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Feeling ready to take yourself to the next level? We live in a fast-paced world that is oftentimes devoid of Nature and Spirit. Lunar Ladies wants to help you get in tune with your most powerful version of your Self. How? By lifting your vibration! Get High-Frequency Tips and Messages from the Moon right to your cell phone or email.

Raise Your Frequency & Lift up Your Vibration

The Moon has Gifts for You

Every day you have a new opportunity to uplift your vibration. But the weight of the world can get you down sometimes.
The Moon is your ultimate Mirror to show you how you feel and what you need to feel safe, secure and loved.

Do you feel like this most days:
  • Tired and lethargic?
  • Angry and frustrated?
  • Sad and despair?
  • Distracted and confused?
How about feeling like this every day:
  • Expansive and energetic!
  • Passionate and Peaceful!
  • Hopeful and happy!
  • Clear and focused!



You are a powerful, creative Vortex of the Divine Feminine. You have the ability to lift up your vibration by tuning into your awareness through your thoughts and feelings. You have a unique frequency based on your energetic alignments (See your Natal chart) and experiences in life (past, present, and future). It’s time to feel nurtured by the Moon and lift your vibration by practicing these higher frequencies tips!

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