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Pluto Retrograde: What is real Power?

Retrogrades are a time of slowing down to review your life and in Pluto’s case, this is a time for a deep Soul renewal. Pluto rules the way you transform yourself and transforming oneself requires A LOT of power! This level of Power comes from another dimension and understanding of your being. Pluto is synonymous with the huge volcanic power of Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Transformation. She is the perfect Goddess to call upon during your journey with Pluto.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn brings  tremendous change but challenges will be your bridge to get there. Now, I like to see challenges as opportunities to grow. Plutonian energy is the C.G. Jung of the Zodiac and a deep excavation is wanted to uncover your shadows and eliminate them. The tension between Jupiter is bringing out our collective shadow in our relationships to material greed, excess, religious zealotry and political cover-ups.

The Pluto-Jupiter tension brings a few ounces of volatile energy to set the stage for necessary transformation. This year is specially designed to find solutions to your greatest problems personally and collectively. Achievement and empowerment in the material world are all possible but only if you can triumph over the illicit allure of ruthlessness, greed and corruption. The key is to stay focused on your spiritual wisdom warrior within that will guide you along your journey into Pluto’s underworld of hidden agendas and secrets.

Here’s the archetypal story for this 4 degree Soul journey that Pluto will take you on from April 20 – September 28, 2017:

19 Capricorn:  Present Invitation “A Child of five Carrying a huge Shopping Bag filled with Groceries”

This is the feeling of being overtaxed, overburdened and having too much to do. Does the world feel like a weight on your shoulders? Take a look at your responsibilities during this journey. Look to see if any of these responsibilities are too great to bear. Do you feel like a child with too much to handle? If so, Pluto wants to alleviate your burdens and find new solutions to help set you free.

15 Capricorn:  Past Karma Challenge “In a Hospital, the Children’s Ward is Filled with Toys”

This is a time for healing. The karma of this journey is to take care of your Inner Child and see what ailments are afflicting her. Care for her and show her great levels of affection and concern for her well-being. This soothing and healing of your deep, hidden emotions from childhood will transform pain into progress in your material world. If you feel called, visit a children’s hospital or donate toys to a good cause to cheer up children in need. This simple act of kindness will be transformed into waves of Grace in your life and in the lives of others.

20 Capricorn:  Future Destiny Growth “A Hidden Choir Singing during a Religious Service”

The future destiny of Pluto’s journey is to realize our spiritual connective threads with one another. This creates a great cause for celebration. Realize into the depths of your Soul that you are never alone nor separated. It is in the unity of community that you find your true Self and sense of well-being. The “Hidden Choir” is the voice of your Feminine intuition. Pluto’s journey wants you to connect deeply with your hidden choir of Angels to sing to you the truth of your reality and existence. Listen to uplifting spiritual music. Visit sacred places and be open to your intuitive messages. As you tune into your spiritual Self, your relationship to the material world will change because everything is connected. Everything is All One.

Enjoy this Plutonian journey and stay in touch with Lunar Ladies community to receive the latest updates of the happenings in the skies. These alignments are designed for you to experience success, true power and knowledge of your real Soul Self.


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