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Nurture Inner Child Sadness & FREE your Inner Unicorn: 1st Quarter Cancer

1st Quarter Cancer “Weeping Moon” at 22 degrees on April 12, 2019 at 12:05 PM PST/3:05 PM EST/8:05 PM UK
“Week of ACTION!”


Keep tuning into last week’s Aries New Moon’s alchemy by continuing to align with the mantra “My one true heart’s desire to love and be loved.” Why? Because this week, the 1st Quarter Cancer “Weeping Moon” is pushing you through old, childhood sadness and despair. In order to utilize the power of Alchemy, you have to fully embody the power of Divine Love. The Moon and Sun are teaching you that you have to release all parts of you that feel abandoned and alone. These old parts of you, if not healed, create an environment inside yourself that is prone to I.C.S.S. – “Inner Child Sadness Syndrome”.

This week the Moon, Sun, South Node and Pallas Athena all come together to gift you a powerful creation cycle week to help you move through obstacles that block your fierce and powerful potential. Their proclamation is: “Be focused on your instincts and tune into what needs to be cleared today to make way for a brighter tomorrow.” Realize what endeavors and/or involvements are no longer serving your highest good. As you do away with that, you make way for more nourishing energies to flow into your life.  Your Inner Unicorn comes back to life as you heal old childhood sadness!


If there ever was a time to free your Inner Unicorn, the time is NOW! Your Inner Unicorn is your Divine Universal Self who is energetically explained in your Natal Astrology chart. Start with your Natal Chart to find your True Self. But wait! You might get your Natal chart and not know how to read it, let alone understand it! Many of us encounter this ~ so don’t feel bad! This means that the Lunar Ladies Club experience is right for you. In the Club, you are expertly guided and taught how to understand your chart and put your Soul Purpose into ACTION in your daily life. How? The Moon is the best Mama Guide because She quickly travels around your chart every lunar cycle. Join us in the Inner Circle to liberate your Inner Unicorn! Why? Keep reading!

The Moon-Sun-South Node’s collective vibration awakens Pallas Athena and Part of Fortune to unleash “YOUR SUCCESS ENERGY” in Libra’s harmonic balance power. Pallas Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, appears in the form of: “In a lush, dark forest a Unicorn prances.” Athena’s wisdom comes to awaken the PURE MAGIC that lives in the hidden realms of your True Self. Your understanding of truth and harmony is purified by the wonder of your Universal Self, your Inner Unicorn. Although you may not be aware of the source of your eternal, mystical energy, your only action now is to let your true, wonderful Self be FREE! That is what the Lunar Ladies Club Experience will do for you!

Let’s take a look at this POWER Week!



1st Quarter Waxing Moon Dynamics:

Challenges ~ Decisions ~ Action

First Quarter Moon energetics are about busting through challenges, make clear and powerful decisions and take ACTION! Adversity becomes your friend to break through obstacles, barriers and blocks. The waxing Cancer Moon forms a square, or 90 degree angle, to the Aries 3rd decan Sun. This waxing square builds universal Qi to increase your power. This force field is designed to help you breakthrough old subconscious patterns that are destructive, rather than creative, in nature. The First Quarter Moon’s lunar energy is in Cardinal signs – the power of creation is what moves this Universal Qi energy through your life. In the Lunar Ladies Club, we align with this, using the following power mantra: “I Feel WATER + FIRE to create POWER to move through my obstacles this week!”

The Weeping Moon:  1st Quarter Cancer Moon

The Moon represents the energy of Mother and She is sailing through Her home sign of Cancer this week. The 1st Quarter Cancer Moon is known as “The Weeping Moon”. What could possibly make the Moon weep? Her child (Sun in Aries) feeling the pain of abandonment as the Orphaned Child — no home, no place and no maternal energy. Ask yourself, “Where was I emotionally abandoned as a child?” This week, the Moon wants you to heal your Inner Child/Inner Unicorn. Watch out for self-pity as you are challenged to leave the safe haven of past childhood sadness to move through blocks and barriers towards your happiness. Remember your precious Little Girl and have compassion for what she has endured. Go back in time and show her how you made it to the other side and hug her to let her know “this too shall pass and all will be well”. **Check out Lunar Ladies’ Pinterest board:  Moonbeams & Sweet Dreams

9TH Lunar Mansion:  “The Pitcher”

Guarded by Pluto and Neptune, the 3rd decan Cancer Moon moves into the 9th Lunar Mansion this week. The 9th Lunar mansion offers healing to the Healers. From a Pitcher, the Moon pours rich maternal waters to help you learn how to love yourself completely. You are being called to LOVE so that you can be in Service to Others to fulfill your mission on Earth.

The traditional image of the 9th Lunar Mansion is one who covers their eyes. How many times do you shield your eyes to the suffering and pain of others? We do this because we fear our own pain. Do not avoid dealing with others to avoid looking at your own self undoing. This lunar mansion says watch out for avoiding pain and hoping that disasters will pass. Instead, perceive why pain is happening. It is okay to be uncomfortable. There is healing, purity and love that comes when difficult situations arise and pass. Always ask, “What is this trying to help me with?” Remember, Pluto guards this mansion and comes this week with powerful energy to help you move through painful memories to be redeemed.


Moon vs. Sun

: — : MOON : — :

The 1st Quarter Cancer Moon wants you moving through your blocks by connecting with the knowledge stored in your most favorite books. Were you a child that escaped into the fantastical stories of books? Remember your favorite childhood books and stories this week as the Moon is honoring your process and helping you move through barriers. Take stock of what books are on your bookshelves now. What books are your favorite? Which ones are ear-marked, highlighted and written in? The Sabian Symbol is “The Meeting of a Literary Society”. Let’s see what that means!

