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Paying the Piper: Mercury Summer RX

June 17 – July 12, 2020 – 14 to 5 degrees Cancer

This week, Mercury begins his retrograde journey from June 17 to July 12, 2020. This retrograde season takes you from 14 to 5 degrees Cancer. Mercury’s journey is about your longing for transcendent happiness. This happiness is found in your Soul as it opens to great dreams. Your work is to align with your Soul’s instinctual dedication of evolve your true Self to new forms of life. Symbiosis is a deep unconscious cooperation between different levels of existence, the “animal” level producing lives for the sake of the “human.”

Before all this can take place, humanity must pay the Piper. Karmic recapitulation and clearing of past shadow residue is the primary point of focus. In order to rise to the multidimensional level of experience, humanity is tasked to cultivate happiness by mastering the power of the mind.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury retrogrades about three times a year with each cycle lasting about 3 weeks. Mercury retrograde is a time of slowing down, reflection, and review. It’s about giving yourself lots of time to make room for obstacles, errors, and blockages. 

Retrograde means to “step back” and this happens when planets slow down their speed to make an elliptical turn around the Sun. As they slow down, they appear to be moving backward. It was an optical illusion to early astronomers who made note of these changes in the Heavens. What was really happening was as the planet in retrograde was appearing to slow down because other planets not in retrograde motion were moving faster.

What is the Mercury RX Shadow?

The Mercury retrograde Shadow zone is the expanded length of time that the Mercury degrees are experienced. For example, with the current Mercury retrograde, the degrees that are in retrograde are 14 to 5 degrees Cancer. To configure the Shadow Zone is to look when was Mercury first at 5 degrees Cancer? The answer is June 2, 2020. The next question is, when will Mercury be at 14 degrees Cancer after the retrograde period? The answer is July 27, 2020. Take both dates: June 2nd and July 27th one for the Summer retrograde 2020 season. Hooray!

Mercury RX Summer 2020:

  • Mercury Direct on June 2, 2020 at 5 degrees Cancer
  • Mercury Retrograde on June 17, 2020 at 14 degrees Cancer
  • Mercury Direct on July 12, 2020 at 5 degrees Cancer
  • Mercury leaves Shadow on July 27, 2020 at 15 degrees Cancer

On June 17, 2020, Mercury transcribes that the journey he is taking you on is about “Spaciousness”. You are now being tasked to make room for new worlds to born. The Earth is ready to be vital again and have a new life spring forth in a new way. Mercury gifts humanity with a new dream of brotherly-sisterly unity that can repopulate the world. There is a spirit of Destiny that is accelerating within the framework of existence. The Great Goddess Life force is present in every molecule. Humanity is tasked to call the Great Goddess into Her full power by dreaming Her into existence. Can we do this together? – is the question.

The zenith point of where you need to return to is clearing old, residual karma. You must confront everything that you have given your power away to. This means, confront your fears. This residual karma is made up from ancestral memories, past mistakes, and collective undoings. Everything comes due as the Piper needs to be paid. How do you do this? You confront the shadows of your past with HONESTY and INTEGRITY. Dedication and perseverance are your paths to freedom now. Rescue and redeem what is most sacred and valuable to you. When the collective karmic load is this heavy (thank you Capricorn RX planets!), you must cultivate a LIFE-GIVING perspective and flush the “negativity virus” from your veins.

The Key: Become so forward-thinking to turn the past around and make any darkness luminous from within. From this place, you rise!

Moving Forward to October 2020:

When you put together broken pieces of pottery, you strengthen the integrity of its wholeness, just like the Japanese art, Kintsugi. Putting the pieces back together teaches you many great things. You are being called to reconstruct the old world. The greatest thing you are learning is how the mind works. Left alone and unconscious, the mind wrecks havoc and destroys even itself. See the pangs of the past and how the power of the mind in an unhealthy state created worldwide suffering. Cultivate the mind and make it field of flowers (check out Gemini New Moon’s Sabian Symbol ~ “The Garden of the Tuileries”!).

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