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Play by the Rules ~ Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse Full Moon

Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees Sagittarius on May 26, 2021 at 4:14 AM PDT/5:14 AM MDT/6:14 AM CDT/7:14 AM EDT

The Full “Blood Moon” Lunar Eclipse is not playing around. This is a highly potent astrological event designed to wake up your Spirit and play by the rules of universal Truths. This lunar eclipse is the second super, Full Moon. The “High Priest Wizard” Full Moon kicks off the summer eclipse season of 2021. The Earth is getting energy “reset” as an orange shadow is cast upon the surface of the Moon. This is a time of great release to clear away the old and begin a new cycle. Eclipses come in two’s with the Lunar Eclipse opening up a 2-week window to the following Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini on June 10th at 19 degrees Gemini. The upcoming Solar Eclipse degree is the same degree as the Nodal Wave from December 14, 2020, Solar Eclipse. Keep that in mind.

Mercury is a major planetary player during this Eclipse season, especially with the 19-year return of the Nodal Wave in Gemini/Sagittarius. Mercury follows this Super Full Moon through this eclipse portal as he stations retrograde May 29th through June 22nd. The retrograde degrees pass through the upcoming Solar Eclipse New Moon, too, from 24 to 16 degrees Gemini.

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Eclipses occur in the summer and winter months. They are powerful times to end and begin new cycles. Eclipses come with a 6-month window of time to release what no longer serves your highest good so that you create the space in your life for what does. This Super Full “Blood Moon” Lunar Eclipse is attached to the New Moon Solar Eclipse happening on December 14, 2021.

This Eclipse is attached to the Lunar Nodes of Fate in Gemini and Sagittarius. The Full Moon embraces the South Node – unwinding the collective past as the Sun embraces the North Node – calibrating future evolutionary growth. Look in your Natal Chart and find the Houses that are being ruled by Gemini and Sagittarius. This area of your life is going to experience three Eclipses in 2021. This experience is in effect until the Lunar Nodes of Fate change on January 18, 2022.


Jupiter and Mercury rule the Mutable Cross of the Piscean Age. When the Piscean Age began, Jupiter ruled both Pisces and Sagittarius. Mercury has always ruled Gemini and Virgo. Together, these two planets are the rulers of the last 2,160 years that have been mostly dominated by religion and spirituality.

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, has returned early to his ancient home of Pisces that he will govern in 2022. There are very interesting possibilities occurring now. We, the People, can either dissolve the sins of the past through compassion, forgiveness, and neutrality or we can ramp up the suffering in the world by taking dogmatic, zealous, judgemental points of view that separate and divide. Which one is your choice? It takes great faith to walk on the waters of forgiveness. It can be a heavy cross to bear the weight of suffering and sorrow. But Jupiter’s influence is expansive, benevolent, and ultimately joyful. This is how you find Jupiter’s jovial spirit within yourself. Christ consciousness exists in the greatest stories of triumph ever told as well as every blade of grass.


In 20-12 (reverse of 20-21), the Lunar Nodes of Fate were reversed. Sagittarius was the North Node and Gemini was the South Node. Look back and remember what was happening in your own life and within the Collective miasma. This is your Eclipse homework. Share what you discover in the Astro Community!

Full Moon Lunar Week Frequency: ENERGETIC BREAKDOWN

Full Moon Dynamics: Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped
“I feel FIRE and AIR to RELEASE old energy to open up to new possibilities!”
  • Full Moon Phase: The Full Moon Phase brings your New Moon intentions into fruition. They become signed, sealed, and stamped. On December 14, 2020, was the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse New Moon at 21 degrees ~ the power to create with Light. Take yourself back to this time and reconnect to what your intentions were. What can you remember?
  • The Sagittarius Full Moon is the “High Priest Wizard’s Moon“.
  • The Sagittarius Full Moon passes through the 20th Lunar Mansion ~ “The Precipice”
  • The Sagittarius Full Moon passes through the #34 Human Design Gateway ~ “Power”
  • Hint:  look to your Sagittarius-ruled House in your Natal Chart, your Natal Jupiter, and 9th House for your answers.
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  • Recommended Readings: Healing the Witch’s Wound, Soul Purpose Blueprint, and Natal Oracle.


: — : FULL MOON PHASE : — :

The 5 degree Sagittarius Moon releases and celebrates: HOPEFULNESS
“A game of Cricket”

To live by putting principle above expediency is an extraordinary, admirable personal attainment.

The Sagittarius Full Moon brings the ultimate power of the High Priest to clear away old karmic debris from past lives involving dogmatic beliefs and/or religious zealotry. In the “Game of Cricket” – or is it Thrones – the tone is more about mastery, sportsmanship, and working together to achieve victory. The Full Moon inspires your desires to achieve success at a high spiritual level. Now is the time to not only play with the big dogs but be one! The game of Cricket is considered a “gentlemen’s game” having rules that everyone abides by. The Lunar Node of Fate whispers that not everyone has played by the rules. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is helping you see through facades, illusions, and trickery that have been in play for a very long time. How you see it in the world, is by how you live your life by your own inner rules of morality, justice, fairness, and kindness. Those that are not in a vibrational match to living higher truths, will be very easy to see and feel.

The higher purpose of this Eclipse energy is self-refinement by adhering to the karmic laws of universal truths that are based on pure Love. You simply cannot evolve unless you find a way to raise your frequency. When you a become better person, you shape yourself to fit into a new world that aligns with your evolutionary state of being. That is a universal truth for your embodiment in the physical world – to evolve your Soul.

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