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Priestess Moon:  Full Moon in Scorpio!

Our hidden desires and the call of the Dark invite us to see beyond the world we know and descend into the Underworld with this Full Moon in Scorpio April 21, 2016 at 10:23 PM PST. Only a highly trained Priestess can invoke the the spells needed to draw down the Moon and “Shadow Dance” with the light and dark within…


This Full Moon in Scorpio brings to light our hidden desires and the mysteries of the Collective Unknown to teach us how to shed our skin and surrender to the deeper Wisdom that lies at the core of our Being. It is time for the Priestess in every woman to rise up in her power and harness this opportunity for deep change and renewal.

There are Cosmic players creating a chaotic frequency that implores us to reject the noise and go within. This Full Moon in Scorpio turns up the volume on Venus (Feminine in Love), Uranus (The Rebel), Eris (Fierce Feminine) in Aries (Passion Warrior) to create a dissonant tone with Lilith (Wild Feminine Unleashed) squaring Pluto (Lord of the Underworld). This energy is having Venus boiling over with passion, anger and intensity. There is a huge pull to unleash this energy on another. Why?

The Full Moon is conjunct (within 10 degrees) of Juno, The Wife. Scorpio rules the 8th House of Sharing Intimacy with others. In order to truly do that, one must be able to surrender and trust. Juno as you may have guessed, rules partnerships, marriage and contractual agreements. Together, the Full Moon and Juno bring to light what is hidden, what needs renewal and the shadows we bring into relationships.

But…. only a Priestess knows that what is being projected outside of us is really a mirror of what is going on deeper within the hidden realms of our psyches. Allow your inner Priestess to steer clear of lashing out at another and be brave enough to plunge into the dark, deep waters of your own psyche.


First, look within. Take a sacred time-out and create space for you to get quiet, be alone and ask for divine guidance to receive clear messages. Next, look to see what is projecting out into your world. Are you struggling with an issue in your intimate relationship? What takes you off center and disturbs your psychic-emotional ground? Jot these things down.

What you will find is that which is truly missing, empty and not working at the core of your own being. This has nothing to do with someone else. What you find here are deeper, hidden root patterns, most likely on a Soul-level, that are playing out on your own personal stage of Life.

Okay now you found the “hard to be with” stuff. Don’t be afraid or panic. Gather your Priestess courage and know that by drawing down the Wisdom of this Moon you can be renewed and experience deep change. The Cosmos loves you so much that they have coincided this Full Moon with a harmonic trine to Neptune in Pisces! Yay! But what does that mean?

Here you invoke the magic of your inner Priestess once again and learn that your imagination is what truly gives shape to your reality. This harmonic trine is the frequency that breaks spells! Neptune in all its benevolent Joy breaks the spells of fear, wakes you from your nightmares and puts you in the driver’s seat of your life. Miracles dissolve the hidden lies that sit unnoticed in your deep psyche. The secret here is to be open to the miracles that change your heart, mind and Spirit.



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