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Pluto RX 2021 ~ A Holy Rebirth

Pluto goes Retrograde at 26 -24 degrees Capricorn on 04/27 – 10/06/2021

2021 Retrograde Path of Pluto:

Pluto goes retrograde starting April 27th at 1:03 PM PDT through October 6, 2021. The Retrograde range is from 26 to 24 degrees Capricorn creating a square to the Goddess of Discordia, Eris throughout the next 5.5 months.

Begin your Soul’s redemption journey by traveling with your fellow pilgrims to a mountainous retreat far, far away. The 2021 Pluto retrograde is a very spiritual journey of resurrecting your divine innate Wisdom. Over the next five months, you are The Seeker. Your journey is to experience the ultimate realization that comes when you hold to your Spiritual path with resolute steadfastness.

Along the way on July 1st, a magical Water Sprite rises from the Elemental World to take you on your next steps. The Water Sprite teaches you that in order to master your experiences in the material world, you must free your Spirit.

Finally, on August 12th, you meet with an ancient Guide who shows you the tapestry of material existence. Throughout time and through your many incarnations, the journey has been to evolve your character as a spirit in the material world.

Scorpio Full Moon + Black Moon Lilith:

Pluto turns retrograde on the third day of the Super Full Moon in Scorpio. Pluto trines the Black Moon Lilith to initiate you into your Shadow work. The Scorpio Moon takes you deep into your internal Underworld to resurrect your Core Root Self. Pluto desires for you to see that you – the True You – are the fruit that contains the divine seeds of creation.

Pomegranate Seeds: Almost all the great religions of the world hold the pomegranate seed as sacred. The mythology of ancient Greece regarded this fruit as the symbol of life, marriage, and rebirth. The pomegranate fruit is a holy symbol of the soul’s immortality and the perfection of nature for Zoroastrians.

The Black Moon Lilith has you facing the primal fear of scarcity. This is the ultimate fear of survival in the material world. Will I have enough? Will I survive? This is “food, shelter, water, money” energy. This is the fear that wants to be cleared. For if you have all you need within you, especially the divine seeds of creative manifestation, what are you truly afraid of? Take the next five months to focus on your values and goals. What you hold to be most dear, will help you determine your life with power instead of fear, lack, limitations, and neediness.

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