Law of Attraction Planner Bundle


Are you ready to get busy creating the life of your dreams? The Deluxe Moon Dial Law of Attraction Planner is designed to get hold of your attention and direct your Shakti ~ your emotional power of your feelings ~ to create magic and miracles! Get into your Vortex of Creation NOW!

Included in this bundle are:
Law of Attraction Deluxe Moon Dial Planner
Zodiac Signs Cheatsheet
Houses Cheatsheet
Planets Cheatsheet
Zodiac Affirmation Flashcard

Get all the Ascension Tools you need to accelerate your year of Awesome! The Law of Attraction Deluxe Moon Dial Planner comes with pre-filled out Moon Dials starting with the 2018 Aries lunar cycle and ending with the Pisces lunar cycle in 2019.

You also receive Power Tips for each lunar cycle and the upcoming Planetary cycles so you can plan ahead for what’s coming. Who doesn’t want to know how to easily flow through Mercury Retrograde? Right?!


Create your Best Life Now by tapping into the Law of Attraction Vortex of Creation!


Using both your Natal Birth Chart and your Solar Return Chart, you can easily apply an in-depth alignment to powerfully accelerate your personal growth.

  • Begin each lunar cycle by understanding the energetic focus with the Monthly overview.
  • Break down each week by aligning your body, mind, and Spirit with the synchronistic tools.
  • Attune with the Divine Allies to empower your journey.
  • Utilize your Wild Woman intuitive ways to follow your guidance and stay in the present moment now.
  • Printable 8″ x 11″ and includes:  12 Pre-filled out MoonDials, 12 Power Tips & Planetary Cycles, 12 monthly overviews starting with New Moon, 4-page lunar cycle weeks for every lunation, Alchemy Allies for each lunar cycle (Goddess, Essential Oil, Power Animal, Flower Essence, Crystal and Altars) and Journal notes for Dreams, Oracle card readings, synchronicities and signs.
  • Free recommendations and advice on how to maximize your Planner experience through Lunar Ladies email list and Lunar Ladies Lifestyle Facebook group.

You are a force to be reckoned with! Harness your power, create the life of your dreams and give your soul gifts to the world now!


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