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Mercury in Retrograde

New Podcast: WTF?!! Mercury in Retrograde?

Today we have the Mercury Retrograde 5D Cosmic download on the show! Shannon is opening your Higher Mind and answering a listener question during this episode.

Listen Now:

Cosmic 5D Downloads:

WTF Cosmic Downloads for the first of three Mercury Retrograde happening at 12 degrees Pisces to 28 degrees Aquarius. The timeline for the Retrograde journey is February 16 through March 9th. But you will get the bigger picture when you also include the pre and post shadow zone periods, too.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury retrograde is a time of slowing down, reflection and review. It’s about giving yourself lots of time to make room for obstacles, errors, and blockages.

Happens 3-4 times per year:

  • Mercury retrogrades about 3 times a year with each cycle lasting about 3 weeks. 
  • There is a pre-Shadow and post-shadow zone too that can be tracked by the degree shift of each Mercury Retrograde journey.
  • Pre-Shadow:  February 2nd
  • Post Shadow:  March 30th
  • This is a lot longer than 3 weeks!

Retrogrades are about reviewing and slowing down:

  • Retrograde means to “step back” and this happens when planets slow down their speed to make an elliptical turn around the Sun. 
  • As they slow down, they appear to be moving backward – which is an optical illusion.
  • What is really happening is Mercury slows everything down and the other planets travel at regular speed. 
  • Mercury is a Trickster and will definitely play tricks on you if you don’t align with his energy to slow down, double check and think before you speak.

Mercury rules the mind, transportation, communication, electronics at a lower 3D level, networking, words, everyday behaviors, siblings:

  • Mercury rules the signs of Gemini (The Twin Thinkers) and Virgo (The Master Analyzer). 
  • Both signs are mental signs having to do with the way you think and process information. 

How to align with Mercury Retrograde:

  • If you are like me, you were born under a Mercury Retrograde – I love it! It’s a time for me when life feels normal.
  • Find where the current cycle of Mercury Retrograde is happening in your Natal chart. This will personalize this collective experience and you will get the most out of this sacred time of the year.

This Mercury RX topic is about the power of Influencers

Mercury doesn’t mess around in his Pisces journey. This is the realm of the Unconscious. The Mercury degree is marked at “12” – the sign of the Healer. Over the next 3 weeks, we are dealing with where to focus and how much to take in. 

Be aware that all limitations in your life are ultimately illusions. Be opened to allow in the cosmic perspective that is always seeking entry from your Higher Self. When you are ready to explore deeper, the doors will appear and open.

The journey ends with the energy of the wise woman who through her magic expresses the mysteries of the universe. In the gentle, protected sanctuary of your Higher Self, let yourself be renewed by inspiration of the ripeness and fullness of nature. Attune to the ancient feminine wisdom within and allow it to reunite you with your intimate connection with the elemental kingdoms that nourish are here to nourish you

This Mercury Retrograde February/March 2020 Retrograde is about getting to the bottom of what lies unconsciously underneath things – especially those things that addict you. Draw you in. You are going to be reviewing your desires, wants and “I can’t stop thinking about ___.”

I have been getting so tuned into the concept of “Third Party Agreements”. You know when we just click “I Agree” without reading all of the fine print? What is filtered into that behavior is hiding energetic agreements that if you knew they were there, you would say WTF!

Listener Question:

This Listener Question comes from a member of the  Lunar Ladies Lifestyle FaceBook public group:

“Dear Shannon, Oh no it’s Mercury RX again?!! Uggh what can I do to not be totally sabotaged?!” Love, J.K.

Thank you J.K. This is an excellent question that I am sure will benefit many listeners, too. I really love how Mercury Retrograde has become part of our mainstream conversation these days. The best thing you can do to not feel sabotaged is to slow way down. Really give yourself a 3 week type of vacation from the normal rushing around. Take time out and schedule in time where you can just be free. Mercury rules the mind, so this is a time for Reflection and Review. Make time to play. What is it you like to do? How can you treat your inner child to something fun? In this space, you will get connected to more powerful parts of you. Enjoy our Mercury Retrograde Guide.

Get your natal chart and see where this current Mercury Retrograde is happening in your chart. This fine tunes your experience and keeps you present in the Now. You get the gift of at least 3 Mercury Retrograde cycles to review and reflect what your Soul would like to work on. This is a great time to work with your Guides and mystical helpers to go deeper into your sacred self. I love Mercury Retrograde – it is so relaxing! I feel like I get to go to the Soul Spa for three weeks!

Get curious. Where is this 12 degree Pisces to 28 degrees Aquarius energy happening in your personal blueprint – your natal chart? For me, it is crossing my Midheaven into my 9th House. This means that I am reviewing and reinvigorating my calling, my career and how these are playing out in my spiritual big picture of my Path this lifetime. I’m super stoked about that! Find out where it is happening for you!

Mercury is a God of Alchemy and his secret to accessing this power is to be present. That is why meditation and utilizing the power of your breath creates magic in your life. 

If someone is having an anxiety attack, what do they say? Breathe. Take deep breaths. This simple act of slowing down your breathing shifts your energy fields and helps you find your center. 

Invite the Mercury closer into your life for he is the God of Soul Retrievals. In Pisces, Mercury is contacting your Soul vibration to shift your future tomorrow. What changes can you make especially around how you may self-sabotage yourself? Take this time when the solar system is slowing down to get really clear on what that is. Be curious from a place of confidence and self-love. Utilize your friends in high frequency places to turn an ordinary Mercury RX experience into something quite extraordinary!

If you would like to send a Listener Question to be read on a future podcast, send an email to hello [at] with “Listener Question” in the subject line. Remember there are no wrong questions, send to me what is on your mind and what the frequency you would like to know.

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