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Ocean of Violets in Bloom ~ Pisces Moon of Lost Souls

3rd Quarter Pisces “Moon of Lost Souls” at 22 degrees at June 12, 2020, at 11:23 PM PST/12:23 AM MST/1:23 AM CST/2:23 AM EST – 06/13/20

This week the Moon and Sun form a waning 3rd Quarter square and bring the Gemini lunar cycle to completion. The Moon finds her home in Pisces this week, while the Sun moves through the last degrees of Gemini. These signs are Mutable and move through the Air and Water elements. The 3rd Quarter Pisces Moon is known as the “Moon of Lost Souls”. As we witness the world’s events unfold, many people are feeling lost in the cosmic sea’s ocean of emotions.

The Moon conjuncts Mars and Neptune at 20 degrees Pisces. About every two years, Mars supercharges the energy of Neptune to get our Souls in motion. This year, Mars is helping to reignite your perceptions of collective unity. That sounds like a far Doves cry with the current collective climate. It’s fascinating how the Omega symbol describes our current landscape “In a cold, harsh climate, a woman uses magic to create a lush garden.” At this level, Mars and Neptune want you to create your own environment that best suits what your Soul desires to accomplish now. At the Soul level for all human beings, this desire transforms into peace. The forces of nature on Earth are eternal. The season of spring to summer has gone on longer than anyone can remember. Call upon the forces of nature to assist you in creating your peaceful environment. You only need to ask for their help. Watch for spiritual bypassing by isolating yourself and drifting off into another dream world. Instead, make your dream world a reality and invite others into your lush, magical garden.

The Sun forms a YOD to the Pluto-Jupiter-Saturn retrograde conjunction to unravel the past from a spiritual perspective. This alignment activates latent light codes in your DNA helping your Soul come more online. Patience is key to help you realize that letting go of an old way of being, allows a rebirth of the new. The dissonance comes from the old energies of the past not being cleared. What happens is the old energies limit and oppress. This is a process of dying to the old and may take several rounds to complete it. During this summer of retrogrades, you will have many moments to implement this power – let the old die away and allow the new to begin. And make sure the “new way” springs forth from the fountains of unconditional Love.

This week, Mercury goes into retrograde from June 17 to July 12, 2020. This retrograde season takes you from 21 to 5 degrees Cancer. Mercury’s journey is about your longing for transcendent happiness. This happiness is found in your Soul as it opens to great dreams. Your work is to align with your Soul’s instinctual dedication to evolve your true Self to new forms of life. Symbiosis is deep unconscious cooperation between different levels of existence, the “animal” level producing lives for the sake of the “human.”


Shannon’s Energetic Breakdown: 3rd Quarter Moon

Third Quarter Moon embraces the powers of letting go, releasing, and forgiveness. This lunar stage focuses on your external wounds. Draw yourself inward with the Moon to explore who may have hurt, offended, diminished, or neglected you. Ask yourself where you may have done this to another. Taking an honest look at yourself gives you your power back.

This week the Moon helps you empty your ego. Take this time to reflect upon your experiences since May 22, 2020. Here the overview:

“Moon of Lost Souls”:  Finding Home

The 3rd Quarter Moon in Pisces is called the “Moon of Lost Souls”. The waning Pisces Moon mirrors all the moments you have helped, given all you got and bled yourself dry to support others. Has this ever felt like enough? The suffering nature of the 3D emotions keeps the “Victim-Perpetrator” reality going. The Pisces Moon vibration helps you to see the light at the end of the tunnel so you can be the light that others seek. Be supported by others who have already made a quantum jump into living a life of Joy. Look to those who operate through compassion, empathy, kindness, and live in alignment with Unconditional Love. Connect with who you admire and allow them to be your beacons of Light to rest and recover in. As you gift yourself this time, you can support and help others do the same. *This is an excellent week to practice Reiki, receive Reiki, offer Reiki and become a Reiki Practitioner!

28th Lunar Mansion: Deep Sleep

The 28th Lunar Mansion opens up the primordial channels of divine love and beauty. Guarded by Venus, the 3rd decan Pisces Moon opens your Soul to the infinity of endings and beginnings. Like the Tao, the 28th Lunar Mansion is a place of attainment, a heavenly place where your immortal Self resides in the heart of all Creation. This lovely space helps you receive all that you have worked hard for throughout many lifetimes. It’s a place for you to experience the total release of expectations. What cycles are being completed now in your life? What needs to be harvested so you can make space for what desires to come next? There are seeds within you that wish to grow and come to life. Sleep deep, dream fully, and cleanse yourself with the Waters of The Tao. Recharge your batteries and feel your intuitive Soul Self rise with the fresh energy and glory of a new day coming on Summer Solstice June 20th ~ “Day of Litha”.


Moon at 22 degrees Pisces: 
“At a seance, the room fills with the scent of roses and a consoling woman’s voice.”

The Pisces Moon shows you that Love and hope are always here ready to be connected with. Together they are in a latent state ready to be accessed. Turn your attention towards Love and Hope this week. Reflect upon the understanding that everything you think and imagine comes to a life of its own. Why? You are a creator and your mind creates. Be deeply aware of this truth and sense the aliveness as it grows in your understanding. Know there is a vast harmony that exists within everything and this awareness becomes your key to abundant wealth. You are always in the midst of prosperity, all you need do is see it and work with it.

Look at what you refuse to confront in your everyday life. Whatever this is, it will become a part of you until it is recognized and dealt with. It has a message for you that you haven’t yet received. To receive this message, approach your life with the attitude that everything is working in your favor and has something to teach you. You are eternally blessed. Blockages are really parts of yourself that have not been integrated. Blockages are not “enemies” but rather teachers who give you back your power.

Find a gentle focus to take you beyond the current worldly conditions. This gentle place becomes a place of power for you. Let go of what seems outwardly important. Go deeper and let greater importance take its place. Use your favorite essential oils to awaken your sensitivity to unseen realms. The Moon of Lost Souls wants you to meet up with your karma and learn to give it the love it needs to help you release your attachment to it.

Sun at 22 degrees Gemini: 
“A light pink flame flickering atop an ancient oak tree.”

The Gemini Sun shines a light on the realization that love is an ultimate source of power. Allow gentleness to manifest steadily through you. Remember you are experiencing many energies in the world at one time. Your task is to discern which experience you need most to focus on. Finding what lifts you up. This releases you from feeling controlled by outside forces. Feel what it is you need and be willing to fearlessly move towards that. It’s the greatest act of self-love!

Nature is always ready to help you evolve. The trees protect you and your journey takes you from one experience to another. Tune inward to inquire what parts of you need healing and empowerment. Find your way forward by listening to what the spirits in Nature are offering you. The Elemental Kingdom is here to work with you at the subliminal level. A patient and clear understanding will lead to the enhancement of your experiences this week.



Two Angels of the 72 Names of God appear this week to help humanity. The Sun welcomes Laviel, who helps you bond with your loved ones. Laviel also helps you understand the nature of your adversarial relationships. Connect with Laviel to see genuine friendship in your life and understand why you fear perceived “enemies”. Those enemies might fear you, too. The Moon welcomes Damebiel, the Angel who helps you experience the pleasure of success. Damebiel helps you understand that when you strive for success, you can attach yourself to struggle, too. Damebiel’s message is: success comes at the moment that you enjoy your work. True wealth appears when the act of creating and working becomes more important than the reward for doing it. Immerse yourself in this sense of gratitude for the success that you already enjoy. This shall bring you more success than you can imagine!

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