Tibetan Numerology Reading


Tibetan Numerology is an ancient system to align you with your cosmic power. In this 1:1 reading, you will discover your own powerful Personal Forcefield. This system utilizes your personal power, family karma, and attraction forcefield to get you more connected to living with your Soul’s power. Find out what blocks you carry in your personal vibration and how to remove them. Learn more about the day and year you were born and how to implement that into your current Soul’s purpose.

This 1-hour reading happens as a live Zoom 1:1 session with Shannon. Your session is recorded and emailed to you afterward. You will receive your own cosmic mantra that amplifies your personal forcefield and your Law of Attraction power.

After purchasing send Shannon the following information via email or the Notes section of your order:  1) First name at birth; 2) Legal last name (birth name and married name); and 3) birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY).

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