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Your Soul has a Purpose:  Aligning with your Destiny!

Your Natal Astrology Chart embeds your Soul Purpose Starseed Mission. In it, you can see your life purpose, your gifts, skills, and talents, unresolved issues from other lifetimes. The Soul Purpose Oracle shows how your Soul will expand and fulfill your divine mission on the Earth. Add the 1:1 private sessions with Shannon to accelerate your experience and make it the most powerful!

If you do not know your time of birth, you can have Shannon configure it with a Rectification session. This is an additional fee of $45. You can add that here.


Three key elements create the sacred geometry or matrix of the energetic blueprint you were born through.

Your birthdate shows where the planets were in the Cosmos heralding your arrival.

Your birthplace shows the longitudinal and latitude measurements of how the planets line up with the selected area of where you were born.

Your birth time calculates which constellation was rising above the horizon and tells the story of your emergence as a Soul.

Your Starseed energy has four basic elements:

your Sun sign, your Moon sign, your Ascendant sign, and your Nodal Wave. These are four parts of you that make you, You!

Your Sun

is your External Self and is how you shine your light into the world.

Your Moon

is your Inner Self and is your emotional intelligence that keeps your Soul’s memories.

Your Ascendant

is your Emerging Self and is how others see you. This is the constellation that tells the story of your Soul’s journey this lifetime.

Your Nodal Wave

is where your Soul desires to evolve and grow. It liberates past life patterns, gifts, and talents so that you can transform the human collective experience.

These four elements create your base matrix through which your Starseed Soul expresses your divine purpose and grows exponentially. The Soul Purpose Potential is found in your North Node (sign/house) and its octave the South Node holds the frequency of your Soul’s patterns.

The Soul Purpose Starseed Series comes as a 4-part series.

The entire series reconnects you to your Soul to transform your Shadow Chart and connect with your Inner Teacher who helps you cross your personal Bridge to Freedom. This process is the pathway to expressing your Soul’s Purpose and Divine Starseed Mission throughout your life. Expand your Soul Purpose knowledge with 4 – 1:1 private sessions with Shannon to take your Soul Purpose Mission to the next level.



Am I a good fit for a Soul Purpose Starseed Series?

Anyone who is feeling lost or muddled, stuck, limited, or undervalued is a good fit. Or maybe you know you’re here to do something big but you have no idea what it is or how to do it. Or you know what you’re here to do but feel blocked in how to move forward. Even if you’re firmly on your path, a Soul Purpose Starseed Series will provide guidance and insight into the best way forward.

Do I have to know astrology to understand the information?

It helps, but not necessarily. Your report and reading connect you with what your subconscious already knows. If you are absolutely new to astrology, we recommend you add the 1:1 private sessions with Shannon so she can guide you in understanding your Soul’s Purpose and get you into action with clarity and excitement much quicker.

Will my life change?

YES!! By understanding your Soul Purpose Starseed Mission, you will achieve a more awakened state of being which will allow you to make more positive, strategic decisions about the direction of your life. This is how you take charge of your life and make your dreams happen.

What if I have more questions?

You can contact Shannon directly with questions here. I look forward to meeting you!


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