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Moving through Self-Undoing … 1st Quarter Pisces “Martyr’s Moon” ends cycles of Suffering

1st Quarter Pisces “Martyr’s Moon” at 11 degrees on December 3, 2019 at 10:58 PM PST/1:58 AM EST AND 6:58 AM UK – 12/04/19


The Pisces ” 11 Master healer vibration” 1st Quarter Moon joins Neptune to create a waxing square to the Sagittarius Sun and Pallas Athena at 11 degrees. This mutable waxing square invites you to be super flexible and utilize your Soul power to transcend any difficulties this week. Your New Moon in Sagittarius intentions are ready to push through the soil and reach towards the sky fulfilling the destiny of your Sagittarius lunar cycle experience. The power planets are gathered to inquire about your current state of existence in this incarnation so far. Feeling ready to see a 360 view? The Moon and Sun want you to answer these questions before you go any further.

How have you sacrificed your wings?

How do you hide from your true Self?

What gurus do you follow instead of following your own divine “Shekinah” Spirit? 

This week you are challenged to walk through the purging fires to free yourself from self-imposed ego limitations. You may feel a deep sense of loss over how you unconsciously martyred your angelic Self. This is the Pisces shadow of the energy of “self-undoing”. The Sagittarius Sun with newly born Jupiter comes to expand your vision and create new rules around your divine, inherent right to be sovereign. You are clearing the past to adapt to a new future NOW that can align with your natural state of divinity.

Enter Jupiter, Stage Right

Jupiter goes into Capricorn heading towards the Saturn-Pluto conjunction energy in January 2020. Jupiter is directing you towards a private place in which to dream and retreat from the world. It may feel strange at first because Jupiter in Sagittarius is such a fun-loving, gregarious energy. When Jupiter goes into Capricorn, things get way more serious and you may feel like a circle fitting into a hard-edge, dry square. Capricorn needs these edges to establish a new base for you to more effectively operate in the world moving forward. You are rooting deeply now to set up the strength for your true Self to endure over time to leave your mark, your legacy upon the Earth. Focus on stabilizing yourself and do not lose sight of your core root strength. This week requires a spiritual fortitude to anchor your energy and glow with light.

Jupiter squares Chiron RX, “The Wounded Healer” this week. You are being redirected to heal your inner Light so that you can build your life from a place of power. Jupiter acts like the King, returning to his kingdom. What will he find? Is your inner kingdom in a state of disrepair, neglect, or abandonment? Heed the advice of the 27th Lunar Mansion to reclaim your sovereignty and adopt the wisdom of Neptune and Pallas Athena to reconfigure your future NOW. Pisces energy sits at the edge of your consciousness reminding you that Love is all there is. Take the power of the 1st Quarter Pisces Moon to harness the greatest solvent – WATER – to return to your simple state of desired Soul living. You have all you need in the way of tools and Planetary players to assist you. Walk the way of the Peaceful Warrior, starting now with 8, 9, 10 and 11!


8, 9, 10, 11 = P E A C E

An amazingly powerful Grand Water Trine forms by the power of the Pisces Moon, Mars in Scorpio, and the North Nodal wave in Cancer. This Grand Water Trine takes flight in Kite formation with the added power of the Dragon’s Tail and Venus in Capricorn.

Nodal wave at 8 – The Nodal Wave of Destiny wants you to find what is good for you in surprising places. Your Soul’s desire is to help others and be of service in the world. Be aware of how you communicate – verbal and nonverbal. Practice consciously communicating that there is nothing to fear. Life is beautiful! Nature is where you will merge with a myriad of energies to nurture your soul. Realize the richness of life everywhere. Help others to be more aware of the constant presence of this truth in their lives. Enjoy all your moments. Tap into the abundance of life all around you.

Mars at 9 – Mars wants you to realize that the common, normal, and ordinary is actually quite extraordinary! Life is inexplicably strange and extremely unique at the same time. Life carries an aura of innocence and joy. This is real power. Understand life in this way and you will see the pure joy intensified in Life’s utter potency.

