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Pluto Retrograde Seeks Wise Counsel to Align You with the Divine Will of your Soul’s Purpose!

Pluto Retrograde 2019:  23 to 20 degrees Capricorn happening
April 24 to October 2, 2019


Pluto goes into retrograde motion joining Jupiter to draw you deeper into your Soul’s ability to transform from April 24th to October 2nd, 2019. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn joins to make this a powerful Trio on April 30th. Pluto opens the Gateway to your Soul and seeks to align you with the Wise Counsel of your Divine Will. Are you ready to enact and engage your Soul’s Purpose and Calling now?

Today as Pluto goes retrograde at 23 degrees Capricorn, the Moon, Saturn and the South Node create a “stellium” vibration to intensify and add to the Pluto retrograde story. The waning Capricorn Moon brings in the energy of your Grandmothers as She aligns with the natural ruler of Capricorn, Saturn who sits with the South Lunar Node that is unwinding past life patterns locked in the shadow of the Pisces Age (980 A.D. to present).

There is a powerful T-square or “Time out!” alignment between Mars, Ceres and Neptune. Neptune in Pisces is the focal point that carries the power. Neptune is the planet for you to focus your energy as you powerfully engage your Soul’s calling with this Pluto Retrograde experience. Find out more by listening to my Overview of the Pluto Retrograde journey here:



–:–  Lunar Ladies Club Experience  –:–

Join the Lunar Ladies Club to accelerate your personal growth to vibrate higher . Lunar Ladies ClubYou will see your Natal chart (it’s included!!) as your Soul blueprint for divine action. You will learn how to put your Soul Purpose Natal chart into action. You will clear out and dissolve old patterns with ease! Join our supportive and uplifting growing international circle of powerful, compassionate wise women.

The Lunar Ladies Club, Shannon’s Intuitive Oracle readings and her powerful Soul Purpose Series readings with the option for private Soul Purpose Power Coaching are powerful tools to look at your mind, gain control of your emotions and discover your Soul’s Purpose and your Calling. Your Calling is to be of service to others! Making your Soul’s contributions to the Greater Good! This is the divine plan for humanity as humanity awakens to being a bigger part of a Galactic culture vibrating at the frequency of the Law of One Love!

The common shared experience Club members share, is,“Thank you for making this a safe and sacred space to share who I am and be loved, supported and cheered!” Clear your emotional shadows, limiting thought patterns and past life  unresolved experiences with the powerful techniques given to you in the Club experience!

Go for it! Join us!


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