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The Power of Prayer:

The power of Prayer is well-known among all the world’s religions.  According to Tibetan Buddhism, the world in which you live and all that happens to you is a result of your past actions. Past harmful actions create unhappy results and skillful actions create happy results. A powerful way to purify obstacles that come as a result of past karma is through prayers and Pujas. A Puja is a special ceremony in which sacred prayers are offered to the Buddhas to request their blessings and invoke their help. Removing these obstacles will help you to achieve happiness and good fortune in your life.

The power of prayers derives from the sincere motivation of the person asking for prayers, as well as the pure mind of the person performing the prayers.  It is believed that prayers performed by an ordained person are especially powerful and effective. Lama Lhakpa Sherpa is an ordained person able to offer these sacred puja prayers for you. Each offering generates and increases your merit and builds your positive potential.

Individual Puja Prayer Ceremonies:

Loved ones in Need of Healing:

This is a great time to have a private healing Puja performed for any type of physical, emotional or spiritual healing requests. You may request one for yourself and for others. This is helpful for physical ailments, diagnoses and recovery from surgeries. This is also helpful when going through a difficult emotional time as a relationship ending or a marriage ending in divorce.

Loved Ones who have Past:

This is an extremely powerful ceremony to offer for your loved one who has passed. These set of sacred prayers is said to bless your loved one as they move on into the Afterlife. These prayers are offered so that the Soul of your beloved can reincarnate into a very happy life. This helps the person open the pathways to soul growth and bring their Soul gifts into the next lifetime. Very auspicious to honor your friend or family member in this way. Definitely expect signs of love and “thank you” as they prayers are offered. Lhakpa guides you through preparing and participating in the ceremony.

Other Puja Prayer Ceremony Requests:

Individual Puja prayer ceremonies are available for:
* Newborn babies & new families: 
Pujas welcome home a new Soul with blessings into the world.
* New Business and/or office:  Pujas are especially powerful for the blessing of your new business, job, career and/or workplace office.
* New marriage and/or Engagement:  Puja prayer ceremonies bless the beginning of a  are available as well to promote a long and happy life together.
* New home blessings:  Lama is available in the SF Bay Area to come to your home and a House blessing.

Monthly Full Moon Puja Prayer Ceremonies:

Group Full Moon Puja Prayer Circles:  Full Moon group Pujas are offered monthly in the Lunar Ladies Lifestyle Facebook group via Zoom. If you would like to personalize the power of your Puja ceremony experience, you can send a Love offering plus the names of 10 people who you would like to send a blessing and healing to. Suggested Love Offering is:  $10-20.

Full Moon Puja Prayer Ceremony ~
Sliding Scale offering:  $11-22
Individual Puja Prayer Ceremony ~
Sliding Scale offering:  $150-$200

10% of monthly proceeds to Tibetan Nunnery, Thame, Solokhumbu, Nepal

You may send your payments to:

For more information and booking your Private Pujas contact Shannon:  shannon[at] 

Who is Lama Lhakpa?

Lunar Ladies is very blessed to have our own resident retired Tibetan Buddhist Lama from the Kopan Monastery in Nepal. Lama Lhakpa Gelek Nwang Sherpa lived and studied at Kopan Monastery for 18 years and also is a 3-time Mount Everest Summiteer and guide on 8 Everest expeditions. Lama Lhakpa offers monthly power Puja Prayer group Circles and individual private Puja prayer ceremonies. You may schedule a private Puja Prayer ceremony with Lhakpa via Zoom as well as join in his monthly Full Moon Puja ceremonies in Lunar Ladies Lifestyle group.

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