Venus at 10 – Venus wants you to understand that too many rules confine and limit you. These rules are rooted in fear and insecurities. Be free to create an expansiveness through indefiniteness. Open to the pure field of your imagination so you can thrive. Creative self-expression draws your subconscious forward to clear, purge, and heal your emotional body. Being creative feels GREAT! Value your creativity and connect to your powerful ability to bring your visions of beauty into your world.

Moon at 11 – The Pisces waxing Moon is the female spirit of your own wisdom. You are the heroine who walks through the purging fires to free the ego and unite with your true Shekinah energy. Rest, deep sleep, and merging with your pure being is alchemy. You are ready to awaken in a new world. What are your intense yearnings? Your yearnings carry secret knowledge that the perfection you seek is waiting, within. You must trust this process. The Moon makes it easier by aligning you with your inner wisdom and intuition.



1st Quarter Waxing Moon Dynamics:

Challenges ~ Decisions ~ Action

First Quarter Moon energetics are about busting through challenges, making clear and powerful decisions, and taking ACTION! Adversity becomes your friend to break through obstacles, barriers, and blocks. The waxing Pisces Moon (with a twist of Cancer WATER energy) forms a square, or 90 degree angle, to the Sagittarius 2nd decan Sun (adding a twist of Aries FIRE energy). This waxing square builds MUTABLE universal Qi to increase your power. The First Quarter Moon’s lunar Mutable energy gives you the power to adapt and re-establish your Soul’s prominence with Universal Qi energy through your week. This force field is powerful to dissolve past life pain. You are invited to breakthrough old subconscious patterns that are destructive rather than creative in nature with this type of energetic focus. In the Lunar Ladies Club, we align with this, using the following power mantra: “I free WATER to PURGE old patterns and breakthrough my obstacles this week!”

Martyr’s Moon:  1st Quarter Pisces Moon

The Martyr’s 1st Quarter Moon is pulling you out into the world. But Pisces direction is inward into the vast ocean of your Soul’s memories and experiences. You may feel like escaping from the turbulence of the modern day world to escape the suffering. But the outwards suffering of others rings an alarm within you to tap into your reservoir of spiritual light and strength to be of service to others. Resist being drowned by too much suffering and escaping the calls of your spirit to be out in the world to help. The way out of this energetic eddy is through the Mutable time loop of all your past life memories! You have walked the Earth many times. Connect with the wisdom you have earned over those timelines and other incarnations. “Martyr’s Moon” comes to show you where you want to run and hide and where you want to stay and help. In order to grasp and stabilize the energy, ask yourself, “Where do I feel powerful and strong? Where do I feel victimized and weak?” Resolve the separation and call upon your inner strength to pull yourself through to shine more of your light onto the planet this week!


27TH Lunar Mansion:  “The Guru”

Guarded by Mars and Mercury, the 2nd decan Pisces “Martyr’s Moon” aligns with the 27th Lunar Mansion this week. The Lunar Mansion of the Guru challenges you to reclaim your internal sovereignty as the authority of your experiences and energy. Be your own Guru and be focused on learning self-mastery, choosing the high road to ethical living. Mars (power) and Mercury (mind) help you choose the High Road to moral living by engaging the power of your thoughts. Challenge and investigate the impacts of all your choices and desires this week. Think before you act. Are your choices harming yourself or any other sentient being? This Lunar Mansion teaches you the power of your impact on others and upon the Earth. The power lies in your ability to be accountable and to take responsibility for your actions and desires. If you neglect the impact of your choices, this Lunar Mansion has no choice but to show you consequences. Too much unconscious energy leads to a lack of empathy towards others. Don’t make that mistake especially as the Cosmos are helping you reassess your Soul so you can align with the evolution of the Universe. Take heed and choose well. Taking the High Road may seem difficult at first, but the more you do it, the better you will feel and be in the world.


Moon vs. Sun

: — : MOON : — :

The 1st Quarter Pisces Moon at 11 degrees moves through your blocks with this image:
“A fantastic archaeological find is being kept secret.”

