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Water Drop

New Moon 11:11 All One in Scorpio!



When we dive deeper into our hidden realms, we meet a larger sense of who we are. We meet The Shaman. This next lunation arrives on a Portal opening of 11/11/15 inviting you to journey into the depths of Scorpio. The New Moon on 11/11/15 at 9:47 AM PST is at 19 degrees Scorpio. This 2nd decan degree adds a hint of Pisces taking us further into the Dreamtime – where The Shaman resides.


The Shaman’s vibration aligns with Life Force ~ the primal Fires of Creation. Here, life and death happen in a cycle of Transformation. The creative Serpent sheds her skin of old beliefs, uncoils her resistance to change and unleashes Kundalini Shakti to rise from the depths of her desires to manifest a powerful change with this New Moon.

Scorpio is a fixed Water sign and we must go into the depths to connect to primal forces within our Universal Self. As you dive deep in Scorpio waters, layers are peeled away, hidden secrets come to the surface and old baggage gets attention. Take this lovely Lunar cycle (Nov. 11 – Dec. 10, 2015) to pay attention to all that is here within your watery self. Take a good look, sit face-to-face and acknowledge what you have been keeping locked up inside. Don’t be afraid … Mercury is here to help you.


Mercury is traveling with the Moon in the sign of Scorpio. Here Mercury becomes the Investigator and perceives hidden truths with clarity and non-judgement. He offers you the opportunity to retrieve lost parts of your Soul in the Underworld and move forward with speed and determination! Set your goals now and move forward in the direction of your dreams! Quicksilver is here!


Because we live in a dualistic reality, be watchful of the shadow of Scorpio energy. The shadow shows up as Jealousy and Judgement. Remember, Scorpio is the deepest of feeling signs. Pay attention to how you really feel. Sit face to face and honor how you feel. Ask what is the truth and great Wisdom and Power will greet you. Scorpio is fearless in the Dark!

As you discover what is here, whisper to the Universe your deep Truth. When you align with what is deep inside, your innermost yearnings, they will begin to show up and manifest on the outside. This is how the Universe orchestrates reality for you, within you and around you. Allow your Phoenix to rise from the ashes and rebirth yourself anew with this lunation!

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