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New Chapter

Powerful Super “NEW CHAPTER” New Moon in Taurus!

I am so excited to share with you about this New Moon lunation beginning at 16 degrees Taurus! Why am I so excited? Because this is a very stabilizing, grounded and FERTILE lunation!

Starting May 6 through June 4, 2016 at 12:29 PM PST, an energy vortex massive positive energy opens. When the Moon is in the frequency of Taurus, it is in its most happy, fertile and abundant vibration. The magnetic frequency pulls us towards abundance, growing our goals and experiencing reality as extremely fertile Creators of Nature.

There are three major planets harmonizing this lunation and adding extraordinary pulsations to strengthen the New Moon. The New Moon is like an infant, newly born and full of possibilities. Jupiter, Pluto and Venus are all in harmony with this newborn babe energy that is already in a heightened state of exaltation!

There are currently 5 planets in retrograde motion, too, which gives us the gift of reflection, karmic timing and opportunities to grow spiritually. Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Pluto are all in slow-motion and clearing and cleansing old, karmic residue from our soul space. How nice is that?


JUPITER:  Jupiter is the planet of good luck, abundance, happiness and Joy. Jupiter rules the archetypal consciousness of Sagittarius – the Archer who sends arrows into the sky to breakthrough illusions so we can see the Bigger Picture of Truth. Once we see the Big Picture, we can’t help but celebrate what we see:  glory, abundance and joy. Jupiter is retrograding through Virgo (2nd Earth sign), a very simplified, feng shui consciousness. The retrograde phase tells us to slow down and realize there is cosmic timing appearing before us. During this lunation, Jupiter goes direct and we begin to receive all the gifts from his reflection time. This happens May 9th. Lucky Jupiter trines or harmonizes the New Moon in Taurus (1st Earth sign) so we can receive extra benefits of luck and abundance as we sow our seeds this week. What do you need cleared and cleansed with the methodical Feng Shui Virgo expert?

PLUTO:  Pluto is the planet of hidden power, transformation and life-force resources. Pluto rules Scorpio and the 8th House of Resurrection, Vulnerability and pure Passion. Pluto is retrograding through Capricorn (3rd Earth sign) and working hard to reorganize and restructure our collective foundations. Politics, healthcare, banking, education are all experiencing the “wrecking ball” energy of Pluto. Now, Pluto in Capricorn can give us the gift of reorganizing our personal foundations. Pluto adds power and long-lasting changes bringing influential people into your lives. What new foundational structures do you want to grow and stabilize with this lunation?

VENUS:  Venus is currently in her home vibration, Taurus and is super happy about that. She joins the Moon energy giving birth to more connection, beauty, bonding, love and sensual freedom. She tells us to take advantage of the sweet, slow vibration that is circulating our planet and embody all the sensual pleasures of the Earth through your physical body and sheer desire to bond with others. (either mineral,plant, animal or human). What bonds and connections need strengthening that Venus and the Moon can help you with?


The beauty of tapping into the retrograde planetary frequencies and the harmonic trines of this lunation, will help you discover what root consciousness is impeding your personal Soul growth. Understanding the nature of what blocks us, we can authentically and energetically align with what we truly want to connect to in our lives.

The MAGIC of this New Moon is internal, so go within. Connect to the all the positive aspects and vortexes of energy and you will truly know the meaning of “FEM-tastic”! Step with bare feet onto the Earth and connect your energy to the vibrations of the most fertile planet in our solar system. Infuse your being with fertility, sensuality and own your creativity! By doing this, you resurrect your talents, gifts and time.

The organic consequence is your abundance begins to overflow on the planet. Go for it and plant your intentional seeds to grow your goals!

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