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Neptune Direct! Lightworkers Unite into a Call to Action! Is that YOU?

Neptune Direct! Neptune goes direct at 15 degrees Pisces at 4:32 AM PST/7:32 AM EST on November 27, 2019


Neptune ends his 5-month retrograde sojourn today initiating a “Mystical Rectangle” of alchemy into the Cosmos. Look back to Summer Solstice 2019 when Neptune, modern-day ruler of Pisces, changed directions to pursue a greater Soul awakening within you to reignite your Soul’s Purpose. Now comes the time at the Sagittarius New Moon when Neptune changes directions, once again. This feels like a “Once upon a time…” type storyline.

Let’s begin …

Neptune is the planet of Dreams and Unconscious beliefs. It’s collective in nature and its movement through a sign is about 15 years. Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces, with Jupiter, the ancient ruler.

On June 21, 2019 Neptune left his planetary position of 18 degrees Pisces to travel back in time to 15 degrees. Neptune opened your 3rd Eye to see these encoded visual messages:   “A teacher interrupting his brilliant pupil’s piano playing. Little whirlpools of dust in the twilightAn immense geodesic dome. A drawbridge interrupting traffic. People dressed in a vivid array of colors come together to celebrate spring. Someone helping a distraught woman open to angelic love. A river of ideas and images entering our reality. Someone finding new and meaningful arrangements of numbers.” Take time this lunar New Moon week, to imagine these images. Keep your journal close by to record your thoughts and where these images take you in your imagination. It’s important!

Jupiter & Saturn:  The Path of the Buddha within

In my Sound Healing practice, the vibrations of the movements of Jupiter and Saturn create the energy of the “Buddhist Path”. This means the path of having access to everything (Jupiter) but not attached to any of it (Saturn). There is great joy in this way of higher level living. Jupiter was square dancing with Neptune to help you adapt to new ways of living that are more in harmony with your Soul during the RX journey. Now as Jupiter makes his way into Capricorn for one year, Jupiter will be laying the foundation of those changes and adaptations for your legacy in the 2020s. What has changed within your Soul awareness that has raised your frequency since June 21st?

Remember this: Your will and your faith can be tested when Jupiter squares Neptune. If you are asleep at your wheel of life, then disappointments, frustrations and feeling lost in illusions can creep into your perceptions of reality.  Saturn helps you with a healthy spoonful dose of reality medicine to lower your risk of delusions. Neptune REALLY wants to inspire your enthusiasm to go for your hopes and dreams and MANIFEST them! But first you have to be able to dispel illusions.

Saturn is now at the Capricorn South Node point of 17 degrees when Neptune went retrograde. Saturn is helping you unravel your gifts as a Ligthworker. These gifts will be most prominent and needed in over the next 10 years. Saturn says, “Be willing to work with others for the common good.” Saturn is here as your Inner Yoda to help you be patient and know that it may take time before your gifts will be fully appreciated. Be mindful and tuned in so you will know when to hold back and when to offer your gifts when the time is right.

Tune into the Mystical Reality!

A Mystical Rectangle forms between the Nodal Wave of Destiny in Cancer and Capricorn and Mars and Uranus in opposition. The Sun lends spiritual support to Uranus who is currently retrograde through January 2020. Uranus is the planet of the Great Awakening and normally rules Aquarius ~ your Soul Tribe and ability to think outside the box for creative solutions for the benefit of all humanity. Uranus is in traveling through his beloved Mother Earth Gaia homeland (Taurus). His job is to shake you awake to your symbiotic and beneficial relationship with the Earth as Mother and to HONOR HER 24/7. Mars gifts you “Life-Force” energy to propel you into a more powerful state of awakeness. Use your creative, sexual, life-force energy to rebirth yourself into a SuperHero Human ready to engage with life and be ready to do whatever it takes to transform into a Peaceful Warrior. The Nodal wave of Destiny comes as a great reward to Lightworkers who hear their call, wake up and take a leadership role in living in alignment with 5D Principles of Unity Consciousness. Work directly with Shannon to understand your Soul’s calling and get yourself into action for #Earth2020!

Is that you?


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