Poets, novelists and artists create works of art and in their sensitive gifted way, they connect to the physical world. Their contributions mirror, influence, and guide the development of culture. Artists are reflectors and projectors of unconscious thoughts and emotions. Take this week to have both an objective mind and be an emotional participant in your everyday world. Make real what is important to you — this is how your contribute to Life. During this week, the planets are opening portals for Poets and composers receive new works of arts when they attune to the spirits of dead composers and artists. Who are your favorite composer, artists and musicians that you can say “Hello” to in spirit? Try it and see what happens!!

Saturn and Pluto sandwich the South Node forming an octave to this healing Moon:  Saturn tells you that If you keep moving forward, guiding forces will reach out to assist you. Confront your shadow self to understand yourself. Saturn, as your Inner Teacher, is helping you reach your destiny. The South Node warns against wasting time. Realize that each moment holds possibilities, promises and something of value to give to you. Tune into how the outer reality is an illusion and become consciously aware of the power of your psychic ability. Align with your deep desire to be in communion with the web that unite us all as Pluto extends his great power of Redemption. Be willing to go with what works, to suspend judgment, and to try new ways of doing things. This is your time to have powerful faith that there is so much more to this world than what appears to be.


: — : SUN : — :

The Aries Sun appears as “A Painting with countless layers of paint.” showing you to keep processing a situation until you have found a way to resolve it. Be open to change and realize how nothing is set in stone. Everything is in a growth period and knowing this is your strength this week. The Sun asks you to be brave and try something unknown (just like Pluto!). Just as the painter applies layer after layer of paint, experiment to see what can happen when you try something new. You may be surprised by the wondrous places you will discover.


The Sun gets “T-Boned” by the 1st Quarter Moon and the Lunar Nodes of Destiny. The Sun who sits with the Goddess of Discord, Eris, gifts you the power of DISSONANCE! Dissonance is the power that breaks up conditioned programming and negative patterning in your energetic Matrix. The Sun-Eris alignment turns up the volume on your perception of the negativity and discord in the world. You are being called to expose negative programming wherever you see it. You can now realize and see how negative programming gets weakened by the light of your KNOWledge. Be sincere in your heart as you expose negativity, because the vibration of LOVE makes you immune to the negative power of the discord you are trying to break apart!

Mars, ruler of the Aries sunshine, offers you this idea:  “When you don’t have what you need, you can always make more of what you need.” Your willpower is a spiritual gift given to you by Source. This gift can recreate physical matter into new forms moment to moment. Remember that you are extremely resourced. As you come into a more awakened state, you can help others to see that they, too, can create whatever they want and need. Mars empowers you with the understanding that this week – all it takes is to be connected to Source.


~ : Ooo La La! : ~

Juicy WATER Trine:  Moon & Venus


1st Quarter Moon and the North Node in Cancer align to form a beautiful trine to Venus, Neptune and Mercury in water Pisces. Venus, exalted as the Queen of the Cosmos, appears as:  “In a cold, harsh climate, a woman uses magic to create a lush garden.” Venus is assisting you to create a lush, fertile garden of your dreams. She reminds you that the forces of Nature are eternal and always there when called upon. The Elementals, if acknowledged and honored, are always willing to assist you. Simply connect with them and ask for their help. Venus and the Elementals want you to create your dreamworld so you can invite others to join you and PLAY!

The 1st Quarter Moon and North Node send a lightning bolt YOD to Jupiter, newly on his retrograde path. As the Aries New Moon came into birthing your intentions last week, you are reminded to let go of frustration because that energy just produces more of itself. Instead, adopt an attitude of appreciation because what you appreciate magnetizes! Choose to go through your experiences for the sake of learning what it has to teach you. Allow this power to instantaneously bring you to a much higher state of Joy! Feel your feelings and CHOOSE the higher road that will take you to your FREEDOM, Lady Unicorn!

Mercury reflects upon your ancient past and takes you to “On top of a high hill, a circle of standing stones.” His message repeats from March 12th, 2019 week. He reminds you when you release the energy of striving, you give way to receptivity. Receptivity is effortless and uplifts the heaviest of frequencies. Mercury says, “Embrace your lightness of being, bless Mother Earth and invite the Elementals to play!”

Mars, ruler of Aries, helps the Sun and Eris to help you. As Mars travels through your Gemini-infused mental Astral body, he reminds you “Your word is your wand,” says Randina Marie in her Rise of the Sacred Feminine Course. Your words have the power to sprout golden leaves. Renew the strength and purpose of your will to clear away the darkness that blocks your true power. YES!

Wrappin’ this Week Up:

The Universe is giving you the Qi and the courage to reach out and reconnect with the world again. This time, you will reach out as a liberated Unicorn instead of a broken down, sad child. The 1st Quarter Cancer Moon embodies your most watery feelings and has a tenacity to hang onto sorrow. Practice letting go of childhood sadness this week. As you let go, you have more energy to look at clearing family dysfunctions and ancestral lineage dysfunctional patterns. Release any pictures of the ideal family perfection. Open your heart to self-nurturing and take care of yourself to help you moving forward this week.

Lastly, recognize the simplicity of your needs and learn how to fulfill them. Life is meant to be both refreshing and fulfilling. Your true nature does not care for the energy of competition, nor the discordance of modern day, fast-paced living. Spend time in Nature and come into a place of simplicity. Be fed and nurtured to detoxify emotional despair. See how beautiful your life really is. The darkness of your old shadows have a kind of magic that holds the insights of what you need to relax and rejuvenate. Jump in full force to allow yourself the gift of setting yourself FREE!

~ : Om Shanti Om! : ~

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