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Optimism Power: Cancer Full Moon 2023

Cancer Full “Sea Mother’s Moon” @ 4 degrees ~ December 26, 2023, at 4:33 PM PST/7:33 PM EST

The Cancer Full Moon is lighting up your Inner Optimist to take over your life in 2024. The power of optimism is what will see you through the rough seas of life’s greatest challenges. The Cancer Full Moon’s medicine shares that your ability to be optimistic is measured by how well you can connect to a higher power.

This week your Sagittarius New Moon intentions from December 12, 2023, plus the seeds of your Cancer New Moon intentions from July 17, 2023, are coming to fruition. What have been your messages from Spirit since then? Jupiter is the ruler of this Sagittarius lunar cycle. The key is when the lunar cycle comes into fruition at the Full Moon, Jupiter is exalted by the sign of Cancer. This is a time for great spiritual attunement and alignment with your higher power.

Since July 2023, the Cancer lunar experience has taken you from 26 to 4 degrees in your natal chart. This is calculated by the Cancer New Moon and the Cancer Full Moon. The Moon embodies the first and third decans of Cancer bringing in the shapeshifting Mutable energy of the Water element to start a new cycle something amazing moving forward. This a great energy to heal emotional energy, especially as an adult healing the inner child.

The weakness in the Cancer Full Moon chart comes from the Asteroid Lucifer at 10 degrees Aries. Together with Chiron, you are being allowed to heal soul wounds through the physical body. To heal your soul wounds at this time, you must look to what you hold as a perfect ideal. What would you stand up for even in the face of adversity? Once you feel into your truth around this concept, spend conscious time on how to implement this ideal into your daily life.

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Saturn and Neptune: Healing the Third Eye

Saturn and Neptune are hosting the energy from the first to third decans of Pisces. Saturn helps you focus and develop skills around perfecting the use of your Third Eye chakra. The Third Eye can read psychic energy and is the vehicle for you to access other dimensions. At 2 degrees Pisces, Saturn appears as “a petrified forest”. This symbol denotes an ancient time that has your primordial essence in its roots. Saturn helps you go back to ancient times when the Earth was newly forming. How far can you see back in time with the use of your Third Eye?

Neptune washes away old boundaries that encapsulate your unlimited imagination. Your imagination is the key to opening up your Third Eye. At the time of the Full Moon, Neptune appears as “a new moon” that is ready to begin a new cycle within your soul development. Now is the time to tune into deeper realizations to help you get a clearer understanding of your inner motives. When you practice this innate ability to see what is truly there beyond the illusions of time and space, you will be able to see the motives of others, too.

Mercury square Neptune. Mercury as the movable mind that shapes reality is creating tension to propel Neptune’s nebulous energy into action. Mercury is helping you review and look back at how far you have come on your spiritual path. Tap into what you can perceive as the needs of the Collective consciousness. Spend time with these overarching needs and ask your Higher Self how you can fulfill these needs for the general populace.

Neptune gets help from Venus to assuage the Martian effect on Mercury. Venus is reminding you not to fall into being ordinary and commonplace. You were not born to be like everyone else. If you feel pressured by society to be their version of normal, do something artistic or creative to bust out of that old, outdated mold.

Saturn trines the Full Moon. The Sea Mother’s Moon receives Poseidon’s wisdom via Saturn. Saturn guides you to stand firm in the convictions of your Higher Self. Your Higher Self will help your ego trust in the goodness of the Universe. Ask yourself, “Do I fear or do I trust the Spirit?” If you find fear is lurking in your inner landscape, take the opportunities present in the 3rd Quarter lunar week to let that fear go!

3rd Quarter Libra lunar week: Letting go of 2023!

The 3rd Quarter Libra Moon is helping you let go of 2023 and bring your year’s experiences into a harmonic balance. From now until the New Moon in Capricorn on January 11, 2024, begin the process of letting go of your year. Look for all the ways in 2023 that you felt unhappy, ill at ease, or downright depressed. What were the circumstances surrounding these times of blue? Once you recall what has taken place, ceremonially let it all go. You can write it down and burn the paper, bury it, or dissolve it in water. After you feel free of that old energy, replace it with the joy and magic of an innocent, carefree, and happy child. This fresh and joyful energy will heal that wounded space within you and grow a new garden of delight for you to prosper in 2024.

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“I feel WATER and AIR to RELEASE the power of Wisdom and BALANCE into the world!
  • Full Moon Phase: The Full Moon Phase brings your New Moon intentions to fruition. They become signed, sealed, and stamped. On July 17, 2023, was the Cancer New Moon at 26 degrees ~ when the garden gate of desires was opened. Has your life transformed since then?
  • The Cancer Full Moon is the “Sea Mother’s Moon“: December 26, 2023
  • The Cancer Full Moon passes through the 9th Lunar Mansion ~ “Little Star of Great Light”
  • Hint: Look to your Cancer and Capricorn-ruled Houses in your Natal Chart, your Moon and Saturn, plus your 4th and 10th Houses for your answers.
  • The 3rd Quarter Libra Moon in the 16th Lunar Mansion “The Altar”: January 3-10, 2023
  • Next New Moon in Capricorn: January 11, 2024
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“An automobile wrecked by a train”

Optimism diffuses dangerous negativity.

The Cancer Full Moon shines an emotional light on living your truth. Think back to July 17, 2023, when you set your Cancer New Moon intentions. The energy of the seeds you planted has come to fruition. At that time, you were empowering your intuition. Hidden layers of power have been revealing themselves to you over the last six months. Now, the Cancer Full Moon is strengthening your ability to be optimistic. This kind of soul-fueled optimism protects you from all forms of negativity. Realize that when you choose to be positive and look to the brighter side of things, you are actually emboldening yourself with Archangel Michael-level of Light.

The Capricorn Sun and the Earth complement the Full Moon by showing you that it is time to take back your power. When you tap into your strengths, you mobilize your soul’s ability to be a tower of power. Spend time feeling into all the areas of your life where you feel the strongest and at your best. Make a list of these ways and utilize this list to remind yourself you can persevere through anything when times get tough.

The New Year New Moon happens in strengthening Capricorn on January 11, 2024!

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