Soul Purpose Process Course


After you have been initiated into your Soul Purpose Series, you are invited to take your journey to next level. Learn the tools that will align you with your destiny now. The Soul Purpose Process is a sojourn into living your divine mission on Earth every day.

*BONUS CLASS:  After Class #4, you will receive a special Sabian Symbols workshop where you will take your Sabian Symbols and make a powerful Mirror collage of your Soul Purpose Destiny!

In this on-demand four week Master Course,

you will be guided by Shannon Murray, Chief High Priestess Evolutionary Astrologer, and Virginia Krantz, a Master Teacher, and 30+ year Energy Clairvoyant. Together we will explore the Archetypes of your Soul Purpose:  North Node, South Node, Pluto, and Saturn and give you Clairvoyant tools to merge your Soul destiny with your everyday world.

Reconnect to your true identity, unfold the layers of your Psyche and live on purpose with passion. Join the Circle and practice together with like-minded and like-hearted women.

Each masterclass is a pre-recorded 90-minute mp4 video that focuses on one Archetype each week. You are taught and given a Clairvoyant Tool to practice that will align your Soul’s energy to process that part of your Soul’s Purpose. A workbook and worksheet are provided as supportive tools to help you merge with each Archetype in your personal Soul Purpose chart. *All class recordings, tools, workbooks, worksheets are yours to keep and have access to.

We can’t wait for you to soar with your Soul’s Purpose!


Your Soul has a Purpose :  Aligning with your Destiny!

Soul Purpose Series is a 4-part experience. The entire series package includes: “Introduction to your Soul Purpose” Chart + Recording, your Shadow Chart + Recording “Understanding and Transforming your South Node”,  and “Your Bridge to Freedom” – expressing your Soul’s Purpose, Divine Mission through the 5 Feminine Faces of the Goddess.


Soul Purpose Process – $444

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Includes Bonus Class!

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