Transit Report + Eclipse Oracle


Coming into Union with your Soul’s Personal Growth!

Shannon helps you see the nature of your personal growth through 6-month Eclipse windows with a Transit Report, chart, and/or Intuitive Eclipse Oracle. Her way of understanding your Soul’s agreement with the Universe provides you with in-depth insights to foster your greatest growth. A Transit Report Eclipse Oracle helps you navigate your future by seeing the most powerful ways to implement your Soul’s journey at any given time. Choose from a Transit Report and Chart – plus a 15-minute audio interpretation to understand the most important areas of your life to focus on. Or uplevel to a 60-minute intuitive recorded reading plus live follow-up 1:1 session with Shannon.

If you do not know your time of birth, you can have Shannon configure it based on a special set of questions and important transits in your life. This is an additional fee of $45. You can add that here.

Ever wonder what Eclipses will bring into your life?

Eclipse season happens two times each year. When Eclipse season begins (January/February and July/August) you can see the nature of what the Universe has in mind for your Soul’s growth. Find out how to align yourself for maximum personal growth throughout these 6-month Eclipse windows. Choose from a 6-month Transit Report and Chart or uplevel to a 60-minute intuitive recorded reading or live 1:1 session with Shannon.


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Transit Chart + Report, Transit Chart + Report + Recorded Reading

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