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Natal Charts and Intuitive Astrological Readings with Shannon

Soul Readings with Shannon

shannonShannon specializes in reading your Astrology chart as your Soul Map. You will discover your life purpose, past lives/unresolved issues and your opportunities for personal growth. Shannon shares with you your story and personal mythology.

Shannon enjoys working with women and women entrepreneurs. When you join the Lunar Ladies Club you will learn how to connect your short and long-term goals with the Lunar cycles to empower and live radiant, vibrant lives.

Success improves dramatically when women-owned businesses learn how to time and sync their goals with astrological cycles. Understanding your Feminine vibration and learning how to use the lunar cycles greatly helps you to reach your goals. Get aligned with the Outer Planets to attract success in the bigger picture of your business.

Sessions are available by phone, Zoom or in-person in Oakland, CA. Readings are 90 minutes and include Natal Chart, Natal Report, Mp3 recording of session and follow-up email.

Lunar Ladies Club members receive an automatic 10% discount on readings with Shannon. (Just make sure you’re logged in!) Book your reading by choosing your options below. Shannon will be in touch within two business days to schedule a time to meet with you!

Introductory Readings – $250

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Follow Up Readings – $210

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Charts & Reports

Natal Chart & Report – $30

Receive your Natal Chart plus Natal Chart Report to learn more about who you are, why you are here and how you are uniquely designed.

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Solar Return Chart & Report – $30

Your solar return chart tells you what your year ahead looks like. There is great power in knowing how to optimize and take full advantage of the possibilities waiting for you. It is so exciting!

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