Newborn Natal Oracle


The Newborn Natal Chart, Report and Intuitive Reading is your manual for understanding your child and how best to care, love and parent your newest member of your family. Shannon shares with you what makes your child unique and how to foster his or her greatness. Shannon takes the guesswork out of understanding the nature of your child and helps you powerfully nurture and bring them up in an environment that makes them most happy.

“What Child is This?”

Shannon creates a Natal chart, Natal Report, and 60-minute intuitive recorded reading of the special Newborn baby in your life. This information shares with parents whose beautiful baby is on a Soul-level.

It comes in very handy throughout life as the child grows into his or her greatness. Shannon is also available to help parents understand the needs, gifts, and skills their children come in with for this lifetime to help foster their best life experiences. Yes, parents! Babies do come with a manual ~ their Natal Birth chart! This is a great baby gift to give!

First-time Parents

You can tune into your child from a place of knowing their tendencies and what makes them most content. For example, if your child is born under a Pisces Sun or Moon, creating an environment that is quiet, musical, and plush with mystical and oceanic friends will engage your child at his or her highest vibration. This is in harmony with the child’s natural way of connecting to the world.

From 0-7 Years

Newborn oracle can help with your rearing your child and giving him or her access to what helps them find their place in the world. For example, if your child has a higher concentration of Fire elements in their chart, balancing how they react with an understanding of how the opposite element Water plays a role to calm and soothe. Parents can also see how their child learns the best and connect with their optimum learning styles to foster their cognitive development which also improves and supports their behavioral development, too.

Shannon can share with you how your Soul is in harmony with your baby. You will get to see your timeless connection and what previous relationships were in other lifetimes together.

The Newborn Oracle also shows areas of life that are unresolved from other lifetimes. Knowing how to identify issues that are not from this lifetime and understand how best to help your child move through potential obstacles is life-changing for both the child and the parents.