The 1st Quarter Pisces Moon uncovers the secrets of the past. These secrets if known transform the present. Just know that this is happening in the world and tune in telepathically to be led to finding those discoveries on your own. (Knowing how to attune to the Noosphere really helps!) The Martyr’s Moon wants you to see how you keep secrets from yourself – especially if you are allowing other authorities to control your experiences (see 27th Lunar Mansion help). It is the ego’s fears that create that kind of reality within you. Do your personal development work this week an allow all secrets to be revealed. Open your inner portals of Soul memories. Watch your dreams and dissolve fears, one by one. The archaeological find of this symbol is actually you discovering your true enlightened Self, which was never lost.

Neptune is currently radiating at 15 degrees Pisces. Neptune’s energy seeks a simple, independent, and sometimes disconnected existence on the edge of your everyday consciousness. Neptune reminds you that your Soul knows how to get along with little, and avoids over complications that cloud your inner vision. Tap into your knowing how to work silently amidst the noise and haste to make special contributions to the world. Prayer, Reiki, and Meditation are great places to tap into this great mystery.

Jupiter, ancient ruler of Pisces, has entered a new sojourn in Capricorn through December 2020. Jupiter enhances your ability to see clearly your spiritual messages. Look for the hidden meanings in all the information that comes your way. Ask yourself, “Why am I being connected to this insight? Why is it happening to me now?” Let yourself be taught by the invisible forces at work remembering that everything is happening for a reason to help you in your spiritual life. Let these insights connect deeply on a cellular level before sharing them with others. Others may not be able to understand what you are receiving simply because they are not on your same wavelength. Instead, be the energy and allow your personal frequency to entrain others exactly in the way they are ready to receive the blessings.

Where is this happening in your Natal chart?


: — : SUN : — :

The 2nd decan Sagittarius Sun at 11 degrees appears as
“Reaching up, a woman writes on the sky.”

The Sagittarius Sun knows that separation, isolation, and spatial distance are illusions. The idea of separation exists only at the level you believe it does. Remember, the Universe is a unified field of existence – nothing is separate. It is only your belief in separateness that creates walls and distances. Take the Sun’s light to search for beliefs you carry in your mind where you engage with the illusion of separateness.  Let go of the walls and come into a higher state of communion with the whole world. As you follow this direction, you will have a big impact on many people – like writing this message in the sky, where so many can see it. Your best action is to keep your thoughts, words, and deeds positive so that their positive effect will return back to you.

Pallas Athena twins the Sun. She appears as “Icicles melting.”  Pallas Athena’s symbol of icicles tell the story of emotions that are frozen. As your emotions thaw and change into a more fluid state, you move closer to Heaven. Her wisdom shares that emotions need to move and change shape. It is your own loving warmth that helps both yourself and others to let go of stuck feelings. Your emotions are like water to the Earth. They nourish life. Allow your frozen emotions to flow again. As you do, your heart’s warmth turns Winter into Spring, dissolving the fear of ego back into Light.


Wrap Up:

Lunar Ladies ClubThe Sagittarius New “Gypsy Moon” travels the “Light Fantastic” with your Soul’s expansive optimism of Joy and happiness. The 1st Quarter Pisces Moon takes that joy and works on freeing your Soul from the frozen trapped energy of the ego this week. Let the warmth of your heart melt fear. See that there is no separation from you or another other. Remember your past incarnations and let the suffering you have endured in other lifetimes be free and return back to Earth to nourish new life. Take full advantage of the energy available when you follow the Moon and put your Natal chart into action. Get your tools, take quick action, and apply to join the  Lunar Ladies VIP Club this week. Apply to join today to see if it is feels right for you.

The 1st Quarter Moon in the Sagittarius lunar cycle is asking you to take action for your future NOW. What does your heart wish to dissolve? What new foundations want to be built for your contributions and legacy? Knowing your chart reconnects you to the memories of when you signed up to live your best life on Planet Earth 2020 And believe me, it was a great plan you created. Now it is time to enact it! Right here and right now!

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