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New Moon in 28 Aries 4/18/15 & Sun Cycle in Taurus

Welcome to my New Moon vibrational forecast! Twice per month I am giving you the report of what’s happening in the world around you and how best to tune into the frequencies and align yourself with the bigger energies of the Universe.

Today is the New Moon and here is the vibrational forecast for this 2 week cycle:  New Moon and 1st Quarter phases of the the monthly lunar cycle. We’ve been experiencing pretty heavy duty energies beginning with the Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse New Moon on March 20th to the recent Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 4th.

Todays New Moon is at 28 Aries moving us into the last degree of Aries and prepping us for the new Sun cycle of Taurus on April 21. A New Moon phase is the dark moon and is when the energies move into
stillness. It is a time to tap into the quiet still voice of your Soul and ask what most needs to be created in my life right now.

In order to hear your soul, you connect with the silence of your heart and allow your body and mind to come into stillness so they can unite into oneness. Even for just a minute! The New Moon is a time for planting those seeds of intentions. In order for a seed to take root, there must be quiet darkness underground for the seed to begin its process of maturation. This is a great moment in our Earth year because the Sun is moving into Taurus- a very fixed Earthy sign that moves from a place of sensual stillness. Yummm!

Here are the vibrational themes for this New Moon:

  • joining of different ideas to create wisdom and understanding
  • the marrying of 2 concepts to create a great concept
  • seeing things in a different light that joins separate concepts in a search for deeper meaning  and greater understanding

This new moon can help with gentle ways to unite opposite extremes of the recent Solar Eclipse. Pluto – planet of transformation – has just gone Retrograde until Sept. 26th. Retrogrades are a time of reflection. Pluto in Capricorn is asking:

  • reflect on the structures in your life and in your community and the world
  • acknowledge the shadows
  • darkness comes to light
  • gain clarity on what you really want
  • deeper insight and knowing

My Example:
Here is an example of how I look at the lunar cycle and use its great potential to upgrade my life. This New Moon is in my 11th House of Groups and Associations, Friendships. It’s aligned with my Saturn, Vesta and North Node. This cycle for me is about bridging my High Priestess with my soul expansion and becoming more of a leader to ignite a spiritual shift. This energy most ignites when I am with others. Saturn carries lessons and contracts this space saying “overcome your fears of leadership and be fearless in this space and you will grow, grow, Grow!”

My Offer to You:  I really like looking at my chart and tracking the Moon and playing with the energetic opportunities. It’s so fascinating! Would you like to understand yourself and play with the higher frequencies this way? It’s awesome!

  • Each month receive a personalized recording of your lunar cycle
  • Weekly emails to enact each lunar phase
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Add a 30 minute 1:1 call with me and unlimited email with questions for $147/month. As an additional bonus you may sign up for an auto-pay and receive $20 off each month. Exciting right! I just need your birth information:  time, place and date.

What’s next:

  • Take the next 3 days to be quiet and reflect upon what Soul seeds need to be planted. Be still and allow them to take root
  • During the Crescent moon phase starting 4/20 – the seeds begin to awaken and start to feel the growth happening
  • On 4/25 leap into action as the Moon moves into the 1st Quarter in the sign of Leo. Expand and Blossom!
  • On 5/3 get my Full Moon forecast and start celebrating!

To sign up, go to my website: and fill out the request form. Or call 510-846-2148. Make sure you are Signed up for weekly email list, too

Thank you for listening and tapping into the power of the Moon. Share this podcast with friends and women you are perfectly designed to make the Lunar Cycle a very powerful tool! Let’s deepen and empower the Feminine together!

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