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Phoenix Power Rises! 3rd Quarter Virgo Lunar Week

3rd Quarter Virgo “Fate’s Moon” at 16 degrees on December 7, 2020 at 4:36 PM PST/5:36 PM MST/6:36 PM CST/7:36 PM EST

The 3rd Quarter Virgo Moon and Sagittarius Sun form a 270-degree waning square of “Reflection”. The Virgo Moon aligns with Vesta, the Eternal Flame, to activate the mystical wave of a Neptune octave. Neptune pulls your Core Root Self into the Void to self-reflect upon your life from your Soul’s perspective.

The Virgo 3rd Quarter Moon is known as Fate’s Moon. With Vesta’s presence, the Old Crone energy of Atropos, Clothos, and Lachesis appears. The Three Sisters of Fate come into your dreams to help you understand how to harness primal forces with more skill and grace. At your core, you have powerful, primal strength. Now is the time in this decade to tap into your raw passions to reorganize your place in civilization.

The Sagittarius Sun lifts you up to see your life from a higher perspective. The Easter Sun rises in the Cosmos to remind you that each and every day is a renewal and a rebirth. The Sun joins forces with the South Node to unravel what is real and what is not. When reorient your waking consciousness to the glory of rebirth each day, you prepare your future with the resources to make a huge difference in your life. This energy reminds me of the Maidens who filled their lamps with extra oil so that they had light still burning when the Prince returned late. They were prepared.

When opportunity and preparedness meet, you have success. As you reorient your mind and emotions to focus your creative attention upon what works, what brings you joy, and what you feel so much gratitude for – guess what happens? You create your a future that is filled with everything you hope for. Take this week of Completion with the Mutable Sun and Moon to reflect upon what truly brings you calm, peace, and a joyful Spirit.

Decoding the Lunar-Solar Power:


Shannon’s Energetic Breakdown: 3rd Quarter Moon

Third Quarter Moon dynamics embrace the powers of Letting Go, Releasing, and Forgiveness. This lunar stage focuses on the wounds outside yourself. Release who may have hurt, offended, diminished, or neglected you. Reflect upon where you may have done this to another. The 3rd Quarter Moon is a two-way mirror that gives you your power back. This is the lunar phase to empty your ego and allow the Universe, your Angels, and your Guides to assist you in feeling more supported to let go. The more you can let go, the more space there is to create in the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius next week!

“FATE’S MOON” – External Wounds

During a waning Third Quarter Moon, your journey of self-development turns outward to gaze upon the wounds of humanity. Virgo in the 3rd Quarter phase is known as the “Fate’s Moon”. The “Fate’s Moon” parts the Veils of the Unknown to reveal to you your path of transformation. The Three Sisters of Fate are whispering to you now. Be ready to receive your signs and symbols. To learn more about how to access this power, join us in the Inner Circle.

13th Lunar Mansion – “The Altar”

The Fate’s Moon passes through the 13th Lunar Mansion known as “The Altar”. This cosmic mansion has the root energy of the Masculine. The traditional image of the 13th Lunar Mansion is a man ready to love a woman. The Goddess Divine Feminine energy is an Altar and the Divine Masculine is ready to love and worship there. This is a Mansion of pure pleasure which is the fate of Humanity. Why? Because we are divine beings of pure Love. To learn more about how to access this power, join us in the Inner Circle.

64th Gateway – “Confusion”

The 3rd Quarter Virgo Moon of Fate passes through the last gateway of “Confusion”. Here you are asked to reflect upon pure Prana. Pure Prana is the foundation of great health, wealth, and wellness. The 64th Gateway in the body is the left eye that opens the door to the right hemisphere of the brain. This is the part of the brain where you can receive your downloads. To learn more about how to access this power, join us in the Inner Circle.


“A volcanic eruption.”

We need occasionally to reconnect with the irresistible, essential creative life force deep within.

The 3rd Quarter Virgo “Fate’s Moon” cultivates energy to help you reconnect to authenticity. This is the week to look for anything that is not in resonance with your true Self. Release superficiality in your life. Identify your creativity and hold that within you as a seed for the new lunar cycle to begin on December 14th. The “volcanic eruption” gets rid of the dross to clear the space for true passion to come through your self-expression. Watch for any petulant behavior – that is a leftover residue from childhood. Go back to your New Moon in Scorpio intentions to see if you have cleared away and transformed what you intended. You are reconstructing your reality now. Remember yourself as a part of pure passion and Prana. Release feeling locked up and confined. This is a Kali-Ma type of Moon that is here to free you from the mundane and the mainstream. To learn more about how to access this power, join us in the Inner Circle.


“An Easter sunrise service.”

Our life path is the reconciliation of two forces – individual fulfillment and spiritual fellowship.

The Sagittarius Sun shines early morning light as the Sabian Symbol brings you the glorious feeling of Easter. This is the energy of Spring that helps renew life for another year of growth. This is another new beginning. This week look in your life to what you hold sacred. To learn more about how to access this power, join us in the Inner Circle.


This week the Moon and Sun help you to reflect upon your life experiences since November 14, 2020. Take time this week to slow down, return to your inner world, and let go of what no longer serves your highest good. The blog posts are your areas of focus and you move deeper into surrender as the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse New Moon approaches!

Scorpio Lunar Cycle 2020 Look-back:

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