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Ok, what will it BE? New Moon in Virgo Monday!

It’s a New Moon in Virgo Monday morning! What’s your game plan? What’s your intentions for this cosmic cycle of new Beginnings?

Let’s break it down:  the DL on a New Moon in Virgo:
New Moon:  auspicious time to plant new seeds of change, transformation and growth for the next 28 days.  Virgo Moon:   the impulse of Virgo is a great time to shape-shift attitudes.  Virgo has an instinct for choosing that which supports dreams in practical ways. Ground your dreams with plans that unfold along a realistic path.  Invite divine guidance, along with dream messages, signs and allies to point the way. Together:  The Cosmos is calling on you to say “Yes!” to a spiritual Quest! How does one live in the Sacred and the mundane at the same time?  Hmmmm…. that’s the Quest!

Now remember, the New Moon is not isolated up there in the Heavens. There are many planets and star systems inter-relating and adding their vibrant energies to this cosmic moment in infinite Time. We’ve got dreamy Neptune opposite the Moon, quick-changing Mercury hanging out with the Sun and Moon in Virgo opposite Chiron the Wounded Healer and Venus- our expression of Love in charismatic Leo. ‘What does that have to do with me?’ you maybe wondering now.

Well, Neptune is asking your New Moon to come into a deeper Harmony with the highest potential and possibilities of your Sacred Self and your mundane self in everyday life.  Mercury/Sun/Moon poses the question of how do you communicate your emotional identity. Are you the wounded child or the Rainbow Bridge who lights up the path from suffering to Joy? Oh and that charming expressive Venus! Are you tapped into your desire to love and be Love? I would say, “Yes!” this definitely requires the purity and practicality of Virgo to clean up any messy rooms in the House of Self. Here’s a little bit more from the Cosmos:

According to Henry Selzer at AstroGraph on the closeness of Saturn and Uranus since July, “Saturn represents the limitations and restrictions of earthly arrangements, while the trickster energy of Uranus takes us further and further away from the grounding of the here-and-now, closer to the almost unimaginable heavens for which it is named. While becoming confused and uncertain about our everyday affairs, especially with Neptune so powerfully invoked, we do perceive much more clearly in an intuitional way, even though we might have to close our physical eyes to [be able to] see.”

My recommendations for this one:  Sign up for my next class:  Meridian Hygiene 101. Get yourself a set of OHM Tuning Forks so that you can be grounded and harmonize to access the greatness that is found in everyday life. Good Luck and Godspeed out there on your Soul’s journey of evolution!

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