12 Moons MoonDial


Maximize your 2018-2019 experience with the next 12 lunar cycles!

Each month’s MoonDial is pre-filled in with the dates, planetary power days and Power Tips. Download this month’s MoonDial after purchase; future MoonDials are emailed to you at the beginning of every lunar cycle on the New Moon. Your 12 Moon Dials will help you take full advantage of the energy available to supercharge your 2018-2019 year!

Why Use a MoonDial?

Women have rhythms and these rhythms are in-tune with the Moon. A woman’s natural energy is made more powerful when she harmonizes with the Moon’s rhythms, patterns and cycles. Keep track of your energy levels, your emotional awareness and your menstrual cycle using the MoonDial. Regulate and balance your monthly cycles as your awareness and intuition grows and changes with the Moon.