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Powerful Emotional Cleanse Opportunity!

Picture Tonight is the beginning of a brand new Lunar cycle. Our lovely Lunar selves are blessed this month with the energy of Cancer, the Moon’s natural ruler. This Cancerian vibration offers us an opportunity to experience an emotional clearing of the highest order. 

Cancer is the leader of the Water element and is our symbolic Cosmic Mother. The Water element represents our emotions and Cancer’s vibes take our emotions into our “deepest feelings”. Cancer rules the 4th House of Family so it is with those we love the most, that we feel the most deeply.

The Cancer New Moon is in harmony with two retrograde (Past Lives) planets:  Saturn (The Bridge) and Chiron (The Wounded Healer) both in Water signs:  Scorpio and Pisces. This harmonic alignment gives us the ultimate emotional healing of deeply buried Soul lessons in the Underworld (Saturn in Scorpio) that transform our wounded selves (Chiron) through Compassion (Pisces) and Self-Love (Cancer).

This is the time of The Phoenix and rise from our ashes! This is especially important time for women, too! Why? Venus, planet of Love and Relationships representing the Feminine, is starting her descent into the Underworld as she goes retrograde July 25-Sept 4, 2015. For 40 days and 40 nights, Venus journeys through the Underworld to reflect, renew and restore herself. Her descent is in Leo, so this is the time to take a long look in your mirror and ask, “Is my Heart ruling my relationships? Am I being true to my Heart’s desires?” The Underworld will also show if you have a “sister-self” that is sabotaging your relationships, too. Stay as “The Observer” and simply just see what the mirror reveals to you.

The New Moon is a time of getting clear on what you want to create during the next 29.5 days, as well as in 6 months. Decide on what your seeds/intentions are. Sprout them with your awareness. Plant them in the ground for manifestation. Become still in the darkness so they can take root. And water them with your emotions of Gratitude – already giving thanks for their fruition.

The best way to do this is sign up for The Art of Feminine Resonance and receive helpful, instructional advice to make the most out of each lunar cycle.

Click here for details. Blessings for an ecstatic emotional release this month!

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