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Welcome to your New World!

Private 8-week 1:1 Coaching packages available for Empire Empresses!




Soul Purpose:  3 sessions + 3 Bonus readings (Week 1-6). Shannon records a personalized reading for each level of your Soul Purpose. You have time to sit with it and have specific exercises and meditations. After you have had time to listen to your recording and tune into the information, you set up you appointment to have a 1:1 hour Coaching session to deepen your experience and realign with your power.

Business Reading:  1 sessions + Bonus reading (Week 7). I record a personalized reading of your personal alignment with Soul success energy in the material world. You learn how your Soul aligns with the Earth element. This expanded 2-hour reading is a 1:1 Coaching session to introduce you to the energetic blueprint of your business. Here you will see where your business wishes to grow and what planetary opportunities are available to focus your power.

Soul Purpose + Business Relationship Reading:  1 session (Week 8). This is where Shannon brings it ALL TOGETHER! This reading is a 1:1 Coaching session showing how you and your business relate to each other and how you best work together for maximum success. You learn how to synergize your energy with the energy of your business with ultimate harmony and flow. You will learn about the rhythms and cycles of running your Empire through the Feminine Frequency business paradigm of Success.

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The After-Party:

Taking your next steps as an Empire Empress

Integrate:  Shannon’s VIP MasterMind group is the next step to integrate your new Knowledge and be a part of a Support Success Circle with other Wise Women Entrepreneurs. You have the option to continue with private VIP coaching to maximize and utilize the current lunar and planetary cycles to prosper and achieve your Soul Purpose goals with Shannon via 1:1 Coaching Calls. Shannon supports your Empire Empress energy with Soul Alchemy and Planetary power. It’s the most amazing way to be successful as a Soul enjoying the delights of the material world ~ The Goddess Way!


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