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Align with Your Higher Self

Natal Charts and Intuitive Astrological Counseling with Shannon

Shannon specializes in reading your Astrology chart as your divine Soul blueprint.

You can discover your life purpose, past lives/unresolved issues, and your opportunities for personal growth in your Natal astrology chart. Shannon connects you with your personal mythos. Shannon enjoys working with men, women, and entrepreneurs. When you join the Lunar Ladies Astrology Club you will learn how to connect your short and long-term goals with the planetary and lunar cycles to empower and live a radiant, vibrant life.

Understanding your creative vibration and learning how to use the cycles of the Cosmos greatly helps you to reach your goals with more grace and more ease. Merging with the Universe attracts success in the bigger picture of both your personal life and in your business.

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Understand Your Soul Power

Take a quantum leap in your evolutionary growth.

Charts, Reports, & Oracle Readings

The Oracles offer soul-enriched insights into who you are and why you’re here.

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