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Welcome to your New World!

Private 1:1 Coaching packages available!


Setting Intentions:   Shannon meets with you to lay out an intentional design for your 4-session private 1:1 coaching package. Each Coaching session deepens your experience to realign with your power.

Each Session:  After each session, you will receive the 60-minute video recording  to learn and take notes from. Each session will lay upon the foundation set in the previous session to meet your intentional goals. Shannon takes into account the current planetary transits and what has transpired in your life to make each private Coaching session meaningful and full of self-improvement value. You will be given an Energy Worker Tool to help you powerfully reharmonize your power. Each Energy Worker Tool is skillfully explained and will assist you as you go deeper into your transformation.

Follow-up & Follow-through:  At the end of your private 1:1 coaching package, Shannon will reassess where you are and where you need to be to meet your goals for living fully in your Feminine Frequency. You will be given options to continue, referrals to enhance your growth and a look ahead at what planetary alignments can help you the most.

Sign up for Private Coaching with Shannon:

Coaching is $300/hour. Purchase here.

Package of four 1-hour sessions for $1,000 (save $200). Purchase Here.

The After-Party:

Taking your next steps as a Divine Empress

UPLEVEL:  Take your personal growth to the next level with Shannon’s VIP MasterMind group. This is the next step to integrate your new Knowledge and be a part of a Soul Support Success Circle with other Wise Women. You also have the option to continue with private VIP coaching to maximize the current lunar and planetary cycles to prosper and achieve your Soul Purpose goals. It’s the most amazing way to be successful as a Soul enjoying the delights of the material world ~ The Goddess Way!

Email for more information:  shannon[at]


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