Astrocartography Oracle


Astrocartography is a map of your Energetic Blueprint in the world. Shannon helps you see where your energy is most alive. This is a great reading for relocation assistance, career and personal development, and where you find your best places to live for success and love relationships. This experience includes:  live, private 1:1 90-minute session, recorded mp4 video of your Reading and Natal chart plus Natal Report.

AstroCartography reading is a live, private 1:1 90-minute+ session with Shannon going over where in the world your Energetic Blueprint is the most powerful. Your Astrocartography is a map of how your Natal chart aligns with the Earth. Shannon looks at your overall Soul design and helps you connect the dots to your power places on the planet. This includes your Natal chart, Report, and recorded video of your session. *Shannon does hours of pre-planning before your session to share with you your most vibrant lines of energy and why!