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Wake up to Wellness! Pisces Super Full Moon 2023

Pisces Super Full “Healer’s Moon” @ 7 degrees ~ August 30, 2023, at 6:35 PM PDT/9:35 PM EDT

The Pisces Super Full Moon brings the power of being a Blue Moon, the second full moon appearing in one month’s time (see Part One – Aquarius Full Moon). The Pisces Full Moon is known as the “Healer’s Moon” that heals with the eternal wellspring of spiritual energy.

This week your Leo New Moon intentions from August 16, 2023, plus the seeds of your Pisces New Moon intentions from February 19, 2023, are coming to fruition. The Leo New Moon invited you to celebrate the harvest of abundance under the light of Lunar Lammas. What has the Year of the Rabbit brought your way since the beginning of the year?

Since February 2023, the Piscean lunar experience has taken you from 1 to 7 degrees in your natal chart. This is calculated by the Pisces New Moon and the Pisces Full Moon. The Moon embodies the first decan of Pisces bringing in the totality of Pisces Soul energy. What House in your Natal Chart is ruled by Pisces?

The Pisces Super Full Moon sits between Saturn and Neptune expanding both these planets’ frequencies. This is a great time to really focus your attention on your blessings. Celebrate your blessings by bringing into your daily awareness all that you are grateful for in life.

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Saturn: Spiritual & Emotional Boundaries

Saturn co-joins the Super Full Moon to return the power of healthy boundaries to the limitless energy of your Soul. In Pisces, it is hard to define the boundaries because of the luminosity of spiritual light. It is boundless and expansive. Its nature is to expand and grow! But Saturn is the master of building foundations for legacies and long-term contributions for humanity.

Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn and is drawing clear boundaries in the murky, luminous field of Pisces. In order for the boundaries to find any form of stability, you have to be able to go with the flow. The ocean of Pisces’ unconscious emotions has a rhythm to its field. Like the Moon, it has cycles, tides, and patterns. The key is to master the ever-changing negotiations between what is to be fixed and what must remain fluid in your life.

Saturn receives spiritual courage to take direct action from Mars in Libra. Mars is not as comfortable in Libra as he is in Aries due to Libra being his detriment sign. Mars signals to look at your relationships and what energy you bring into your interactions. Are you being authentic or inauthentic? If you have difficulty in relationships, Saturn guides you to seek the spiritual significance of these difficult patterns. How you do this is to realize that your choices define you. You have the divine opportunity to reinvent yourself daily. You can formulate healthier relationships at any given moment, as long as you own your part in whatever is going on between you and others.

Mercury & Chiron: Intelligent Healing

Mercury Retrograde signals to Chiron Retrograde that it is time to heal by recommitting to your own intelligent design. Mercury is the leader in this alignment due to his exaltation in Virgo. Mercury loves to learn in Virgo. Learning becomes a great adventure and opens multiple doorways in your life. What are you curious about now in your life? Whatever it is, can it be utilized to be of service to others? In the act of giving, your spirit is nourished to grow!

Neptune Retrograde and Pallas Athena host the “sweet spot” energy for this Super Moon. Pallas Athena bestows great wisdom on you. She says that having a positive and expectant approach to life will give you the best results and establish stability! Neptune reinstates that when you celebrate your daily life through gratitude, you bless yourself and your surroundings beyond belief!

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Pisces Tarot Lesson: The Moon and The Hanged Man

The Moon and The Hanged Man are the Major Arcana in the Tarot that represent the energy of Pisces and its ruler, Neptune. The Moon Card is the energy of your intuition, subconscious, and illusions rooted in fear. The Moon card helps your spiritual growth by uncovering what secrets lay in your subconscious. Dreams reveal what is hidden in your subconscious. Pisces season is a dreamy time to dive into the realms of your deeper spiritual awareness.

The Hanged Man Card is the card representing Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. The Hanged Man helps you to see things from another perspective. When you wait for your deeper awareness to rise to your surface mind, you receive enlightenment. Neptune’s mysticism connects you emotionally to your Source. Neptune and the Hanged Man help you to dissolve illusions by seeing things from an opposing point of view. It dissolves the linear world to reveal what lies beyond the veil of rational thinking.

Where are the Moon and the Hanged Man cards in your Natal Chart (1 to 7 degrees Pisces)? This is the area of your life where you will be most affected! If you need more guidance and extra support, schedule a 1:1 Astrology Session with Shannon.

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“I feel EARTH and FIRE to RELEASE the power of Wisdom and Action into the world!
  • Full Moon Phase: The Full Moon Phase brings your New Moon intentions to fruition. They become signed, sealed, and stamped. On February 19, 2023, was the Pisces New Moon at 1 degree ~ when a new day was dawning. Has your life transformed since then?
  • The Pisces Full Super Moon is the “Healer’s Moon“: August 30-September 5, 2023
  • The Capricorn Full Moon passes through the 27th Lunar Mansion ~ “The Guru”
  • Hint: Look to your Pisces and Virgo-ruled Houses in your Natal Chart, your Mercury and Neptune, plus your 12th and 6th Houses for your answers.
  • The 3rd Quarter Gemini “Magician’s Moon”: September 6-13, 2023
  • Next New Moon in Virgo: September 14, 2023
  • To personalized support: New Client Session or 1:1 Soul Refresh Session.
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“Girl blowing a bugle”

Are we invited to emergent joy or commanded to unwelcome constraint?

The Pisces Full Super Moon shines an emotional light on being summoned by Spirit to rise up and pay attention. You are being called to show up more empowered as a soul on planet Earth now. Saturn and the Moon are bringing people together who are of like mind and like heart. Find your community. The community represents the need for each person to find their place and define their values and preferences within their special role.

The Virgo Sun and the Earth complement this lunar journey by asking you what you need help with in your life. If you are becoming a valuable part of your community, what do you need to learn or master to uplift the community you want to be a bigger part of? When you learn more, you are perfecting your sense of self. This act of kindness for yourself, also gifts who you become to the benefit of others, as well.

Get ready for the next New Moon in Virgo on September 14, 2023!

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