Living a Lunar Lifestyle Online Course


Join Shannon McMurray for an in-depth online course as she guides you through how and why to embrace living by the moon. This course is designed to provide easy-to-use tools and information that will empower you to live by the lunar cycles the way you were meant to. Fun for you and the whole family.

You will experience:

  • 24 video lessons
  • 6 Modules
  • Meditations & Playlists
  • Worksheets & Cheatsheets
  • Transcripts
  • Lifetime access

Tune into the moon and discover how it impacts your :


Ancestral Lineage




Unconscious Self





Living by the Lunar Cycle will bring greater ease and happiness into your life!

You Will Learn

Benefits of Lunar Living

You will learn how Lunar Living allows you to:

  • Develop your emotional yoga practice
  • Increase self-awareness, mindfulness and intuition
  • Allow for more ease and less stress
  • Bring more harmony and increased energy into your life

Meet the Moon

Get to know the moon like never before! We cover:

  • What the Moon is
  • Energy states of each Lunar Phase
  • The Moon’s natural energy
  • History of how our ancestors connected with the moon


New Moon – Week of Intentions

The New Moon begins the Lunar Cycle. Leverage this time of stillness and reflection and learn with us:

  • What the New Moon is
  • Energy State of the New Moon
  • How to Approach Life with New Moon Energy

Embrace the power of manifestation of the New Moon phase with these tools:

  • New Moon Meditation
  • Plant Your Seeds of Intention Infosheet
  • New Moon Dos & Don’ts

First Quarter Moon – Week of Action

The First Quarter Moon gives you the energy to take action on your intentions. We break down:

  • What the First Quarter Moon is
  • Energy State of the First Quarter Moon
  • How to Approach Life with First Quarter Moon Energy

Harness the energy of the First Quarter Moon with these resources:

  • Break Through Inertia Worksheet
  • First Quarter Moon Dos and Don’ts Infosheet
  • First Quarter Moon Energizing Playlist


Full Moon – Week of Expansion

The Full Moon expands your intentions and celebrates your success. Learn the ins and outs of:

  • What the Full Moon is
  • Energy State of the Full Moon
  • How to Approach Life with Full Moon Energy

Expand and celebrate with these tools:

  • Fullness of Realization Worksheet
  • Full Moon Dos and Don’ts Infosheet
  • Full Moon Meditation

Third Quarter Moon – Week of Completion

The Third Quarter Moon invites you to rest, relax, reflect and release. We cover:

  • What the Third Quarter Moon is
  • Energy State of the Third Quarter Moon
  • How to Approach Life with Third Quarter Moon Energy

Release and reflect with these resources:

  • Completing & Releasing Worksheet
  • Third Quarter Moon Dos and Don’ts Infosheet
  • Third Quarter Moon Reflection Playlist