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Mother Moon Returns Home: Super New Moon Alchemy of Love

“Summertime… And the Livin’ is Easy…”

Mother Moon returns home to her natural abode in Cancer on July 12, 2018 at 7:48 PM PST/10:48 PM EST. This 20 degree Water Moon is a Super New Moon! And the second of three Super New Moons in a row! Mother shows up now as the 3rd decan, absorbing the Cosmic-Ocean energy of Pisces dreams. The Moon-Sun rebirth pulls you into the deeper waters of the current Neptune retrograde at 16 degrees Pisces. Don’t forget your seasick pills, you could easily sink into The Drift ~ the collective unconscious sea of soup. Pisces can drown in Unconsciousness or awaken to the dream of Superconsciousness. It’s up to you.


~ New Moon 101 ~

New Moons are a time of new beginnings. This is your time to set your intentions with Mother Nature and put into conscious motion your 28-day and 6-month dreams. Super New Moons increase your intention empowerments by 30%. The Moon is 14% closer but Her surface area is 30% larger. This equates to a larger Sacred-Womb container to hold your expanding Self. The Sacred Womb has more space for you to grow much larger than you ever thought possible during this Super New Moon Lunar Cycle!


~ The Pluto Polarity: Ground Zero ~

Moon and Sun come into perfect alignment, an exact harmony, with Pluto retrograde at 20 degrees Capricorn. The Moon-Sun Divine Mother energy meets Pluto, the Soul Retrieval of Divine Father. The Moon and Sun open up an opportunity for you to come into alignment with your maternal, Feminine, nurturing power. Pluto connects your Soul energy to transform the dilapidated patriarchal power structures. Pluto’s force field is likened to a bomb blast that takes down buildings. The Sun and Moon in Cancer is the force that births babies into the world. Together they will take down the Old and birth into being the New. And remember, Saturn and Pluto are retrograde, meaning Karmic timing has taken over.

The High Priestess Vesta is retrograde at 23 degrees Sagittarius, forming a YOD ~ a spiritual beam of Light to the New Moon-Sun kiss. Vesta, the Temple Keeper of Cosmic Law, comes to you as the image of:


Vesta’s KEYNOTE of Truth is:
The reward which meets every effort at integrating into a social environment for those who remain true to their own selves 

Good Fortune flows when you develop your consciousness towards peace and happiness. Be well-adapted in your life and within your community. Successful living will initiate a wave of blessings into your life and into the lives of others as a reward for your good choices.

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~ The Continuing Sabian Symbol Story ~

The Moon and Sun kiss at 20 degrees Cancer. This rebirth brings you the image of:


KEYNOTE: The emotional reward accompanying cultural excellence 
More rewards flow to you when you align yourself with higher frequencies! The Cultural Arts in a well-developed society give you opportunities to become the highest embodiment of an art form: The Prima Donna. She is the star of this collective effort. The opera is a symbol of the emotional story of the culture that gave it birth. As you strive towards your mastery, you can achieve social and financial success. However, the Sun and Moon are asking you, “What is THE PRICE OF SUCCESS, and what is success really worth?” Ponder this, for this is a question few people ask themselves.

Pluto, the Soul Retriever, opens up a Black Hole of Redemption at 20 degrees Capricorn. This Power Portal appears as:


KEYNOTE: The value of competition in developing group-consciousness
As the Moon-Sun strives to discover the true price of individual success, Pluto desires to see what happens when individuals come together and strive to achieve as a group. What are the possibilities now of outstanding results? Humanity has been a vast relay race in which generations have strived for “Progress.” Major achievements result from the sum total of group efforts. The dynamics of a “group performance” shows the value of group cooperation and collaboration. Pluto asks you, “How can you adjust your strengths to create something bigger through DYNAMIC INTERCHANGE rather than competition?”

While empowering this Super New Moon Cancer Lunar Cycle, Pluto pulls in the light of Mercury and Verte, Divine Truth, to deliver a message from God/Goddess. Traveling at 17-18 degrees Leo, Mercury and Verte show you the power of Alchemy when you align this with the highest levels of the Light of Love. Mercury and Verte share this encoded image:


KEYNOTE: In inquiring into the hidden process of nature,
the human mind experiences the thrill of discovery
Did you know that human’s have the ability to control natural processes found in Nature? The great Alchemist, Mercury, wants to teach you the inherited knowledge acquired through the generations. Look to how you have learned about your power through a long series of past efforts. You are part of an ancestral chain which seeks to understand how Nature works. What are the Universal Laws of Cause & Effect? Generations of human beings seek the possibility of transforming the elements to satisfy needs and desires. When you approach Nature with the highest levels of Love, Respect and Value, you then can learn the secrets of ALCHEMY. Love transmutes dross into Gold.

Verte, Divine Truth, also carries one more message giving you the next layer of Alchemy. Verte brings you the image of:


KEYNOTE: The enjoyment of temporary freedom from rigidly structured social behavior
This image of a houseboat brings the energy of youth socially engaging more freely. The houseboat party gathers together friends seeking a more free flow of energies. The Water element invites you to jump in, be immersed and escape from the ordinary, mundane world.  Verte wants you to find “release” and FREEDOM FROM SOCIAL RIGIDITY. Tune into that energy of Summer, swimming and sensual freedom!


~ Are you Ready for the Alchemy of Love? ~

The Cancer Super Moon brings so much new life to rebirth yourself into higher vibrations of Love. Pluto and Mercury gift you the powers of Alchemy. Together you are being redeemed through waves and waves of warm and gentle Love.

To top this off, a delicious Earth element Trine of harmony forms with the Super New Moon energy. Earth energy brings grounding to sustain your new found feelings of home and joy discovered through dynamic group collaborations. The Earth Trine is created by Capricorn Saturn retrograde, Uranus and the Goddess Juno, Divine Partner, in Taurus aligning with Venus and the Goddess Ceres, Divine Mother, in Virgo. These Goddesses (Venus, Juno and Ceres) show up with the energies of a Merry-Go-Round, of white and black children playing together, and of a bridge that can conquer obstacles. Saturn retrograde reminds you that Warpath-type energies continue to be released, while Uranus invites us to lay on clover-covered green grass. Breathe in the smells of summertime as Mother Moon rebirths you.

*Receive extra special nurturing and Love from the Wise Woman sisterhood that is yours when you join the Lunar Ladies Club during this Lunar Cycle. Mother Moon invites you to return home to live within her Wisdom. Develop your emotional I.Q. and clairvoyant intuition in harmony with other Wise Women.

Join us in the Circle this month!


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