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Pisces 1st Quarter “Martyr’s Moon” brings you a Message in a Bottle

1st Quarter Pisces “Martyr’s Moon” on December 15, 2018 at 23 degrees Pisces at 3:49 AM PST/6:49 AM EST/11:49 AM UK


The Martyr’s Moon arrives as a “Message in a Bottle”: “Are you here to be lost at sea or are you here to be of service to others?”. The 1st Quarter Pisces Moon supports you to dissolve old blocks that are hidden deep in your Unconscious Self. The Sagittarius New Moon energy is ripe and ready to finally release those old, old shadows of victimhood and perpetrator-ness. This 1st Quarter week wants to draw you in to be deeply introspective. Bring a life jacket with you as this week’s energy will take you in like an eddy. Don’t worry! It’s for Soul healing!

This is a strange one because the external forcefield of a 1st Quarter Moon is pulling you out into the world. But Pisces direction is inward into the vast ocean of soul memories. You may feel like escaping from the world to dissolve your suffering, but at the same time feel like you are here to help others. The only way out of this one is through this Mutable time loop!

Martyr’s Moon

“Martyr’s Moon” comes to show you where you want to run and hide. But because of the mutable watery energy, this Moon also shows you where you want to stay and help. In order to grasp and stabilize the energy, ask yourself, “Where do I feel powerful and strong? Where do I feel victimized and weak?”

Mars and Chiron sandwich the Martyr’s Moon. Mars comes to transfer spiritual power and knowledge. Chiron now in direct motion honors your Spirit Walk with the satisfaction of fulfilling your basic needs with … (wait for it) … ABUNDANCE! Next week’s Full Moon promises to bring the joy of a fertile garden dancing under the light of Mama Moon!

Moon vs. Sun

1st Quarter Moon dynamics ~ You now enter into a new Lunar Phase which holds a lot of POWER! First Quarter Moons are designed to ignite your emotional energy to clear your path towards success. The waxing, or building, energy of the Moon comes from a 90-degree angle to the Sun. This square energy is designed to build enough Universal Qi to break you free from past limitations and the struggles of your ego. Get ready to expand into the joy of your higher intelligence in alignment with your Truth!

Goddess Polarity POWER!

This is where the ABUNDANCE energy begins to flow. Future Goddess energy is here now and comes to assist your future Self. Part of Fortune at “9” degrees Leo is activated by its polarity point ~ 9 degrees Aquarius. This Abundance energy sits in between two Goddesses: Vesta (6 degrees) and Lilith (14 degrees). They are the light switch for this power. Once this light switch is turned on within you – it activates Leo which activates Jupiter — the King of 2019! Use this dynamic to support you to be in action all week!

This is the transfiguration of your heart turned on by your quest for Self-Re-evaluation. Tune into your Higher Mind to complete a very old cycle of Soul wounding, that has been going on lifetime after lifetime. Your quest is to deal with people as how they are presenting themselves to you. Recognize when you are projecting your own unrealized ideals or unworked out stuff onto them. This will help you re-emerge into a higher state of Being and receive the blessings that come from this more enlightened state. Aho!


Sabian Symbols to the Rescue!


MESSAGE: The need to consciously accept your own limitations in order to concentrate your energies to live a centered and fulfilled life.

The Pisces Moon brings you the symbol image of how every person is a small island in the vast ocean of humanity. The separated self or ego is able to set boundaries and give your consciousness a sense of individuality. Within these boundaries, you and others can experience life lessons together. These experiences create powerful awareness of your inner and the outer self, between yourself and your community, and finally between all of humanity and the Universe. Become truly your individualized self and do your dharma – your sacred work in the vaster whole. This week come to realize your oneness within the whole Earth and that GOD-Force energy exists in all things, everywhere.

Venus trines Neptune and Mars: Exercise your self-will and determination with overcoming the shortcomings of the ego by developing your mind to become attuned to the higher level of evolution. This is your week of evolving your emotional body and reclaim your sovereign power of Self.



MESSAGE: The reward given to every effort at integrating and remaining true to your Self.

The Sagittarius spiritual Sun brings you the image of a bluebird which is a symbol of happiness. Her beautiful song sings from a spiritually oriented mind. The image of a cottage symbolizes being part of a community where people live well-adapted to their togetherness. The Sun is bringing you the essential technique for successful living — to develop a consciousness where peace and happiness dwell within. Open up to the GOOD FORTUNE of Jupiter who is going to bless your life in 2019!


Verte “Divine Truth” holds the octave of the Sun at 23 Gemini:  “CHILDREN SKATING OVER A FROZEN VILLAGE POND.”

MESSAGE: The use of circumstances to develop a transcendent approach to your life.

Verte “Divine Truth” comes during this Winter season to tell you its time to go deeper within to renew yourself. All of Nature is in a state of hibernation or inward activity. The down time can help you discipline your mind to grow in strength and skill. Your mind learns in rhythmic freedom when asked to demonstrate your transcendent capacity for pleasure and self-improvement. The mind needs contrast to grow. You can transcend life’s circumstances by raising your consciousness to live in a different way that is in alignment with Nature. Take this Winter season to go deeper into your mind to renew your whole sense of well-being. That’s Divine Truth!


911 and 411 Help: VIP Lunar Ladies Club

These modern times are difficult to navigate when you feel lost like a ship at sea. Without ancient spiritual connections or cultural anchors, you can feel hopeless if all you see around you is the pain and suffering of the world. The VIP Lunar Ladies Club comes as “sanctuary” to give you a life raft and a place to reconnect and rediscover your true sense of Self. We work together in community to understand the world and the energy around us using ancient techniques. We support one another to navigate in accordance to our GPS signals. This is the way to EXTRAORDINARY LIVING!

Join us in the Circle to get your 411 guidance to know where you are going and how to get there. Optimize your life with the 911 emerging tools to help you quickly understand who you are and why you are here! It’s really just that EASY!

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