself up for the perfect vibration to set your New Moon intentions in Pisces on February 26th! Isn’t that the best?!


  1. Find your Sagittarius-ruled House in your Natal chart. This is where the Moon and Lilith are lighting up your bigger picture of emotional freedom.
  2. Find your Pisces-ruled House in your Natal chart. This is where the Sun is lighting up your unconscious belief systems.
  3. Do you have any natal planets in those houses that can become your allies to assist you in moving into alignment with the powerful lunar rhythms.

Need more help? Join the Lunar Ladies Club to receive personalized assistance, readings and trainings on how to easily align with your lunar rhythms. See you next week as the Moon begins her next lunar cycle in the vibration of the Cosmic Dreamer Pisces!

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