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Nurture Yourself from Deep Within: Cancer New Moon

The Moon is in her home sign now as the New Moon in Cancer begins this lunar cycle of deep, motherly nourishment of your core, true Self. The New Moon happens on June 23, 2017 at 7:30 PM PST/10:30 PM EST at 2 degrees Cancer. The New Moon arrives after sacred Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) which heralds a major turning in the Sacred Wheel. This New Moon is extra powerful for initiating new beginnings that honor our deepest needs and true selves.

The New Moon phase is when the Sun and the Moon are at the exact same degree in the skies. This New Moon is a Super Moon because it is in its “perigee” state – the closest to the Earth as it orbits on its elliptic. When the Moon is in perigee, its closeness intensifies its vibratory effect on you. Since the Moon is in her home sign of Cancer and rules your feelings, you will feel this one more than normal!

But don’t worry!

This lunar cycle begins with such a supportive, nurturing matrix of harmoniously aligned planets. Thank the Goddess! Cancer is the Cardinal or “leader” of the Water Element in the Zodiac. Water is our primordial source of Life. Water represents emotions, feelings, consciousness, memories, mirroring and flow. This lunar cycle will be nourishing you at this primordial watery, cellular level. Our collective Matrix will receive a healing as we each dive into our primal waters.

Nurture is your Nature!

Life begins in the wombs of our mothers. Our mothers’ bodies swelled with amniotic waters to nourish, protect and create our beings into existence in the material world. Wow! This Super New Moon in Cancer is extremely fertile. The matrix field around this energy grows luscious riverbanks filled with flowers, ferns, trees and Life!

Mercury joins in the party offering his quick wit, humor, social joys and the gift of a refreshed, rebirthed mind. Mercury has transitioned into the sign of Cancer and whispers calming thoughts, nurturing ideas and fun ways to take care of yourself. Make your favorite foods. Get a massage. Watch a romantic comedy or funny movie. Hang out with your family throughout this lunar cycle and you will feel so deeply loved by your life and the Moon’s flowing maternal grace.

Mother’s Daughter’s Moon:

The Cancer New Moon carries the energy of the Daughter. If you have experienced a difficult mother-daughter relationship, this Moon wants to help heal those childhood wounds. If you have a wonderful relationship with your Mother, this Moon wants to nurture that even more. Mercury encourages you to talk about how you feel and this energetically harmonic level of communication is designed now to heal old, sometimes inherited, family dysfunctional patterns. So take advantage of the moment and tune in.

The Takeaway:

This is a nurturing time to begin a new way of living your life feeling nourished and feeling taken care of. Take time to feel your primordial essence by tuning into your emotions. Allow yourself to feel mothered. Heal old childhood wounds. Seek support from your maternal friends, family, and groups. Immerse yourself in the element of Water to soothe your emotions and calm your mind. Try these wonderful at-home self-care practices to support your Cancer New Moon experience.

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