Private 1:1 Coherence Session


Shannon specializes in reading your Astrology chart as your Soul Map. You will discover your life purpose, past lives/unresolved issues and your opportunities for personal growth. Shannon shares with you your story and personal mythology. The Private 1:1 Coherence session with Shannon feels like a “hello to your Soul”. Shannon touches upon the places in your chart that make you most unique. She sees you from the Soul’s perspective as whole, perfect and illuminated. Coherence Sessions are available by phone, FaceTime, or Zoom and are 90 minutes long.

The fastest and most rewarding Soul evolution experience possible!

Shannon helps you level-up your thinking, mindset, and language to match the vibration of living at a higher frequency. Insights from your Coherence session can be put into practice immediately and with ease. You will see improvements and results at an accelerated pace.

Understand who YOU are and
why YOU are here.

Shannon combines the elements of your karmic past, desires for this incarnation, and how they play together to set up your future lifetimes. Using a variety of modalities and Shannon’s vast knowledge of Soul evolution, you experience connecting to the depths of your Soul’s past, present, and future reach across time and space.

Each Coherence session deepens your experience to realign with your power.

After each Coherence session, you will receive your video recording to learn and take notes from. Each session will lay upon the foundation set in the previous session to meet your intentional goals. Shannon takes into account the current planetary transits and what has transpired in your life to make each private Coherence session meaningful and full of self-improvement value. You will be given an Energy Worker Tool to help you powerfully reharmonize your power. Each Energy Worker Tool is skillfully explained and will assist you as you go deeper into your transformation.

Who are private 1:1 Coherence sessions best for?

Private 1:1 Coherence is best for those who are ready to dive deep into their personal development. Shannon’s style of counseling is best suited for those seeking Self-mastery. Shannon’s ability to pinpoint your essence, make it clear and understandable and show how you “do you” is far beyond most personal development coaches and astrologers. This level of upgrading your personal frequency is best suited for those who are ready to live their Soul’s purpose and create a life of meaning and power.

Private 1:1 Coherence is perfect for those in transition who want to expand upon their natural gifts, skills, and talents and achieve public and financial success.

Private 1:1 Coherence is perfect for those who are working on their relationships, marriage, or ready to open up to new possibilities after divorce.

Private 1:1 Coherence is perfect for those looking to understand who they are and why they are here. Especially powerful for those in college and newly graduated who are ready to take on the world and need an accurate and enlightened path to follow.

What’s unique about receiving Private 1:1 Coherence from Shannon?

Shannon’s style of personal development is what makes Private 1:1 Coherence from Lunar Ladies exciting, expansive, and life-changing. She combines a keen, intuitive ability to take your personal birth information and see what is possible for you in this lifetime. Using her inherent talents for storytelling and her ability to take scientific, conceptual information and translate that into everyday ways of being is nothing short of miraculous. She guides you along your Soul path with good cheer, warm strong support, and a sense of familiarity as leaves you feeling you are connecting with a friend of your Soul.

Shannon uses the amplified and intuitive powers of the lunar cycles, current planetary alignments and cycles, degrees and decans plus an array of Traditional Chinese Medicine, crystals, Power Animals, herbology, and mythology to weave together a perfect plan that is a DNA match to your Soul’s blueprint and purpose.

Shannon also weaves together a program utilizing the talents of her trusted colleagues to give you the fastest and most rewarding Soul evolution experience possible.

Take your personal growth to the next level!

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