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Solar Eclipse in Sacred Virgo

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sacred Virgo 9/1/16!

Welcome to the next lunar cycle in the frequency of Virgo happening at 2:04 AM PST on 09/01/2016! This New Moon cycle initiates us fully into the Eclipse season, Mercury Retrograde and the final squaring of Saturn and Neptune. Eclipses carry the energy of “endings and beginnings”. Think of a sliding door closing one chapter and opening up to a new one. Or a sliding door closing a timeline and beginning a new timeline. The New Moon gives you the opportunity to choose and decide which timeline or chapter is closing and which one is beginning.

We might be tempted to ask ourselves “What do I want?” in this New Moon lunar cycle/Solar Eclipse. But this very sacred and specialized lunar cycle/eclipse is taking us much deeper into our Souls and asking us instead, “What does Life want from me?” That question will give you much higher frequency answers!

The energy of Virgo is in deep harmony with its partner Pisces, its opposite. Virgo governs the 6th House of Service to Others and Health and well-being. Pisces deepens this part of our lives and expands us into the 12th House – where are Consciousness resides in the Great Mystery or Void. It is in these two realms that we find our deeper truth of how Virgo and Pisces shows up in our lives and in our souls.

The Virgo energy of the New Moon, Sun and Mercury paired with Jupiter says we need softness around our fears and a ray of Hope is shed when we stick to positive thinking. We need to focus on being of service and helping those in need. And to do that, we need to serve ourselves first with practical health routines:  whole foods, rest, water and exercise. The Virgo motto is “Cleanliness [of body, mind and Soul] is next to Godliness.” It’s time to clean up our acts so we can create a better, safer and kinder world.

This New Moon is matched with a Solar Eclipse which doubles the intensity of starting something new. What makes this energetic tidal wave even more interesting is that it triggers a T-Square with Neptune in Pisces (Retrograde) that ignites the fire of Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius. How this energy plays out in our world currently is that the Solar Eclipse shines light or darkness on the fear mongering and depression that the media and certain politicians are amplifying in our world today. When Saturn and Mars team up (within 10 degrees of each other), they intensify their shadows – anger, rage, restrictions and limitations. In an unconscious world, this energy can ignite violence and fear. But the Solar Eclipse is here to shut that chapter down.

Virgo and Saturn like hard work and discipline. But in their higher versions, hard work and discipline turn into beauty and devotion. Look at your Natal Chart to see which houses are ruled by Virgo and Sagittarius. Knowing this will redefine where you can create beauty (Moon, Sun, North Node, Mercury, Jupiter in Virgo) and where to focus your attention to open up to devotion (Saturn in Sagittarius).

Mercury going into Retrograde or slow-motion happened August 30th. Mercury Retrograde is a time to finish up old projects and “To-Do’s”, slow way down, think we before you speak, respond instead of react, and make sure your computer is backed up (Mercury Retrograde is notorious for electronic snafus). Review what has happened in your life and what needs finishing since the last Mercury Retrograde on May 22, 2016. This is where you start to purposefully align with this luscious energy and make the best use of this vibration in your life. Here are tips from Astrolore:


1) Don’t be afraid, worried, or concerned; Mercury Retrograde is NOT a problem. Of course, that is easier said than done with so many folks spreading negativity about Mercury retrograde! As you work with these cycles, you will come to love these brief periods scattered throughout the year. They are a gift; learn to use them well. Spread the word!

2) Make sure your computer is backed up, your car is caught up on all necessary repairs, and that your friends and family know you love them. With those things taken care of in advance, there is so much less to worry about.  Things like to break down during Mercury retrograde but if you are proactive there will be nothing insurmountable.

3) Get a notebook and a pen – make a list of everything you have begun but not completed since May 22, 2016.

4) Now get to work! Focus your attention on the items on this list.

5) Don’t be tempted to start new projects, begin new commitments, new relationships, or new jobs.


In summary, the beginning of September is a powerful one. It’s the time for endings and new beginnings. A Solar Eclipse momentarily blocks the flow of the Sun’s energy enacting a rebooting of our consciousness. This New Moon and Solar Eclipse triggers the square between Saturn and Neptune, making it especially powerful.
Here is your AUMwork questions: 

  1. How can you, in your small or large way, make a difference and serve the Greater Good of all Life?
  2. What are you ready to let go of in order to move in a new direction in your life? Go inward and ask what is ready to move on from your life at this time.
  3. What no longer supports your path forward? What is holding you back?

This Virgo New Moon and Solar Eclipse offers us each the opportunity to step forth onto a new path of greater significance, a path of service.You may feel restless; however, try to allow that contemplation to rest easily within the quiet of your heart and mind. On Thursday, you will begin a fresh step forward. The process of release begins internally now as Mercury Retrograde reviews your Soul service to Life.

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