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Full Moon in Aquarius

Pour your Gifts into the Collective Soul: Full Moon in Aquarius 8/18/16 @ 2:26 AM PST

The Water Bearer Aquarius shines her light with this Full Moon on August 18, 2016 at 2:26 AM PST. What makes this Full Moon special is the Heavens have bestowed a YOD to Aquarius brother Gemini in Virgo. Ooo, lucky us humans! Freedom through the practical earth-based mind comes for us as we tap into Wisdom of Pallas Athena while staying in the Heart of Leo.

Some are touting this Full Moon as a preview of the coming Age of Aquarius expected to truly dawn in our hearts and minds in 2020. The “new” Age has already begun but we have only been witnessing the dissolution of the Piscean Age with all its structures and wounds thus far. Hang on!


Aquarius rules the 11th House of friendships, dreams, wishes and spontaneous revolution of the heart via the higher Mind. Uranus is the planetary ruler of Aquarius and is the lightning bolt of quick change in the zodiac. Uranus is currently flowing through Aries, creating a harmonic sextile to its home energy of Aquarius. Uranus in Aries is the “Spiritual Warrior” and revolutionary Pioneer in this vibration. Many of the #BernieorBust folks are carrying this archetype very well!

So this energy is here to “WAKE US UP”! Have you been sleeping when it comes time to partake in the Spiritual Revolution? Look to see where Aries falls in your chart and you will get a better idea of how you will embody this awesome energy. Very Ace of Swords hitting the Tower!!


What is so amazing about this Full Moon are two things. First this Full Moon in Aquarius is a light lunar eclipse. Meaning that it will not cast a shadow of the Moon but will let us know that major shifts are coming during September’s eclipses (9/1 and 9/16). Eclipse energy gives us the gift of endings and beginnings. Look to see where 25 degrees Aquarius falls in your personal chart to know how this is taking shape for you.

Second, this Full Moon is part of a YOD configuration along with Aquarius’ ruler Uranus. A YOD is translated as a “Finger of GOD” and sends what humans like to term “wobbily, erractic” energy into our lives. I like the explanation that if you tune into your personal GOD frequency you will understand and be able to integrate this energy because it is from the Divine.

GOD’s Finger is pointing directly to Mercury in Virgo conjunct (within 10 degrees) to Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of faith, big picture, benevolence and luck. Mercury is the planet of the lower mind, communication, networking, behaviors and siblings. They are both flying through Virgo. Virgo rules the 6th House of health, well-being and service to others. I love that GOD’s Finger is pointing to the sacred and practical healer, Virgo and asking Mercury/Mind and Jupiter/Faith to be of Service to the coming Aquarian mindset (in all of us). The Aquarian mindset is the Higher Mind of Humanity and wants to anchor into our consciousness right here, right now.

Stay in your Joy celebrating good times ahead in this week’s Full Moon vibration. Wake up the parts you are meant to play in the spiritual revolution. Get help from your friends and revolutionize the way your lower mind works so that you can truly show up in the world and be of service to humanity.

Peace Out!


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