Tuning Fork Workshops


Tuning Forks & Workshops!

Shannon is now offering online workshops and courses to teach you how to use the modality of Sound Healing and tuning forks to empower your Soul’s Purpose. Choose from enjoying the workshop only or add the set of two Mid-OM Tuning Forks plus Activator. When you buy a set of Tuning Forks, you will receive one workshop for FREE!

Once your purchase is made, you will receive an email with the upcoming workshop dates and instructions for receiving your tuning forks in the mail. Additional postage for orders outside the continental USA will apply. Replays are available after the workshops have occurred.

*60-minute private 1:1 Tutor sessions with Shannon are available.

You can also purchase past workshop replays to add to your library of Sound Healing knowledge. 

What can Tuning Forks bring into your life?

According to Edgar Cayce, “Sound healing is the medicine of the future.” Having a set of OM Tuning Forks and learning how to use them can change your life for the better. Tuning Forks speak a harmonic language that the body understands. The OM vibration (136.1 hertz) is the sound of “home” that the physical body remembers. Tuning Forks can bring an acceleration of harmony into the body to recalibrate, heal, and reconnect to a higher state of personal wellness and spiritual well-being.


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Tuning Forks Workshop, Tuning Forks Workshop + Tuning Fork Set

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