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Shall We Dance? New Moon in Gemini Reveals Higher Truths

Welcome to a new lunation filled with curiosity, communication and connection, all fueled by the Gemini Dance of Duality!

The New Moon in Gemini is a SuperMoon (Moon is at Her closest approach to Earth) and happens June 13, 2018 at 12:43 PM PST/3:43 PM EST. The Moon and Sun align at 22 degrees Gemini, carrying a twist of Aquarius, “future,” brotherly/sisterly love energy (3rd Decan). Venus turns into Leo soon after the Moon is born and adds Her fiery warmth of joy to your new experiences moving forward. But wait! Neptune, Mars and Chiron all go into retrograde motion this cycle, and Jupiter comes as the final act, going direct on July 10th.

So much to see, feel and know! Are you ready to get started?

Little Brother, Little Sister Moon

Gemini governs the identity of the dual minds represented by The Twins. Now you have the opportunity to learn about Duality and the power of a focused mind. New Moon in Gemini is called “Little Brother’s Moon”. The Moon invites you to bring forth the energy of your siblings and your curious mind. The New Moon begins the week as “Little Brother” and then catches up to his twin “Little Sister” when the Moon goes into Her crescent lunar phase. The vibration of the Moon, traveling as newly born in Gemini, is quick, clever, and playful, but, also, scattered and distracted. Just imagine the energy of a 4-year-old little boy: Crash! Bang! Boom! This lunar energy builds “Little Brother’s” fascinating ideas and then knocks them down just for the fun of it.

Gemini New Moon is so into Her ideas because there are 1,000’s of them! As the Moon grows into the Crescent “Cheshire Cat” phase, these ideas begin to take form. The Masculine matures into the refinement of the Feminine where “Little Sister” takes over and begins to play more gently than her sibling. “Little Sister” builds upon your ideas and creates story and context which have more emotion.

This lunar week is a great time to tune into your childlike Mind-of-Innocence and to play with ideas. Pull out your Natal Chart and find your Gemini-ruled House. Feel into yourself by becoming aware of what attracts you. Gravitate towards your “Yes’s” and see what story they tell about You!

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Opening your Divine Mind with Sabian Symbol Secrets

The Moon and Sun come into perfect alignment to open your next new cycle of creation. The secret to tapping into your reservoir of Power is to use imagery and archetype. This is how you access your Right Brain to open your Divine Mind. The Sabian Symbols are channeled images for every degree in the Zodiac (that’s 360 images!). The Sabian Symbols have propelled my personal growth by leaps and bounds. And that is why I am a full-fledged believer in their power! Let’s take a look at the Moon and Sun’s Sabian Symbols for this lunation, shall we?

Moon and Sun at 22 degrees Gemini:  “THREE FLEDGLINGS IN A NEST HIGH IN A TREE.” 

KEYNOTE: The growth of spiritually creative processes in an, at least relatively, integrated mind. Birds have a special place in world religions. They often symbolize spiritual forces, as well as the higher frequency of the mind. This image of “high in a tree” is about the “upper chamber” of consciousness where the creative power of the spirit can be received. Gemini at this degree helps Human consciousness integrate into a three-fold Divine Trinity (Love/Wisdom/Power.) This development opens a doorway to a more natural understanding of human existence. Unconscious Collective desires can be transmuted through understanding natural drives and attuned to the rhythms of Nature. You are invited to open up to your CREATIVE INTEGRATION.

Tune into this image of “high in a tree” by drawing it, finding it in Nature, or gazing up at it in Google Images. Spend time observing and studying what you feel when you merge with this concept. Creative Integration is the secret code that unlocks your New Moon in Gemini experience!

Dance Party: Planets in the Groove

The Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto, Lilith, Saturn, Lunar Nodes, Uranus, Mars and Goddess Asteroids have all been invited to the ultimate dance party this lunar cycle. Check out this playlist of vibrational music the planets are playing. Make your own playlist this month of what the planets are inspiring within you and, then, Dance!

1ST SONG:  The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, and Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Both Mercury (our intelligence and communication) and Venus (our love and values) are sailing through the safe harbors of the watery Womb space of Cancer. These two planetary allies play a role in your journey this cycle. Mercury opens the portal at 2 degrees and Venus closes with karmic destiny at 29 degrees. Soon after, Venus leaves her water home to fall in love with her creativity and self-expressions of love and romance in Leo. The portal here is about “A Testing of Wills” that leads the mind towards the spiritual North Pole of the Soul. Venus brings in a “Glorification of the Past” when we spend too much time glorifying traditions. Traditions hold form as a way to organize and stabilize a culture or society, and Cancer’s deep connection to the past sometimes does not allow future ideas to take hold. Become aware of your traditions and how they keep you tied to the past. Are these traditions in alignment with the Divine Will of your Soul? Tune in and see what needs to be disconnected so a brighter future, based on the personal values of your Soul, can shine through.

2ND SONG:  The Moon-Sun kiss ignites a YOD lightning bolt to Pluto (Retrograde 20) and Lilith (24) in Capricorn. This high-frequency energy must be stabilized by making a spiritual connection to it. Pluto karmically brings in the power of dynamic interchange to transform outdated institutional paradigms. Lilith, the wild Primordial Goddess, brings in the beauty of cultural structures of art, music, language and spirituality. As the Cosmic Dance weaves a new culture, how will you be adding to it?

3RD SONG:  A container is created for Soul Expansion as the North Node in Leo attracts Saturn (Retrograde) in Capricorn at the magical number “6” degrees. Tune into the spiritual energy of “Permanence” and ground in your bones the revelation of your personal Truth. This will help soften the blow of a T-square from Saturn and Mercury (Mind and ruler of this lunation) to Chiron in Aries (Wounded Spiritual Warrior) at 2 degrees. As you step into this sacred container, you will experience the joy derived from the sustaining power of the Collective Soul.

4TH SONG:  A T-square is created by the North Node (6 degrees), South Node (6 degrees) and Mars (8 degrees) to Uranus at 1 degree Taurus. This “Electrical Storm” energy is your focus. Keep in mind the power of the transpersonal planets: Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Uranus in Taurus changed a degree on 06/05/18 and will change to the next degree on 07/01/18. This window is about “Cosmic-Transformation Power” and heralds REVELATION! To assimilate this song, ground and chant your sacred sounds and/or prayers. My go-to is “AaaUuuMmmm…”

5TH SONG:  A 3-pointed crown is created with the Moon/Sun, Juno (Divine Union) with Eris (Warrior Woman) in Aries, Ceres (Divine Nurturing) in Leo and Venus moving into Leo. Bring in your divine partnership and sacred union with your “I AM” to nurture your bliss and express your heart this month. As you do, you create a Goddess Crown to sit upon your mental body. This Goddess Crown will inspire, heal and focus your mind towards your royal greatness and Grace.

Power Puzzle Piece: Meditation

Great minds think alike. Here is a powerful meditation to do during this lunar cycle. Gemini is the Twins and here at 22 degrees, feels like a double 11. We do amazing things in the Lunar Ladies Club, like learning about your Crystal Palace! Here’s a sample of what we are up to in the Inner Circle ~ Enjoy!

To get more personalized readings, Masterclasses and Goddess support, join us in the Club this month! [Hint: You will be so glad you did!]

Do the Lunar Ladies Crystal Palace 11:11 Meditation throughout this lunar cycle:
Take time this New Moon lunation to meditate towards calming your mind at 11:11 AM and PM.
This will be a monumental gift to yourself!
Gemini also rules the hands, so do this meditation
while holding Mudras, too, for extra power and alignment.

Set your New Moon intentions with Power, Grace, Agility, Connection, Focus and Divine-Mind Energy. Amplify your experience of the Cosmic Dance by aligning your intentions with your Gemini-ruled House in your Natal Chart. Say “Hello” to all these benevolent forces which are here to help you shift, change and grow. Be mindful of that young, masculine mind that creates only to destroy, and refine your power with Love and devotion to the Greater Good… You got this!


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